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Takin' it to the streets - ..
This morning I posted about "Dwayne". I wasn't trying to bring the room down. I wasn't trying to wag a finger at anyone or even moralize on any one position on homelessness.
I was just typing out loud and it was on my mind.
But this picture is about life on the street in Austin too. It's just a different kind of life. This is a story about the life of street art, and in particular the street art of "becca".
Becca Midwood is a well known artist whose work can be found in galleries from LA to New York to Miami and yes, the streets of Austin!
I've never meet her or even seen her in person but her work is ubiquitous! [That means "its everywhere" and it makes me feel smart when I say it, so... you know.]
Street artists dont usually paste up their work in the middle of the day since its kind of, more or less, maybe a little not entirely legal to do so. But it should be. Free art all over otherwise not beautiful and unused spaces? It's probably galactically legal if not locally, I'm sure.

Street art has always fascinated me because of its temporary nature. Once a piece has been put up there is literally no way of knowing how long it will be there.
The weather may tear it down, vandals may paint over it or, somewhat ironically, vandalize it. Sometimes collectors will carefully remove the work and keep it for themselves.
This piece was up underneath the train tracks on South Lamar near 5th street for quite awhile. It was a little slice of timeless grace stuck in the middle of the hustle and grind of downtown Austin that always made me feel better when I saw it.
I hate to admit it, but I wish I had taken it down and framed it for my house so I could still enjoy it.
I'm 100% sure becca would not approve of that.
But I'm also 100% sure becca has zero idea who I am.
Next time! 😉
P.S. - We are only 40 - 50 followers away from "Free Art-pocolypse 2!! The Revenge of the Followers!"
My next post AFTER we hit 5000 followers - comment on that post and if you are a follower you might win a free print of mine of your choice printed on metal!
Stay tuned!!!

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Free Show Free Beer Bullymon Art Sale
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Locations- Orbit Salon
DATE- APRIL 29TH @ 8pm

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Message from the prez!
Art Club Art Show Friday at 5pm! Come see the work of our amazing Art Club members! ✨✨✨
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