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We lay it all on the floor for you Jesus.. 💯 Passion in action for your Glory. 📷 by @grey116

I'm a Girl and My Best Friends Are Boys.... And I Don't Care What The Society Thinks About Me....

#thanksgivingthursday I'm not to naieve to believe everyone has the same consensus that my legs can afford to grow a little and @bigdjames told me that as well, constructive criticism is something you need in order to better yourself not only in this industry but in life and I take it willingly, @richgaspari thank you for teaching me the squeeze to get them crazy glutes, and @jessiekeller24 thank you for documenting history!!! No belt needed!! @bodyengineersofficial @official_rxmuscle @gaspari @officialgasp @officialbetterbodies @flex_magazine @generationironofficial @gorillawearusa @aesthetic_revolution @nike @underarmour @foreverflexn @marvel @dccomics @umoro @lennyandlarrys @nutsnmore

Major tbt... Oh my future is bright and unstoppable, nothing can stop me, full of grace and the anointing spreading forward.
#tbt #thanksgivingthursday

Blessed to spend the First one with him 🙏🏿
#ThanksGivingThursday 🏇

Thankfully Thankful For Thanksgiving Sake ! Happy Thanksgiving Family ! What's The Song of Thanks On Your Lips Today? #ThanksgivingThursday #OmoCele #Thankful #CeleNation

You loved me in spite of my flaws
You hold me close in the midst of it all
A present help when I am in need
I'm grateful that You won't give up on me.
You love me when no one else would
You kept me when no one else could

2016 may have been bad but I will never forget the good that came out.
I ❤ me

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

#SavoyStyle #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingThursday


I'm a Girl and My Best Friends Are Boys.... And I Don't Care What The Society Thinks About Me....

En-r-gee. Oh my word! AMAZING

There's a place you get to in your Christian walk when all doubt is gone from your mind and your heart; when you know that you're His and He's always for you; when you know that His word is true... I'm there; and its a beautiful place to be.

So learn primarily how to forgive yourself, and how to receive forgiveness from Him. Learn how to accept His grace and abundant favor over your life. Learn how to be bold and confident in His unending love. Learn how to run to Him and hide under His secure protection. Learn how to walk every minute of every day with Him.
And when you get to that kind of daily living, you'll get to that place where you just know that what you know is unquestionable.

I pray you get there. Its a beautiful place to be.

Woke up this beautiful rainy morning to see so many 'gone too soons' online_few am acquainted with, many I don't know at all and I couldn't offer any other prayers than that of #thanksgiving to God.
Indeed,if you take a very deep breath,you will appreciate His Almightiness the more.
Put aside everything not working well for now and bless God...
My hearts and thoughts with every bereaved souls/families😳
#thanksgivingthursday 🙌 #bethankfulforlife #betterdaysahead #greatergrace #godiseverpresent #oluwaisinvolved
Crop Shoulder,Polka-dot,Navy Blue Gown from Yours Truly!

#tbt #thanksgivingthursday my first client @thegirl_isee and first outfit made by me for shelibe. When all we had was a domestic table top machine, and a plastic table & chair. Boma was sooo patient, I must have done the fitting for this simple skirt and blouse like 5 times 😂😂. The company you keep determines what accompanies you truly....thanks to @thegirl_isee for trusting me and @babeauluxury for pushing me aggressively till my hobby became a business. #theskyismystartingpoint #grace #appleofGodseye

May the Lord show you His FAVOUR & give you His PEACE today. Blessed day friends. #ThanksgivingThursday #ImelaThursday #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #YouVersion #OurDailyBread #BibleInPhotos #DOZ2017

We lay it all on the floor for you Jesus.. 💯 Passion in action for your Glory. 📷 by @grey116

So I'm here today because God kept me. I'm #grateful #thanksgivingthursday

Thankful to be on the wake up list,#Thanksgivingthursday!

"I really am very thankful for the community I have around me that prays for me. Like what the Bible says, where two or three gather in God's name, there God is with them.

I confessed my struggles and difficulties regarding my sinful behaviours to my cell leader, J. She helped pray for me as I requested for self-discipline; I was relying on unhealthy ways to cope with my emotions. Last week, when Pastor Daniel was preaching about the presence of the Holy Spirit, I also went forth to receive ministry as I wanted to have the presence of the Holy Spirit so evident in my life that I would have no room for sin or Satan to place deceitful lies in my heart/mind.
After that, I really experienced miraculous healing. For a whole week, I haven't engaged in the unhealthy behaviour I had wanted to kick, though I had previously been struggling very badly with it for the last 3 months. This is really a huge sigh of relief and I pray to use this testimony to appeal to everyone out there, especially non-believers, that God is real and He will execute a plan only to PROSPER you and NEVER to harm you.

Thank God for this miracle. Praise God." - J ============= Have a Thanksgiving to share? Feel free to drop it to us at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/5Aa64MriQsH9b1fu1
You could be featured at our next Thanksgiving Thursday!

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As He continues to lead and guide me,
As He continues to orchestrate every aspect of my life,
As He continues to give me not always what I want, but what I need...
I pray, that your prayers, just as mine, be met with all of heavens favor.
Because He knows what's best.

Thanks Giving Thursday ⠀

I want to thank all that follow me here on Instagram, I appreciate it.⠀


#500 #followers #thanks

God is always near...a present help in time of need. #ThanksgivingThursday #ImelaThursday #ThrowbackThursday #DOZ2017 #OurDailyBread #BibleInPhotos

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