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Saying bye to my happy little jungle cult today! Not sure if I'll miss surfing the waves or the pickup truck more 🏄🏼‍♀️
Shoutout to the howler monkeys for waking me up each morning, the empanada lady for getting me through each day, and all the people I met who made it so, so special!
#thanksforlistening #buenasnoches #puravida

You guys, what a week. While I'm happy these waves were on point today (thanks @rawcurls!), just about everything else feels off balance. My kids and I have been sick with layers of junk: severe ear infections, pink eye, bronchitis, allergies, the list goes on. My oldest (who NEVER naps) fell asleep in the car in the way home from the doctor! SMH. My husband was promoted at work, so I feel like I never see him anymore. My BFF had her baby, so we haven't talked like we usually do. I realize none of this is hair related, but you guys have become my buddies and I know you understand. So, what a yuck week. At least there was good hair to make up for some of it. Next week will be better, right?! 🙏🙈😂 #rantover #thanksforlistening #loveyouguys

Thank Y'all for an Awesome 2016. Let's make 2017 the Best yet with a little Love Hope Faith. Love Y'all. #ThanksForListening #LoveHopeFaith

Someone having a bad LIFE? Of course he's Private. LMFAO! 😂 Send this dude some HUGS 🤗 @JamieBarrero or @Forca_Barca002 #ThanksForListening

5dk sonra bir daha gülemeyeceğimi bilmiyordum🎀 #juryday #lastlaugh #thanksforlistening

[rant on the relationship between coach & athlete]
I can guide you. I can provide you with a meal plan, training program, and constant support and motivation. But the single most important aspect, the "limiting factor" if you will... is your willingness to sacrifice what you are today for what you can be tomorrow.
Train your heart out in the gym. Take the extra time to meal prep and fuel your body. Discipline yourself to stretch, roll, mobilize or whatever it is you need to do to ensure your body is in prime condition to perform. Work for me and I will work for you. Trust in me and I will trust in you. If you don't work your absolute hardest around the clock to be the best you can be, you've wasted my time as a coach and your time as an athlete. This is a team effort to reach excellence, a destination that can only be reached with full commitment from both sides.
I've been my own coach for the longest time, as well as a coach for others. I know the feeling of having your athletes put in work for you and watching it pay off. Soon I will have a coach of my own as I have hopes of competing at some bigger meets, and you better believe I will work for him/her as hard as my body will let me. Successful athletes are usually backed by a coach who wants their athlete's success more than their own. Successful coaches are usually represented by athletes who are loyal beyond belief to their coach and refuse to stop grinding. I vow to be exactly that, on both sides of the equation.
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On my KingPin Shit.

This may seem like nothing to a lot of podcasters but im pretty happy I finally broke 1000 all time downloads. I know a lot of podcasts get that in an episode but Im happy to have made it this far. To anyone who has listened and given my show a chance, thank you. Sincerely thank you. For those who haven't, give it a listen! Give me some feedback! Thank again to everyone who gave it a listen. #podcasting #podcasts #stillloading #stillloadingpodcast #grateful #thankyou #thanksforlistening

Haven't done anything on here in a while. Been busy with having to travel soon. Anyway, here's a little something I guess. #gibson #epiphone #lespaul #guitar #blackstar #tube #tubeamps #rock #grunge #alternative #metal #indie #idkanymore #havefunwithit #thanksforlistening

Communication is key ... especially in a long distance relationship 👌🏼(looking scandalous) #pissedoff#annoyed #thanksforlistening#stilllovehimtho

Hey thanks this is cool @comedydynamics & @spotify 🙋🏼excited to be featured on the Best of Coming to the Stage on Spotify along with @danlevyshow @tomgreen @rellbattle & more.
Would like to take this moment to thank my parents who still want me to go to law school. #spotify #comedy #comedydynamics #hulu @hulu @spotify #thanksforlistening #thanksforyoursupport ps! spent that day in the rain at a dog beach w @reallyjamielee & our dog children so had no idea I was taping this until 5:30pm so my voice is very hoarse or horse! 🐴thank you @flammydavisjr & @stevenfeinartz !

Someone having a bad LIFE? Of course he's Private. LMFAO! 😂 Send this dude some HUGS 🤗 @JamieBarrero or @Forca_Barca002 #ThanksForListening

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