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Hey guys, I hope you like this! Ask me a question and tag a friend, I'll be answering back today! Love you guys! Ps: I saw @charlieputh last week open for @shawnmendes his piano solos are out of this world. I seriously worship him and his talent. Tag him please. 🙏💕thanks @jonhall28 @hallpassproductions so fun to work with you #attention #charlieputh #cover #instacover #coversong #agt #musicislife #singer #sing #thenextidol #thevoice #recordingartist #vocalist #musician #acoustic #talent #brookebutler #countrypop #thanksforlistening 🙏😘

I was able to speak to my fellow sisters at woman's mid week. It's challenging getting up there to speak about your deepest thoughts. But I felt encouraged when my church lifted me up. Im just grateful to be here and alive, and speaking up for the Lord. My self confidence has definitely risen because I never liked speaking in front of people. It was for the simple fact that I always thought about what other people thought of me. And now look at me lol, sharing my voice and courage with tons of people. Tonight meant so much more to me than others may know. I'm thankful my church teaches one another to do everything thru love, and encourages one another on so many levels. #notlostbutfound #God #lifechanged #meaning #thanksforlistening #hope #eternalsunshine

You guys, what a week. While I'm happy these waves were on point today (thanks @rawcurls!), just about everything else feels off balance. My kids and I have been sick with layers of junk: severe ear infections, pink eye, bronchitis, allergies, the list goes on. My oldest (who NEVER naps) fell asleep in the car in the way home from the doctor! SMH. My husband was promoted at work, so I feel like I never see him anymore. My BFF had her baby, so we haven't talked like we usually do. I realize none of this is hair related, but you guys have become my buddies and I know you understand. So, what a yuck week. At least there was good hair to make up for some of it. Next week will be better, right?! 🙏🙈😂 #rantover #thanksforlistening #loveyouguys

👯 Fitness Friday : I originally was never going to let this photo see the light of the 'social media's' because it wasn't 'Instagram Perfect' (funny how our ego takes over sometimes)... but my whole philosophy for creating Lola & May is to ensure all the beautiful woman in my shop feel great about the skin they're in! 🤘🏻 Sometimes we need reminding about the fact that our bodies are amazing (mine has even carried life within it!) and stop hiding it or striving for the made up perception of 'perfection'. Who even made it up anyway!? 😡 So, lets love our amazing bodies for all the wonderful things it allows us to do. Stop seeing the flaws and see the beauty 🤗 And just a little side note - I realise my body is only pretty petite but after giving birth, my body certainly changed and I have had to learn to fall back in love with my body again. It's all relative but we can band together and support each other in this thing called life. Have a lovely day, everyone x #loveyourbody #thanksforlistening

Two special Revival Shows coming up this weekend. Washington DC tomorrow at the Smithsonian. (free show)
Sunday in Boston at Berklee school of music! #telleverybody check out dates at my website. #thanksforlistening #GoodTimesAhead #telleverybody #TheChiefApostle #GoodDayFolks

5dk sonra bir daha gülemeyeceğimi bilmiyordum🎀 #juryday #lastlaugh #thanksforlistening

I accidentally blocked the ukulele with what I was propping the camera up with #thanksforlistening

Don't know if you already saw this. maybe yes - cool huh?
uuuhm but though you may have seen it, I wolud love to share some thoughts about it.
you know it is a moment full of joy, happines, love, beauty, awe, live and power - captured by a man so gifted words can't describe - with a girl so beautiful and happy the world is melting.
we were asking ourselves in school what success really means to us.
The moment I saw this picture I realiced once again that this is success. you know everything on it, around it and what it reflects. it is SUCCESS!
but literally I also hardly realiced that I'm so in danger to forget it.. hard but true. remeber blessings.
love xxxx m


If Kate Moss was an elk she'd be called Kate Moose #thanksforlistening #goodbyeeverybody

I accidentally blocked the ukulele with what I was propping the camera up with #thanksforlistening

Rant: So I know I'm pretty new to this whole public Instagram thing, but there is something that I'm hoping someone can explain to me...why is it that people start following me, I start following them back (because manners, right?), and then they immediately unfollow me? Like wtf? I understand wanting more followers, but that's a pretty crappy way of getting them if you ask me. Regardless, whether I have 10 followers or 10 million, I plan on doing what makes me happy and that's taking pictures of this beautiful world that we live in 📷🌎But I digress... onto another weekend filled with adventure #thanksforlistening #thankyouforfollowing #maybeiambeingtoosensitive

The Bar Exam
I'm Coming Atlanta

Wrote this today. Just a little sampler of what is to come. Much Love fam and friends. Thanks Kyle

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Random Picture & Story of the day..... So the last time I bought a dress like this was probably PROM and lets just say that there was A LOT more sparkle and A LOT more BLUE. (Yikes)

I bought this dress (it just came in the mail today and it looks amazing <3 ) because in September I am flying back to San Antonio (Where I call home) because some very nice, selfless people (wink wink you know who you are <3) nominated me for one of the Northside Independent School District Pillars of Character.
They choose a total of 6 each year and I was chosen as the Pillar of Trustworthiness. They include Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, and Trustworthiness.

I honestly had no idea what this even was but when I found out, I was completely blown away. They are paying for my husband and I to come back to San Antonio, all expense paid and they are honoring the 6 chosen at a Gala (generally around 700 people) where we have to speak. They are also coordinating for me to speak at my High School I graduated from (A LONG time ago). There will also be posters and videos of each of us displayed in classrooms in each school in the Northside Independent School District for the 2017-2018 school year and ironic my last year in the army (around 120 schools and over 106,000 kids). Why do I share this? Because I still can't believe I was chosen out of the over hundreds of thousands of alumni?! I am terrified at all of this fuss over me...just me. I am holding myself accountable from now until late September to get myself together and put my best foot forward. **Always Remember....Keep doing what you are doing, do something bigger than yourself, even when you think no one is watching.....they are. <3 #thanksforlistening

Even if you don't feel like facing the truth,at least you can still show a peaceful V sign and tell your mates: "I am fine, peace." Thank you for listening to me, for the topic that repeated thousand times in the month! Cheers mate!
When I was feeling tired at the night and I got a call to kill the thinking time.
Photo credited to @youngmoon_k ❤️
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A true friend is someone who never gets tired listening to your pointless drama ☺ #longlostfriend #thanksforlistening 😘😘😘 #ldr 😅

My sentiments exactly Winston, been super chaotic couple of months and especially few days, found a dog hit by a car (he's ok only a laceration on his leg and a broken ankle) then my boyfriend threw his back out and can't move. Then because of the stress and exhaustion myfibro has been flaring making it impossible to do anything. So glad to getawake for 24 hours.
END RANT. #thanksforlistening

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