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#TGIFilipino @mamasonsdirtyicecream shares Filipino's dirty little secret in London...#dirtyicecream

#TGIFilipino "Through the first three days of sailing from Wednesday to Friday, Evang had built up a good lead over his competitors. Three first place finishes in six races had him five points ahead of the pack.
Then on Saturday came a little slip. On the first and only race of the day (Race No.7), Evang turned the wrong way on a buoy. Now, this doesn’t mean he sailed a shorter course than his rivals as it was just the wrong way around the buoy, but rules are rules and it was an infraction that could invalidate his results for that race if any team protested. He ended up finishing first in that race, and in what was becoming a tight contest with Thailand for the top spot, he truly needed those points.
In fact, with only one day of racing left on Sunday, a gold medal would have been almost a sure thing if the results from Race No.7 stood. But the other teams had an hour-long window after Saturday’s only race to protest the wrong turn and invalidate Evang’s points for a first-place finish. Except — no one did!

After a quick consultation with the team coaches, Evang went up to the Games officials to report his wrong turn in Race No.7, thus invalidating his much needed points for his first-place finish there. Even if this meant that, all of a sudden, he had no lead and had no points cushion to ensure a gold medal win. Without those points it was all going to come down to Sunday’s race.
We wish we could report a Cinderella ending but on that Sunday, the man from Thailand was just the better sailor, edging out Evang for the top spot at the podium. But we know the small act of integrity that swayed the results — but showed his true character, and we thought you should know too.
Yes, he came home with “only” the silver on his chest. But we know that inside — he’s got a gold medal heart." @interaksyon

#TGIFilipino @cntraveler ranks Manila #6 of 14 Emerging Destinations around the world. #foodie Photo @gettyimages

4.08 El Presidente down 2. Have a safe weekend everyone. #2A

#TGIFilipino Perpetual motion can save you huge amounts of time when shooting. Who's shooting this Sunday's monthly South River USPSA match? #2A

SDI sponsored shooter getting some trigger time in!! 🇺🇸👍
📹 @kc_eusebio
Getting some indoor reps in. My practice cooldown to finish up on speed for the day. Turn, draw, 6 reload 6 in 3.80 seconds. Tag a friend who takes 4-5 takes to post a video or selfie. #2A #TGIFilipino

Getting some indoor reps in. My practice cooldown to finish up on speed for the day. Turn, draw, 6 reload 6 in 3.80 seconds. Tag a friend who takes 4-5 takes to post a video or selfie. #2A #TGIFilipino

#TGIFilipino @Nike unveils Filipino inspired @LeBron Agimat shoes @goodnewspilipinas

#TGIFilipino @goodnewspilipinas "The Reading Club 2000 is open twenty-four seven, seven days a week and is rules-free – no membership, no borrower’s card, and no identification card needed. Visitors have also no limit on the quantity of books they can take. One may even choose to keep the books or return them. "I encourage sharing with their neighbors when they are done," Nanie explains. When asked if the rules-free library would be taken advantage of by anyone who would take all the books, Nanie shakes his head and says: "The books have multiplied." Guanlao has no idea how many books are in his possession, but there are easily 2,000 or 3,000 on the shelves and in the boxes stacked outside his front door. There are more books inside the house with books even stacked all the way up the stairs.

The library is not advertised, but somehow, every day, a steady stream of people find their way there.

Mang Nanie’s @readingclub2000 has also begun a bicycle service library which carries books, newspapers, and magazines. He had also given away some of his excess books to Manila's poorest neighborhoods; Payatas and Tondo. More books have also reached the town of Tabuk in Kalinga, Tawi-Tawi, and to the survivors of typhoons Pablo and Yolanda. Mang Nanie’s Reading Club 2000 has been credited with inspiring other people to set up similar libraries around the country."

Y'all... I added sweet #longanisa meatballs with black garlic to my chicken stew and I nearly forgot we're living in a prequel to every dystopian YA novel.
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