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The Porn Problem Author: Vaughan Roberts
This talking points book is a fantastic introduction to the topic of pornography and how to best help and support anyone struggling with it. The book comes from a clear Christian viewpoint and will educate and inform people of how to apply biblical principles into the lives of those affected, both the user of pornography and family/friends.
I was particularly impressed with how easy the book was to follow and it gave me a more informed perspective on how to accept and love people in the grips of pornography addiction, and I have several people in mind to signpost to reading this.
Publisher: https://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/the-porn-problem
Review by: Emma Louise Heath, Recovery Course Leader, Bournemouth.
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Needed to complete day 4 of the MOBILITY challenge somehow so my evening Bootcamp got to do it with me tonight! We all need to improve our breathing and stretching out our hip flexors. Thank you girls for joining me tonight @toughgirlbootcamp @legacylosangeles 👌🏾 #move4purpose #docjenfit #mobilitymethod @docjenfit @themobilitymethod

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