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Paris Paris Paris

Quem desconhece o sobrenatural, nunca se entregou pra dança!
#thanksmr.crazy #overdosefarmc

We went Chip and Jo on this place and now we have a living room in our dorm #shiplap #FixerUpperDormEdition #ThanksMr&;MrsJones

It always a "swale" day when the inspector comes and pays you a visit to make your job easier... #hikoalition #thanksmr.Cy #movingforward #swale #waterproblems

1 thing that learn about this place is not about how we do our job or our works, but than that i learn about 1 big thing in life. I learn to be a better person by questions. Questions dont make you look like a stupid person, but it can male you help the other people to think about misunderstanding which we find lot in this reality.
I learn to press my ego to be not a selfish person. I learn about to not make assumptions. I learn to be a better men than i used to be. Thanks you so much for the lessons. Now i hope i can be ready for anything in the next step higher. #thanksMr.David Waworuntu

Sam Hunt!⛳️ #thanksMR #thetoptengreatest


Some floral fancy brightening this gloomy, grey hump day. @dailybloomsmel you darlings are totally killin it! Thanks for always delivering the most delicious floral goodlyness a gal can ask for! 🙌🌿🌸 #ohandiguessishouldthankthemrforsendingthemto 🤔☺️ #thanksmr #dailybloomsmel

เสบียงยามดึกวันนี้ #thanksMR.P

Had a blast with these chicas and all the other wonderful ladies of our Relief Society today at the Springville Reservoir! (After the workout it took getting these babies inflated) #thanksmr.narwhal

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