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CHALLENGE TIME ⚡️✨ (double tap fast if you’re excited & if you dig my superhero outfit)
I’m gonna choose 3 people who:
1️⃣Like this pic
2️⃣Comment #tfnchallenge
3️⃣(Bonus entry if you can tell which Mean Girls reference was in my last youtube video👀)
The theme for this challenge will be “Real Women Try Wonder Woman Workout”. Workouts are ready. Exercise videos are ready. Now I just need my next official challengers🙋

TFN Challenge Day 3/3. not ded, but very very sore. and my sweat is stuck in my skin in the form of blisters 🤷🏼‍♀️💪🏼 @ampollo #tfnchallenge

Y'all... Day 1 of this new workout split was CRAY CRAY 😜 @ampollo "Workout Like A Kardashian" is linked in her bio (free PDF) and is KILLER - in the best way possible I did a lot of things I've never done... feeling it in places I've never felt HAHA!! This is the most fun I've had working out in a long time. I guess change is good?

Broke my fast at 1:30pm for salad and yoghurt (won’t eat this yoghurt again), protein bar at 3pm, protein shake at 5:30pm and chicken parm with angle hair pasta at 7:30pm #tfnteam #tfnchallenge

Doing my #tfnchallenge !😊💪👙

On the way to the gym for the #TFNChallenge: Kardashian Inspired Workout 😬 Already checked the exercises? Looks like a killer workout.

Lista para el gym para el día 1 del #TFNChallenge: Inspirado en el entrenamiento de las Kardashian. Ya vieron los ejercicios? 😱

Just finished Day 3 of the #KardashianWorkout challenge, and now sitting outside enjoying this beautiful sunshine! ☀️ I'm sad it's over, but I learned SO MUCH from this & am so thankful! THANK YOU for choosing me to be one of the first official challengers, @ampollo! ❤️ My hamstrings are on 🔥 but that's ok because Quadzilla over here needs to even things out a bit 😜 #tfnfam #TFNCHALLENGE #tfn

#TFNCHALLENGE UPDATE 👋👀🦄 (double tap if you’re excited)
We have a hashtag now. Jk. That will be our hashtag, but here’s what I ACTUALLY wanted to update you on:
1️⃣Theme: Real People Try Kardashian Workouts
(This is not a test. These workouts are 4 real ☠️)
2️⃣Challengers: I’d originally planned to just share the workouts with our 3 selected challengers buttttt *plot twist* I’m going to be sharing them with you as well!!
3️⃣How to Participate: We’ll be using a combination of hashtags + social check ins (check my IG story at 8PM EST for full details👀)
Your response to this challenge was HUGE. While it would be near impossible to check in / get videos from / edit all of you into a single YouTube video, I still wanna have you as part of this🤗. More details to come tonight. In the meantime, turn yo post notifications on and get excited⚡️✨🌟.

#TFNCHALLENGE who is going to try this workout with me today?? @ampollo is starting a new "women try..." workout series! This one is the Kardashian workout based on their trainers programs. I'm legitimately terrified that I'm gonna die xD #workout #lifting #exercise #fatburner #fitness


Broke my fast at 1:30pm for salad and yoghurt (won’t eat this yoghurt again), protein bar at 3pm, protein shake at 5:30pm and chicken parm with angle hair pasta at 7:30pm #tfnteam #tfnchallenge

I may have gotten a little excited about these tacos BUT, if it fits in my macros, then it fits in my mouth. @ampollo

#tfnteam #tfnchallenge #abbyismom #mymacros #photofoodjournal #yum

TFNchallenge #tfnchallenge
I also had 3 litres of water.
Meal 1: chilli beef, cabbage, mushrooms and tomato
Meal 2: fibreone bar and coffee
Meal 3: halloumi burger, veg and crisps (USA:chips)
Meal 4: protein hot chocolate and raspberries

Follow @ampollo for booty knowledge - ❗️🍑3 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR GLUTES🍑❗️
Anyways here’s the deal with this workout: each movement is some variation of a hip thrust + band abduction. The hip thrust hits your gluteus maximus (the muscle that gives your booty “depth”). The abduction hits your gluteus medius and minimus (the muscles that make your booty round).
Which do you like best?
1️⃣Hip thrust with band abduction
2️⃣Hip thrust to seated band abduction
3️⃣Hip thrust with pause band abduction
(3 is my favorite and in my opinion the trickiest🙈) ps have you peeped the #tfnchallenge

TFN Challenge Day 3/3. not ded, but very very sore. and my sweat is stuck in my skin in the form of blisters 🤷🏼‍♀️💪🏼 @ampollo #tfnchallenge

#tfnchallenge @ampollo completed TFN challenge day 2/3 👊🏼 ded. again.

YESSS check out @ampollo YouTube video trying the #ketodiet #tfnchallenge #keto #ketogenic

Post #tfnchallenge Day 1 @ampollo. I was ded.

a few highlights of part (1/3) of the #TFNCHALLENGE ... luckily @jordywiththeblondehair & i lost track of time and only completed the first part so she could get to work on time 😅 #alwayslate #runningaroundscrambling 🏃🏼 •

#iwasntcomplaining #supersetsonsupersets #workout #twerkout #fit #fitchick #girlswholift #doitformexico or #puertorico #whereverwedecidetogo 😂

I saw the words military diet on @ampollo's poll for the first #TFNChallenge and was curious about it. I googled it and it sounded great: you could lose up to ten pounds in 3 days just by eating this reset-your-metabolism diet supposedly because of the combination of foods. I did the research, I saw bunch of the videos on youtube with people claiming it does magic so I tried it. Now real talk ahead:
1️⃣ The truth is I haven't weight myself yet but I will update the weight and measurements on this post by the end of the week since the website said up to ten pounds in a week instead of 3 days like the youtube videos.
2️⃣ First thing about this diet: is SUPER LOW CALORIE. It says the first day has 1400 cal but I tracked everything in myfitnesspal and I didn't even hit 1000 calories the first day. This can't be good for you or your metabolism.
3️⃣I did it on my active rest days so I actually don't know if I could have make it through a workout, but I did notice less energy in this days. I wasn't hungry the first and second days but I was definitely more tired.
4️⃣The 3rd day was the worst, I made up until lunch... but around 5pm I was feeling so bad and feverish 🤒 Gosh I felt so bad and miserable (not because of the food alternatives) but because I wasn't eating enough!! So I broke the diet and ate some carbs and some protein and felt so much better afterwards!
▶️ I won't think I will try this again, I'll prefer sticking to my calories and macros that actually keep my going through the day. I wouldn't recommend it, specially if your hitting the gym regularly, it doesn't have enough protein! And we all know that's what's going to build some muscle. It might work maybe for someone who makes poor food choices regularly because it makes you stick to something super restrictive but if you're already eating what your body needs, it might not make much difference... If you want to try it, do it at your own risk.

Started a day late to the #tfnchallenge but feeling accomplished with Day 2. Here's a preview of my 50kg deadlifts.
Not wearing the best gym clothes to check my form, nor the best angle, any constructive pointers for me would be very appreciated. The trainer said my form was good though I'm not too sure if my neck is in the right place for it or what... 🎃🎎😋

#tfnfam #fitness #fitnessjourney #thisgirlcan #lift #deadlift #fitlife #healthiswealth #noobfornow #happyfriday #latergram

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