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I'm finally getting the hang of shooting in manual on my DSLR. Talk about a game changer! If you're thinking about making the switch or just need some extra tips and tricks, I highly recommend checking out @jennakutcher's course on @britandco. It is fab!

Я люблю работать именно так))))😜

Who signed up for my block print workshops (sold out!) at Craftcation? We'll be printing on fabric, I'll give you all my tips and tricks, we're going to have FUN! @dearhandmadelife #craftcation17 #makermakerprints

THIS. IS. SO COOL. We want to learn how to weave so badly! Anyone in the Hudson Valley wanna teach us??? #loom #wip #handweaving #handwoven (📷: @frittelli_lockwood)

Crêpe de Chine samples ~ skinny scarves dropping this Spring/Summer online, it's been a labour of love with 2 babies born since I started my own line but I will finish this project if it's the last thing I do! Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there! Happy Sunday to the rest ✌🏻

『カタカナ』 平成28年
日本人は 漢字から ひらがな、
ひらがなは それ自体で
一方 カタカナは漢字を補足する
ことなど 記号的性格が強い。
しかし アルファベットの様に
(脇阪 克二)
Katakana (2016,by Katsuji Wakisaka)
Japanese produced hinagara and katakana based on the Kanji.
While hinagara has a beautiful calligraphy style,
Katakana has a strong symbolic character.
However, resembling to the English alphabet,
Katakana consists of straight lines and curves,
Showing its pop and delightfully cute appearance | English translation by LI XIAO XIAO |
Katakana (2016, par Katsuji Wakisaka)
Les japonais ont élaboré les katakana
À partir des hiragana, dérivés des kanji.
Les hiragana sont aujourd’hui utilisés
Comme tel, de manière esthétique.
D’un autre côté, les katakana, qui
Complémentaire aux nombreux kanji
Ont un caractère symbolique fort.
Cependant, à l’image des lettres de l’alphabet,
Ils sont faits de lignes droites et courbes,
Leur conférant un esprit pop très mignon.
| Traduction française par Jean-Baptiste Fauvel Matsumoto |
片假名 (2016, 胁阪 克二)
| 中译 : 李 瀟瀟 |
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🦋 Print Series 1. Limited sizes left......!!!!!!!!!
Size 8 x 2
Size 10 x 1
Size 12 x 1
Size 14 x 2
Top is generous, so you can afford to go down a size
If you order online at www.souvenironline.com.au before 31st March, we are offering free shipping.
Please note we do not repeat our prints.
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It's gonna be a sunshine day! Shibori vintage tea towel hand dyed with natural indigo.

Я люблю работать именно так))))😜

Cyclamens - Something different

Две недели прошли быстро💨 И я снова спешу обрабатывать Ваши запросы и заказы🌿 а этот сет родился в мое отсутствие, но с частичкой меня💡

Create a bold statement with a Mural - Maggie Leaf available @emilyziz#patriciabraune #wallpaperdesign #murals

Part of a new dated hairstyles textile for @spoonflower! This is one of the 50s themed ones :)

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