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Super was so fun I hope more like this tomorrow #thankyoufortheshot @romanov777

Welcome home Big Toe👌🏼 #h6 #thankyoufortheshot

Got Star Warsed ☺️👌🌎
#starwars #austria #thankyoufortheshot


Le silence ne signifie pas forcément le calme | Silence does not necessary mean calm #throwaway #thankyoufortheshot

Antaba ko dito hahaha😂
#Thankyoufortheshot baby😘❤

Do what you Love, love what you do ❤️ #soldiergirl #2014 #thankyoufortheshot 📸 #gooddays #lovemyjob #girlsjustwanttohavefun 💁🏻


Do what you Love, love what you do ❤️ #soldiergirl #2014 #thankyoufortheshot 📸 #gooddays #lovemyjob #girlsjustwanttohavefun 💁🏻

What doesn't kills you, makes you a stronger person. 💪🏽 it will be better! #actcoolonly 😂

A BIG SHOUTOUT TO MY PERSONAL PACER, @ahterry !! 😊 Thank you for pacing me throughout the entire 10km. Appreciate all the encouragements and support from you even though you keep talking to me 😂 to motivate me and still able to answer and text on the route! If it wasn't for you, I doubt I'll be able to hit 1:00:23. Even though, it's slightly above 1 hour but I'm glad that I managed to cross the finishing line with you and got a shot from Straits Times. We've become even more famous! I would also like to thank #Nike and the PR Team for the fullest support throughout the Nike challenge! It was an amazing journey with you guys and I hope there will be more to come! Thank you so much, peeps for your support! And thank you Arin for coming down to give your fullest support. It's the best VVVVIP treatment that I can ever get from a race! And I forgot to mention that I forgot to charge my watch before the race! Haha 😘😘😘 #anotherpbfortheyear 🎉🎉🎉 photo credit: straits times

when it is too much fun to leave,..😂 #cannotexit #huvadhooing #machmallieberdiemörchien #thankyoufortheshot 🚁&🎥: @fischi666

Antaba ko dito hahaha😂
#Thankyoufortheshot baby😘❤

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