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life may suck but at least candy exists amirite - r

Me honestly
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Yay or Nay?
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How did he do that
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| april 25 10:15pm |
UGH i am losing motivation ! i apologize i really want to post more often and i totally could and should but like i just don't have enough posts because i don't have time to get textposts nor time to make posts (ive got PLENTY of animals) speaking of which i haven't done the pet spam this week ah!! i am falling behind ugh. a co owner would be nice i suppose but like idk man. it'd have to be a friend so don't offer unless we are friends. plus they'd have to be able to make posts and stuff ugh and like ugh everything is UGH rn but i have a two hour delay tomorrow so that is less ugh anyways gn

i love young the giant sm


Pumped for PLL tonight ✌

Sippin the meme juice💦
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so true omg

I like rusty spoons- dad
Cred to owner lol
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AWWW this is so cute😩😍
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Dang savage 😳😳😂

Heres That Face again ;))

and here's a picture I got of the sunflowers a few days after we planted them 🌻
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I love musicals and I hope that maybe someday I can play in the orchestra pit
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Big frighten

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