Accomplishing the goal of self love and body positivity has been one of the truest blessings I received this year. I have yet to accomplish my goals (not even half way there yet) but the journey along the way, truly is something to admire.
(& for those who knew me when I had no butt, I told you I’d get one some day. Ha! 😂😂)
#DeploymentLife #BodyPositivity #LoveThySelf #DoItForYou #MotivationIsKey #ThankMyTrainer #PTMakesMeSexy #Army

Mood because it’s December and also 80° outside?¿ #thankstexas

This 2018 Diamond Icons Texas Rangers Ivan Rodriguez is in the store for $46 on EBay @ Trist_85. Others are going for $100 and more currently. Let me know what you think. These cards are Very Hot right now. If you dont like the price I might put up for auction just trying to cover my costs. #texasrangersbaseball #texasrangers #texas #arlington #ivanrodriguez #mlbcardsforsale #mlbcards #toppsbaseball #mlbhalloffame #legendary

Filling rollers of plant oil while the kids are out playing this in this BEAUTIFUL sunshine! #mykindoffallweather #thankstexas
There’s still room for you to get in on the fun of our Crash Course in Oils + Natural Living class! I’m gifting my favorite blends to those joining us and would love to make a set for you too!
November 26-28
Private Facebook Class
Casual, go-at-your-own-pace, no need to join live, and learn all about oils + how I use them from your own comfy couch!
Let me know if you want in and I’ll add you to the class and get your oils to you! (our current downline & non young living members only)

Mood Bc it’s the middle of November and still 70 degrees ☀️🔥 #thankstexas

I absolutely cannot believe that Texas elected Ted Cruz AGAIN! 🤬🖕🏼 You guys didn’t deserve Beto. #election #election2018 #Beto #TedCruzSucks #ThanksTexas

The many moods of ivy: featuring a boat ride in November? Thanks Texas 🤷🏼‍♀️😉 •

#bluemerleaussie #australianshepherd #bluemerlepuppy #boatpup #happydog #bliss #manymoods #mood #boatdog #boatrideinnovember #thankstexas #aussie #aussiesofinstagram #marvelmerles

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms & straight downpours didn’t stop our fun🌪 We got about a 45 min break in the weather to get our trick or treat on before another crazy storm comes through🙃 #ThanksTexas #HappyHalloween

Enjoying the pretty weather this evening with Martin before all heck breaks loose tomorrow and it ruins Halloween. #thankstexas #chihuahuasofinstagram #adoptdontshop

Picking out the best and brightest leaves. As you can see, there is not much of a choice #thankstexas. But children have a beautiful way of keeping people young and curious if we let them. He’s amazing.

I just felt the most hurtful racist thing anybody has ever said or done to me. On no bullshit or anger. I’m hurt. As a community and as a society we must do better. With everything going on in the world with innocent African American men being killed and racially profiled. With all the hate Arabs and Muslims get this is what happens to me.. I hope they laughed because what they didn’t know is they didn’t do anything but allow me to realize that ignorance and hatred is still real even to the people who are being prosecuted and hated upon. LOVE YALL LETS DO BETTER #ThanksTexas #AbuBatata #YousifVsWorld #Arab #Racism #Hatred

Just when it was starting to feel like fall, it turned back up to the 80’s 😂 #thankstexas #wheresthefallweather

It wasn’t a PR but the Top Gun anthem was playing and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I took my shirt off because I can’t turn the A/C on after I’ve turned the heater on unless it is spring (#thankstexas) and I'm not gonna open the windows after 9pm and bother the neighbors.

Basically forgot how to jerk which sounds just about right for this late in meet prep #everythingisfine
#kumaweightlifting #giraffeswholift #weakpots #theuncoachables

Texas tried to do its best Colorado impersonation on my first real day back. #thankstexas #istillloveyou

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