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They're not #homeless . They're cops looking to catch you in the act!

Local #police using a sneaky tactic to catch cellphone talkers, #texters and seat belt scofflaws. You'd better take a good look at that cardboard sign the next time you're stopped in #traffic .

The #SoCal sting taking drivers by surprise. Tonight at 11P from ABC7Eyewitness News.

#like it you hate #texters #like this #2

My makeshift, dodgy af, inbred child of the Union Jack and the Indian flag. I can't afford merch @britishindia so forgive me. #britishindia #ss&a #texters #freegig #Iactuallycan'tbreatheunderwater . @ssa_albury let me in pls.

Someone reached in to grab it.
It was a rock monster.

#illustration #drawing #texters #rockmonster #rocklobster

Platform 10th birthday celebrations today #nu_gen @madeineasterhouse #texters #sumfest16


you guys already know how much i love carlos, do i even need to explain?? ahaha 💜💜 @tha_los

i saw a picture of carlos in a suit, and i had to draw it!!! such a HANDSOME BOY!!

this reqEYEred a lot of patience

considering i didn't use an eraser at all, this is kinda ok ?!? ...idk but wow i haven't done any realistic portraits in a while

dodie is such a cutie and love her and she's so underappreciated and aghh. wish i could see her live one day

cute n chubby lil cisco <3

a doodle that i'm actually kind of proud of ?? wowow

some old crappy sketches of my fave person ever

Someone reached in to grab it.
It was a rock monster.

#illustration #drawing #texters #rockmonster #rocklobster

quick sketch [i'm still not over jake re-posting my art, gaaah he's amazing.]

sketch of my favourite boy cisco 💜💜

joshua dun! |-/

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