Once An Au Pair, Always An Au Pair #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #fan🎨 @we_eat_robots #frame #cadre @cadreexquis #truestory This is the first time in 30 year history I have nothing stored "dans la placard ou dans la cave chez maman" #aupairlife #timestheyareachangin Paris is never Paris without picking up my 🤖 charges. They bring such joy to my IG life when they are not naughty. 🙏 #domesticgraffitiartist #collectingacollection #buyart #supportart #supportartists #textilegraffiti #shag 🤖🎨 In Fashion

Paris Pole Globe Ransom Sampler #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #🙏 #repost @monicamicu #truestory 4 of these remained that I recovered. One being a ❤️that I will restore. The #parispoleglobe size for these were huge and I used a grey wool of the same thick size (all I had) to lift all these letters up...what is funny about it is that if you were to mix all the colors on top, you would get grey on the bottom. Exciting photo from a lovely Paris blogger. Merci! #domesticgraffitiartist #parisyarnbomb #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #textilegraffiti

Scrap 💣 #Foodbabysoul #foodforthought #scrapart #scrapimpact @leopardfrock #crochet #fabric #truestory This is an exciting series of #parispoleglobe I told everyone "Its fabric and not yarn. So this is a test to see how tough they are and how they distress in weather" Here is the after of what came before. #ihaveathingforvarigatedyarn and with scraps from @mariannefasslerofficial I can cut them into strips #♻️ #recycle #wastemanagement and #diy My Foodbabysoul which is my gut feeling tells me these will be tough as nails for #bollard💣 #poteux #bonnet #streetart #streetwear #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #parisstreetart #streetartparis Luxury Scrap Toppers

💥 #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #color #explosion #scrapimpact @mariannefasslerofficial @leopardfrock #parispoleglobe #truestory FBS is going through scrap by the inches it's so precious. I enjoy this shag design as an explosion of color. This is like an "end of the day bead" when the glass workers of Murano Italy would simply roll the glass rod on scraps of small broken glass bits from their work table and then heat them for speckles of random color fused into a mosaic. Once the kids are back from break this is likely to be toast by touching but until then...💥 #selfeet #fromwhereistand #viewftomthetop #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #parisstreetart #streetartparis A Fassler 🎨

A Map of Scrap #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #scrapimpact #truestory There are a lot of scrap in the make up of the #parispoleglobe this time. To make FBS user friendly this post will help you track the scrap. Whenever you see felt it's scrap from the original @ydawaltstudio The prints on these leaves are mine but the felt comes all from that first donation. The big lace flowers in all of them, here it is blue, they all come from @fab_scrap I bought a piece and cut all the flowers out for this quick trip. I started using them in Brooklyn. The tiny bits of lace and flowers come from @mariannefasslerofficial and @leopardfrock The leaves have scrap underneath like the skinned couch or african wax. I actually never got a shot of those details but People on the street will see them live. What is special about using scrap is that it is always #oneofakind #limitededition So if you are new to FBS and want to see what is sourced from where, tap the photo and check out the designer and artists supporting FBS. Thanks everyone for supporting and watching FBS develop. #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapart #silkscreen #yarnbomb #textilegraffiti #handwork #handmade #parisstreetart #streetartparis #viewfromthetop #fromwhereistand #selffeet Bits And Pieces Here And There

La Vie Créative #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #parispoleglobe #🙏 #repost @viecreative #truestory This is one of those exact moments when a person caught me just at the right moment of vulnerability coffee fatigue and she was so ballsy flying out of the hairdresser with her dye and clear plastic wrap clinging to her wet hair. She asked "Can I take your picture" I said "No thank you but the work "go for it" She did. She captured me cutting away. It is a gift when people ask to take your picture vs stealing one. She also captured a moment when two strangers meet and really talk. We talked making art. And that is where the FBS sweet meat is. I told her "Just make the work and it will inform you" I talked about Street vs Gallery. Why I am doing this. We talked about social media and privacy. Then she said , "I have to go back in les cheveux" I think we could have talked for ages but if that moment in time helped inspired her back on some desired artistic track, it will be one of the greatest reasons to continue making FBS #textilegraffiti #domesticgraffitiartist #silkscreen #yarnbomb #applique #scrapimpact (tap for tagged resources) #parisstreetart #streetartparis Inspires Far Beyond The Feed

Sending ❤️ To Brooklyn #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory Paris Brooklyn, #samesame The 🌎🌍🌏 is too small #nownow I just said goodbye to a lovely couple that I told my life story to, (they kept asking), their kids live on streets I have walked in Forte Greene, they knew the president of my university, they know a governor from Alaska but for two years they kept wondering "who is doing this work in their neighborhood? This door is where @kitty_knitter guided me to make this #textileslap and as we walked around the corner....you are reminded just how much your life follows you anyway and how you #youcantescapeyourself #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti No Matter How Far You Go ❤️ Follows

Oh! Oh! @ohbrianoh ❤️ Brooklyn #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #🙏 #repost #I❤️Brooklyn #truestory 2 People Have loved #brooklyn this is the daylight repost and it is clearly after wet weather. I love that fabric lives. It's best after a rain and then shrinks to fit. All that pitchity patch comes from other street lives, Frankenstein stitches and all... and "Oh" dont you love all those "Oh's" #❤️ #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #silkscreen #embroidery #crochet #mixedhandwork #africanproverb #scrapimpact #studio #reject @ydawaltstudio #patchwork The Big OH!

