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Congrats to the winners of our #TG20 contest, and a big thanks to everyone who entered! Check out this shot from one of our winners, @livebedallas, of his prosciutto-wrapped scallops with linguini, pancetta, garlic, Parmesan and chili flakes from @saintroccos!

Teck Wee LLP at your service. "May we please the court? Or shall we tease the court instead?"
Caption inspiration credits to Malcomson v @mehtanmoo #TG20 #Ovariesinoverdrive

Sektarsjóður og HSÍ hóf #tg20 #mennskan

This hose is so light and easy to move around, and it stored well in a decorative flower pot or I can use the hanger it came with!
It expands as water enters and shrinks as it empties. I won't use any other kind of hose!! Check out all my reviews at https://www.facebook.com/Product-Deals-Reviews-427135500959166/ http://www.amazon.com/Expandable-RY-Gardener-Stronger-Reliable/dp/B016P008V4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8


6 years of friendship & luv 💕❤ #TG20

Not gonna lie. I miss my Philly Skyline. #TG20

This was a hose I wasn't sure about since it was a wrinkled and small but once water is in it, it went from 15 ft to 50 feet and was really solid. I was so surprised! The nozzle was durable but easy to change settings with one hand. It also has a nice brass on and off knob under the nozzle. I really loved this hose... lol I can't believe I said that but hey it's a cool hose. It comes with extra washers and a neat hanger for it which you can hang off the garden nozzle, a door knob or really off anything.
I like it A LOT! #TG20
Check it out @ http://www.amazon.com/Expandable-RY-Gardener-Stronger-Reliable/dp/B016P008V4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8


God helped you get blessed and not get cursed.
We were all born with a purpose.
Start working on your craft.💕👠

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