In need of lots of TLC. This lil bunny is gradually recovering but it may take a bit longer. Been more than a week since she fell sick. Appetite for food and liquid is still not ideal. Still having cough, blocked nose and occasional runny nose. On a bright side, she seems happier now, able to laugh and all at times. So, just have to keep monitoring I guess. #momlife #thankfulformymom #sickweek #needflujab #babyNatalie #theGohs #sgtoddler

Thankful for my mother 🌻and all the summer clothes she brought from home 👗 #happysunnyday

Take care of your mom and GOD will take care of you😍I luv me sum her😘 #thankfulformymom

Happy Birthday to this strong, selfless, patient, and loving woman! I love you, Mama 💜 .
#momentslikethese #thankfulformymom #grandma #UriahJoel #birthdaycake #birthdaypost

Anyone up for a refreshing "Welcome Drink?" When you're in New York City and already sweating up a storm due to the heat and humidity, like I am today, you dream of the goodness of the Caribbean. Yes, it's hot there, but it's a different heat, a tropical warmth, with refreshing breezes, drinks, and beaches! I love receiving an ice cold fruit punch or rum punch upon arrival at a Caribbean resort! On the day we took this photograph, we received a drink upon arrival at our resort for the day in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, and also, as we awaited the tour bus to take us back to our ship. #WelcomeDrink #WelcomeCocktail #FeelingHotHotHot #Cruising #FamilyCruising #CruisingWithChildren #CruisingWithGrandma #ThankfulForMyMom #ThankfulToBeAMom #TravelingWithKids #TravelingWithChildren #TravelingKids #TravelingChildren #TravelingMom #MyCruisingFamily #Bayahibe #DominicanRepublic #RepublicaDominicana #Caribbean #CaribbeanCruise #14DayCaribbeanCruise #GlobetrottingFamily #BloggingMom #Thankful

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOM!!!! ❤️🤗😘🍺 I hope you enjoyed your day today. Love you lots! 😁 thanks for being you and making jokes everyday with such a straight face that I always laugh my butt off without fail. #mom #mothersday #sundayfunday #ilovemymommy #shesthebest #loveherdrysenseofhumor #makingmemories #2018 #iphone7 #photography #smiles #happy #blessed #thankfulformymom #southernillinois

Happy Mother’s Day! 😘 #loveyou #Thankfulformymom

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! #blesedwiththebest #mothersloveisunconditional #mybestfriend #happymothersday #thankfulformymom

I gave up many things for this angel. Becoming a mom at age 20 ..i thought it would be easy..it isn't and .I wouldn't change a thing. Being a mother is a never ending job..except you don't get paid.. the Payments I receive are the happiness and joy I feel watching her grow taller and smarter..the tears from being able to protect her from everything... I am lucky to be able to pursue my education to show her how important school is and I can also help her with her homework for years to come. I'm so excited. #misstwila #thankfulformymom #lovelife

Words cannot express how thankful I am for my mama. Mama, you are so many things: kind, loving, strong, passionate, authentic, full of energy and my dearest confidant. Cannot wait to celebrate you for all that you do, and all that you are. I love you. Love your Abba

You are chosen by God to be your children’s mother.
He doesn’t make mistakes ❤️

My 1st Instagram post :) Spent the day with my family for Mother's Day. Completely went all out making food all day for my mom. I'm pretty much in a food coma as I write this.

My mom has done so much for my brother and I. Growing up, I remember being in awe of my mom's many talents. My mom can basically do everything and anything that she wants to do. Even as I get older, I continue to learn from her. Love you mom - thank you for everything you do each and everyday.

I was also lucky to have known my 2nd mom (Chad's mom) for five years. We lost her to cancer over a year ago and it has been really hard to think or talk about, but I'm definitely thinking about her kind spirit today. I know she is unbelievably proud of Chad and I'm crazy blessed to have him and I'm so fortunate for the time I had with her. In just those 5 years, I learned a lot from her as well.
I'm truly grateful for all the strong influential women that have helped me grow into the person I am today. My respect goes out to all of you mom's!! Wishing you all a #happymothersday <3


When I think of a mom, she is always giving and encouraging. She is strong and keeps going even when she is exhausted. She is firm but always there with her arms wide open. She wants the best for us and to see us pursue our dreams. If she could give you the world she would. My mom is all of that and more!! As I get older I get even more thankful for all she has done to help me become the woman I am today!!! I am so thankful that Andrea brought Taylor into this world and that we get to share in all the amazing things she has done!!! I think it would be wonderful to meet the woman that gave us such a talented, kind, funny, smart, sweet, and loving lady as Taylor!!! Happy Mother's Day to Andrea and all the Mom's out there, for sacrificing and giving all your care and love!!! @taylorswift knowing that you played 'The Best Day' for your mom, makes my heart so full and I could almost tear up, you are so sweet!! We both have incredible mom's and that is everything!! I hope you got to give your mom a big hug because she is worthy of it for sure!! If you see this tell your mom I say Hi and that I feel like she is a second mom to me, even though I haven't met her!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! Love you Tay ❤ ~ Suzy @taylorswift @taylornation #happymothersday #thankfulformymom #blessed #thankfulforandrea #shegaveustaylor #taylorswift #thebestday #tearingup #sosweet #yourmomisthebest #secondmom #mydream #oneday #meetmammaswift #loveyoutaylorswift #taylurking

Thankful for my mom today and everyday! She is much more than a mom, she is a best friend, an amazing grandma, she is encouraging, thoughtful, loving, and such a great example to me and my sisters. Love you mom! ♥️ #mothersdayweekend #thankfulformymom #grateful #blessed #happymothersday

Happy Mother's Day to truly the best mom imaginable #thankfulformymom #superwoman

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