Attention Grabbing #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #textilegraffiti #truestory "I have come out here to take pictures of the process and seen people walk by and not even look up or notice it" one Steve told me. They do, people see, people see everything, its in our nature to be nosy gossipy and voyeuristic. It's comparing and calibrating our lives. It's always a question if a person wants to be seen, or being caught in the act or being placed as part of the spectacle of your art. Photographers almost have to steal photos these days in a world of self conscious selfie posers to actually serve a slice of universal life. Intimacy and privacy are stolen concepts. I am in awe of anonymity these days. #domesticgraffitiartist #palimpsest #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #streetartnyc Just Walk On By

No Joke Not Your Square Street Granny #foodbsbysoul #foodforthought 🗣 @gigglyfudge #notyoursquaregranny #truestory When we first moved to SA a child said to his mom "Why does her mommy have grey hair like a granny? My kid was only 4. I wrapped a tree with a classic granny square centered in it and the first comment that I remember specifically receiving was over a similar joke about no square granny. Giggly Fudge had a giggle with that one so I dared to knock on the door of her "private" account. Glad I did. Often when people write about handwork I think they over associate it with granny past times, I believe it's totally outdated thinking. As we are living longer and healthier what people have been defining as granny work has been redefined and reworked into more modern thinking. Often #nownow , it's also called therapy, meditation, relaxation, and it's made up of more diverse genders and ages. Woman's work is no joke. The critique that it looks like something my granny made is very hipster and culturally trending as analog of our dreams. All these #patches #patchup #slapup is a reflection on how many seniors are "au courant" and up to date and servicing these populations is key. They have reference. A postal worker asked "I was wondering who was making this! Are you famous because if you aren't you will be. Let's get a selfie." "You know that famous English street artist did this building. Come give a selfie" I declined the selfie "This is how you all do that. So when I see all this quilt graffiti that be you right?" I remember a man asking my name and I said "Foodbabysoul" He slowly said FBS to remember. My stories are real. They only become real if people believe what you tell them. #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #silkscreen #patchwork #crochet #tb #detail No Meme

🙏🗣#foodbabysoul #foodforthought #brooklyn #truestory Thanks to @pammyordonez for making sure the driver wasn't taking down the pieces to unveil the building, the outdoor broom, and your crazy fun words. Met her over a Rhodesian Ridgeback #justsaying @circedunnell For all the comments and being the first people to come chat me which started the input rolling. @nadiaaymone for the walk in the downpour and the word. Such a small world, she knew the author I was reading. There are a few Steves, the Rizzo, the postal worker, the owner, the Zach, the lady who feeds the cats . It takes people on the ground as much as folks in the cloud . Thanks everyone for following liking watching and reading so much on this project. Until the next, because there will be a next one.. #domesticgraffitiartist #textileslaps #textilegraffiti #silkscreen #scrapimpact #ransomsampler #palimpsest #streetartnyc #streetart #streetarteverywhere #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart 👋

Mah Na Mah Na #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #brooklynstreetart #streetartnyc #streetarteverywhere #streetart #brooklyn #streetartbrooklyn #truestory Here You can see how I changed it midway. The idea to create it to look like mass stickerart with #textileslaps in grid like fashion. Letters abound for the #ransomsampler Reference to political posters and what takes place in our homes today and on social media. African proverbs replaced bible verses. A skills and #scrapimpact sampling Of FBS. Leaving reference to what came before because without it there would be no textiles or fibers on street walls at all. With the colors and alphabet and the fabric at hand at the time, I felt it ended up looking like the Sesame Street that childhood idea of New York I could not shake when I got here in January. The green awning palace has a tin grouch house chained to it. And If a guy didnt walk by singing that song. I swear he did. I even stopped him and he told me he stood on the bridge and said "Kids this is Sesame Street. I grew up here with Biggie and I still live here" A lot has gone down here #channeling #sesamestreet #mahnamahna #songoftheday #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #scrapimpact Do Do Be Doo

The Palimpsest #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #palimpsest 🙏 🗣 @nadiaaymone #truestory Word.....After explaining to the PHD who freed me of what I wrote in the previous post, she said "Oh yea a Palimpsest" "A Wha?" "Oh this is a word you need to know making this project" A manuscript reused or altered that bears the traces of its original writing. I started pretty much jumping up and down because my mind raced to "Sampler writing my textile pencils graffiti writing #scrapimpact the printed fabric stories and fashion fabric use to me and this new use across an ocean" I tore half of it down and rebuilt even though I was running out of time...Once the thinking makes sense the art is clear if only to you. I didn't realize the Sesame Street vibe till the lowercase letters in Christmas costume fabric...(was all I had) One thinks they are alone in art making but rarely. There are others that see you and understand you very clearly. #domesticgraffitiartist #streetart #textilegraffiti #brooklyn #ephemeralart #streetartnyc #streetartbrooklyn Foodbabysoul Is A Palimpsest Of Combined Life Experiences

#textilegraffiti goedgekeurd door comittee ter handhaving van de norm voor afwijkend gedrag
so this graffitti is approved by norm enforcement committee for deviant behavior and made by also. deviations can be so gentle

One Month Ago #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #tb #brooklyn #newyork #jobsite #truestory #tb I took all the work down today, so the building is naked like I found it. Anyone out there ... it's waiting for you. I decided to respect the deadline because #apromiseisapromise and somebody was #collectingacollection and I couldn't chase the collage to get that right balance if pieces were going in the night. The first time I posted this pic, I was rattling off my H❤️& soul. I get strung out when work is hard or I bite off more than I can chew. It's so worth it for living tho. I highly recommend it. Just try or just ask. The grey haired man came out today dapper in a vest and bow tie wearing the same round glasses as I do. I told him that he and his wife are a regal mystery and don't be surprised if you get a knock at the door of the green awning palace. I said my deadline has come and I felt I needed to follow through and he said "You must go where your art instincts lead you" They led me to this building and looking back it was probably over ambitious, bold, but just the the right knock from the hard school I needed for a #newyorkstateofmind #channeling #billyjoel #songofday #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti Started With One Then Another

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