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‘Heart For Sea’ 🌏 #BreakFreeFromCoal
Today communities from Songkhla province showed their determination to keep fighting against coal-powered plants in the area. Around 100 boats circled Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship who joined to show her solidarity. Communities dragged a 30sqm art piece over the water representing ‘Nang Talung’ characters (traditional Thai shadow puppets) rejecting coal industry. 📍Teluk Patani, Thailand
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A train crosses over Wang Po viaduct, part of the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi. The railway was constructed during the Second World War when Japanese troops occupied what was then Siam. An estimated 60,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) were made to work on the railway alongside 180,000 men who were used as forced labour from Asian countries including Thailand, China, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. The conditions were savage and the treatment by the Japanese army was brutal. At least 90,000 labourers died in addition to the 16,000 POWs who lost their lives with many dying from cholera, malaria, dysentery, starvation or exhaustion.
A journey on the Death Railway is an incredible experience. With the river on one side and cliffs on the other side of the track, the railway curves around the Wang Po viaduct which consists of a series of wooden trestles originally built by POWs. The views of the river and the Kanchanaburi countryside are stunning, but it is very poignant to look out of the train window and think about the hardship endured by the men who were forced to construct the railway with a combination of basic tools and brute force while being subjected to the harshest possible conditions. Almost every man who worked on this particular section of track died.

Well friends, we made it! Successfully made it to Hong Kong to begin our 2 weeks in Asia! Off to Thailand bright and early ☀️✈️🇹🇭 #thailand_ig #hongkong🇭🇰

Bang Pa-In Palace in Ayutthaya.
Went with colleagues, 100B entrance fee.
Enjoyed walking around and taking pictures...of plants, of course.
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There is a magic in Thailand that can’t be explained. It’s everywhere you go. In the people you meet, the food you eat, and the views you see. ✨
Have you been to a place that felt magical?
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I stopped at a place called Muslim Restaurant where a family was serving Indian food down hear Charoen Krung 32. I ordered butter chicken and this was different than any version of the dish I’ve had before, but it was super delicious, and I was a happy as a clam to chow it down.

This man is making Dragon Beard Candy. Would've looked much better if I took a video though. I didn't know that Lopburi was having a sort of a festival when I visited, which explained why almost everyone was wearing traditional thai clothes. The Lopburi EXPO is until the 27th, come visit!

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On your next trip to #Thailand, ditch the hustle of the capital city and beaches for the laid-back vibe of #ChiangMai. You may feel as though you’ve gone back in time when you wander about this quaint town in northern Thailand. But it’s a refreshing alternative to the conventional Thailand holiday. Take a culinary class, get a hands-on tea making experience or indulge in some khao-soi!
Check out the link in the bio for an offbeat travel guide to Chiang Mai!

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