Our internet went down today...at first I slightly panicked, wanting to get work done.
It's a blessing, when you realize you're more likely to get to the laundry pile and spend extra quality time with your kiddo.
Tonight I'm grateful for:
🌠activity and craft books
🌠the playground across the street
🌠the workouts I had downloaded to my phone
🌠Wi-Fi at the library
Can you think of four things you're especially thankful for right now?
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Jack suggested that they put their heads together to come up with some ideas on ‘how to save the world.’ 😂😍😭 GET BUSY, LITTLE SUPERHEROS. We have a lot of work to do.⚡️ #superjack #superblair

Is your Thanksgiving list ready? 🍁🍽

Love that I get to spend the days with my two little ones. It may not always be perfect but I’m so glad I get this time with them.💕

Monday’s used to be spent rushing to get out of the house with 3 bags, #nursingmomproblems getting home around 6 (if I was lucky) to spend maybe 2 hours with Alexzander who was usually grumpy from a busy day. I lived for the weekends to be with my family which always went by way too fast!😔 •

Today I get to spend all day with these two and work around my schedule not the other way around.🙌🏽 I love being a stay at home mom, I also love that I have something for myself that is always motivating me to work hard!#coachlifestyle 💕

"I should"
"I know I know, I really should"
OH my gaaaaa!! If had a penny for every time I heard someone say they "SHOULD" workout, eat healthy, bust a sweat, chose an apple over a cookie, drink more water, stop quitting, stop looking for a quick fix that's not a fix because nothing gets fixed without time and effort.... I'd be do ALRIGHT.
If you know you SHOULD be doing something... just do it. ❤️
You know you should put gas in car before it hits E or you are going to be stuck on the side of the road.
Don't treat your car better than your health. Don't wait until you are stuck on the sideline of life. Always here for you. 😘
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This beautiful family wore their No. Nine gear for their family portraits. You guys are AMAZING and I’m so THANKFUL for those who support us. 🖤

📸 @mommasbowtique @mimi_raygie

Sometimes being a big brother is way better than a superhero #thankyougodforthischild #cashlloyd #copelandstirling #thankfulmama #reminisingmonday

I’ve had lots of friends ask about my prenatal nutrition since posting that I’m preggo with #2. Here's the scoop! •Prenatal Nutrition•

Here's my prenatal regimen -a double dose of my Juice Plus capsules and our new Omegas. No commercial prenatal vitamins for this baby boy. I've always skipped the isolated supplements and instead get as many fruits, veggies and plants into my body as possible 🍇🍒🍅🏋️‍♀️ Why do I use Juice Plus for my prenatal?

Juice Plus has a pregnancy study showing that moms that ate Juice Plus during their pregnancy not only had a healthier pregnancy and delivery but also their babies fared better with birth weight, no respiratory issues and no trips to the NICU.
Did you know that there is no research showing that commercial, isolated prenatal vitamins are supporting our bodies at all? In fact, there is new research out showing that isolated vitamins can actually have an adverse effect on your health. In contrast, there are thousands of studies showing that fruits and vegetables prevent and fight disease and support every system in the human body.

Even if a prenatal or vitamin claims to be a whole food vitamin, coming from food sources, it is still the isolated vitamins pulled from food sources. If it has a 'supplement facts' label, it is isolated vitamins. Juice Plus has a nutrition label, meaning the government sees it as FOOD (since that's 100% what it is) and that it's regulated as such under the USDA. You are getting thousands more vitamins and minerals from 30+ whole foods rather than the 30 vitamins put into a multivitamin or prenatal.

If you or someone you love is trying to conceive or currently pregnant, please let me know if you'd like to check out the results from the Juice Plus pregnancy study - this is something that is near and dear to my heart as a mama and dietitian.
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This is what my life looks like when everything is perfect 🌌💕 #thankfulmama #blessedmom #singlemom #mywhy

Taking advantage of the cloudy day here in Texas and enjoying the cool-ish breeze (🙌🏼) outside while we can. #laylaleann

This combo smells amazing! A few drops of each on each cotton ball and dropped at the bottom of the garbage can will not only deter flies but will also mask all the nasty diapers hiding in there 😉

T H A N K F U L mama ❤️
Thankful for Sundays with my little family. It’s all about soccer ⚽️, pasta 🍝, wine 🍷 and family time 🤗 .
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