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Worship in the upper room today. Jerusalem.
#tfabtravels #tfabisrael18

Jerusalem - Old City (David’s City), and the Temple Mount. #tfabisrael18 #tfabtravels

Spending my Valentine’s Day doing my absolute favorite activity: TRAVELING THIS GLORIOUS GLOBE! 🌎🌍🌏 #solotran #tfabtravels .
#lakelouise #alberta #weallplayforcanada #canadashowingoff

This is a shot of one of the meeting rooms in The Royal Palace. #tfabtravels

Winter in Stockholm- i really do not like being cold. Sweden, however, makes it bearable. #tfabtravels

Stockholm is made up of a bunch of teeny islands connected by small bridges. These massive golden crowns decorated a bridge which goes toward the island where the Moderna Museet is located. I took a brisk (and long) walk in the freezing cold to go to the museum, only to find that it was closed because it was a Monday....Whomp, whomp 🤷🏾‍♀️ Stockholm is a museum in itself, so I just continued walking all around even more and taking incredible pictures. I ended at a shopping mall where I found and bought the best suitcase/bag I’ve ever owned! I always find that when I remain I attached to my plans while on the road, there are no bad days. #tfabtravels #travelsfails #travelwins

The natural colour palettes of random items in Stockholm make my heart go 👏🏽💕 #stockholm #family #tfabtravels

My week in Sweden was spent on this boat. The Red Boat is an adorable and affordable hotel & hostel right in the heart of Stockholm. The two boats are anchored to the side of the river just a 10 minute walk over the bridge from Gamla Stan. The one pictured is the hostel boat (which I stayed in). It was so cozy, warm and welcoming. Every morning traditional Swedish breakfast smorgasbord was waiting to be eaten. #tfabtravels #stockholm #theredboat

My favourite shot I took while visiting Stockholm earlier this year. The ice created the coolest patterns. #tfabtravels

Next travel story: Stockholm! This year’s visit was my second time visiting Sweden. The first time was when I was five years old. Remember a little...not a lot. Sweden is significant to me because half my blood line comes from here. My mom was born and raised not far from Stockholm. So without further ado... #stockholm #hejsan #familyroots #tfabtravels

This foot/scooter traffic street skirted the west side edge of the island from the main harbour and up past @bansdivingresort (where I stayed the first night in the island). Tons of restaurants, beach clubs, tiny shops, street food, scuba diving schools and ocean access. #kohtao #takeawalk #tfabtravels #discoverthailand

As I’ve said before, this recent big trip changed my view on what I want for my life in a BIG way. It unlocked a lot for me and set into motion plans that I probably don’t even realize are happening yet. Even thought I feel and I know I have made massive progress in my life, I often feel stuck and in the ‘same place’. I think that’s why I LOVE to travel so much. Travel for me is a literal act of making progress and change. It’s in the journey that the ‘good stuff’ happens. This is my FAVOURITE photo of myself from all of my travels from all over the world. I just remember being so fucking happy when it was taken. It’s a good reminder to keep going. I’ve been lucky enough to feel that feeling over and over again. I know that as long as I continue the work, there are many more experiences ahead! #kohtao #kohnangyuan #tfabtravels #buytheticket #taketheride

Days like today are strong reminders to remember what's the most important to you and continue to live for it and towards it NO MATTER WHAT!! ✊🏾🔥🔮 #thatgypsylife #wicca #tfabtravels #workthepuss #buythetickettaketheride

Koh Nang Yuan - my god. This was one of the most beautiful places I visited in Asia, possibly even ever. When people day to me “Canada is the most beautiful place in the world”, I say quietly in my head “yeah….but have you been to Thailand?? Have you been to Vietnam??”. Of course, everyone’s definition of beauty is different. For me, I know a place is beautiful when I get a kind of chill from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. It’s not even a chill, it’s more like bright white light that flickers inside and I think THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT INTO WORDS, BUT THIS IS IT. I get it every time I go to New York. I got it when I went to Stockholm and visited my family. I got it here. Standing on the top of this rock looking down at these tiny islands just a 10 minute boat taxi ride from Koh Tao. Being here at Koh Nang Yuan (and the majority of countries I visited in Asia) taught me the beauty of patience and expanded my idea of how I want to feel about my life journey. #tfabtravels #buytheticket #taketheride #gypsylife

