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I know it definitely hasn't been easy having me for a daughter but thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for always making sure my best foot is forward and forever holding my hand through tough times. Thank you for showing me there's no limit to laughter and no end to happiness. You by far make life the greatest it could be and I love for you and everything you do. I could sit here and thank you for so much more but the list would never end. My final thank you will be just for being you, for being a great mother and a great friend. I know I can never tell you enough but amount of love and gratitude I have for you is infinite. May this Mother's Day shine as bright as all the brightness you have brought into my life. #HappyMothersDay #ThankYouForGivingMeLife #DoesThisMakeUpForNotGettingACard

Weekend with the birthday Mum #bestmum #iou #family #love #thankyouforgivingmelife

Happy Father's Day Steve just one more month and our little man is here and I just know you are going to be the absolute best daddy there is I can't wait to see you hold him for the first time he's going to love you so much 💙 #thankyouforgivingmelife

Just because I would love to have at least one day with both of them... I get emotional when I look at pictures of my parents because as most people know I do not have them by my side, even though that's what I wished for since I was a little girl. Not having them by my side breaks my heart cause in a moment like the picture of myself on the right is when I wish they could both tell me that I look nice or whatever, all the things girls get said, but the worst part is seeing others how they get told and well spend time with them. Seeing others receiving their support and well then there's me just looking out on the bleachers or something when it's track season just trying to imagine what that would feel like... Some might not understand but it sucks having to gone through a lot as a little girl and then knowing that you will never hear one of their voices, laughs or even get a phone call, hug and the worst not being able to see them and all you have left of them are the memories you have created with them and well photographs... I may not have lived with my mama for most of my life but she was still my mama and I know she fought for her life and I couldn't be any proud of her for just being a strong woman, nothing would change that. For my papa I know that he wishes he could be here by my side and see me grow up but unfortunately he can't and I understand. I love my parents I really do, even if I've told them that I didn't I lied. It's true what they say, appreciate the little things in life especially your parents because you never know when they won't be around anymore... Never take things for granted because once you see one of them in a casket that's it, that's when you know you should've told them you loved them. That's when you know you should've spent some quality time together no matter what. That's when you realize that they won't see you grow up and get married and see their own grandchildren, they're gone... I love you mama and papa... #mama #papa #soml #littleme #thankyouforgivingmelife


No one else I would rather spend the last 25 years with! I love you with all my heart! @johnkings_ ❤️🎂 #happy25 #sanfransisco #primos #thankyouforgivingmelife #reyes

Happy Anniversary @fatwatts. "I don't know how it is you are so familiar to me- or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before- in another time, a different place- some other existence." -Lang Leav
Who else can say that it took one date to decide we would get married--and we really did talk about it. Not years, zero games, no drama. Just one date..... BEST diving board I've ever jumped off of.❤ #4/4 #familyfirst #familyalways #thebestpartofme #thankyouforgivingmelife


As we get older, the news of our beloved passing away are becoming more frequent and it's never easy to accept. May you Rest In Peace my beloved father! #biologicalfather #rip #philippines #feelingoverwhelmed #sad #thankyouforgivingmelife

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