So many people ask me what I used to photograph myself on my trip. Did I have someone take my picture? The answer is always NO! I just used my iPhone, set the timer, propped it up and hoped for the best. I’m quite blown away at the shots I was able to get with my 6S Plus. I’ve done a lot of post editing through Lightroom and Photoshop, but the base photos are always quite good and easy to play with. I spent so much time alone on this trip, which is something I crave and love to do. I feel so free being in a place where I know no one and no one knows me. It’s liberating. There were many times were I would spend hours walking up and down the beaches BELTING out songs to Hamilton or In The Heights (two of my favourite musicals), the only thing that could hear me was the ocean. Or I’d jump on a scooter with no plan and just drive. Not one single person in the world new where I was on this glorious planet and that was the coolest feeling ever. #tfabtravels #kohtao #resetandrecharge #sayitloud #takeyourtime

Looking back at this photo makes me smile so big. I first met the two girls, Saskia and Dimphy. They checked into my room at The Dearly Hostel. We immediately started chatting and they invited me to have a beer with them on the rooftop- so I did! We talked ourselves hungry then went to dinner. Afterwards, we hoped across the street to a bar for some more drinks, live music and pool. We were waiting for the table to clear where the two boys, Oscar and Lando, finishing up a game. We decided to join them and we all played a few rounds of pool together. We got along SO WELL as a group, we decided to meet up the next day, rent scooters and roam the island. From then on- we were inseparable. The five of us spent five amazing days together enjoying every corner of the island, eating, drinking, laughing and figuring out Thai language. #travellingfriends #instantbesties #thailand #exploremore #tfabtravels #alwayssayhello

Like I said in my previous post, my experience at @thedearly_kohtao was DOPE. This is a shot of the common room on the 4th (I think?) floor. It was a great hangout spot and place to FaceTime with people back at home. Looking back on this photo now is weird because this is the room where I decided my end date for my SE Asia trip. About a week before the end of each month, I would look at my finances and determine whether I could continue travelling. By this point, I was approaching month three and had about 3-4 weeks of comfortable travel funds left. Instead of pushing the limit, I booked a return flight from Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-London-Toronto, leaving a month later, on the pink chair pictured here. My goal for this whole trip was to not put a dime on credit (which I succeeded in doing!). I returned to Canada with very little money, but I at least had not a dime in debt from this trip so I could immediately start replenishing my funds. #tfabtravels #findapenny #leaveapenny #takeapenny

This is the view from the rooftop from my main home on Koh Tao, @thedearly_kohtao. This place came on a recommendation from a friend- and my god- was it ever amazing. I still tell people ever day about this place. The people who work there, the people who stay here, the perfect the location on the calmer side of island, the beautiful yet affordable facilities, amazing breakfast and insanely comfortable beds. I loved The Dearly SO MUCH. My plan is to return again this coming winter. #tfabtravels

Next diary installment: the island of KOH TAO in southern Thailand. This is hands down one of my top places I've ever been to. I tried as much as possible to never plan or book more than 2-3 days in advance of where I was going to be. In doing so, I saved a lot in time and money because I was able to freely move (or stay) between places that I liked or disliked without commitment. It was scary at times showing up in a place I've never been at 6pm with no idea where I would be sleeping that night. In the end, I ALWAYS found a place to stay. Koh Tao was my home for 8 days (original plan - 2 days). Looking back, I should've never left! #tfabtravels

SIEM REAP DIARY - March 12-21, 2017
TOTAL ON THE GROUND SPEND: $414.44 🇨🇦 ($41.44/day
ACCOMODATION: Tipsy Turtles Hostel (4 nights), Ladear Angkor Boutique Hotel (5 nights)
TRANSPORT: @airasia (in and out) #beautifulcambodia #tfabtravels

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