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I feel like im the only one who knows who magcon and o2l is ...😢* If you know what magcon and o2l where comment ur fave person in the group*


Some of my fav #tesstan pictures💦❤
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alright im back, and im better! but i made a bts fan acc so yall should go follow😉 @ourbtsbabys

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—these two people make me so so happy💙🤞🏼
—fc. 160🌴😌
—dt. Tesstan stans
—ac. @/canoncaleb 💗
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Nothing to post right now but I'll work on an edit soon 🤗

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aw my heart |
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loren is such a beauty

Jacklyn has always been so fun to be with. She's that person to always spread happy vibes. Exactly what I need. ~after photoshoot~
*Tessa and Jacklyn are walking out together*

Jacklyn: you slayed girl
Tessa: *laughs* you slayed more, you weren't even in the photoshoot.
Jacklyn: I try *they both laugh*

We walk into the cafe and go sit at a table. The Waiter comes towards us, and for some reason, Jacklyn's smile instantly disappears. As if she had seen a ghost.

Waiter: Hello Ladies
Tessa: Hi
Waiter: Haven't seen you in a while, Jacklyn.
Jacklyn: yeah, I wanted to keep it that way.
Waiter: that's not what you said last time. *Jacklyn rolls her eyes*
Waiter: well, who's this?
Jacklyn: none of your business
Waiter: *turns to Tessa* I'm Zack, you are?
Tessa: I'm.... Tessa....
Zack: beautiful name, almost as beautiful as you, of course.
Tessa: *softly giggles* thank you
Zack: anytime
Jacklyn: leave her alone Zack. You're not worth her time.
Zack: whatever, I'm trying to do my job. What's your order?
Tessa: I'll have the berry blast, please
Jacklyn: I'll have the orange smoothie.
Zack: okay then.
*After he leaves*

Tessa: mind telling me, who and what the hell was that?
Jacklyn: Ex
Tessa: understandable
Jacklyn: don't trust him. May be charming first, he's a real dick when you get to know him.
Tessa: got it.
*Tessa's phone starts ringing*

Tessa: you have to be kidding me, why is it that someone is always calling me?
Jacklyn: cause you got them with the hook ;)
Tessa: *laughs* omg
Jacklyn: take it, I need to go to the bathroom anyways
Tessa: k, thnx
Jacklyn: 👍 *Phone call*
Tessa: hello?
Unknown: hey
Tessa: who's this?
Unknown: what do you mean?
Tessa: I mean, I don't know who this is, and I'd like to know.
Unknown: I'm not saved in your contacts?

Tessa: no
Unknown: don't recognize the phone number?

a person i can rely on to make me smile :)

for the 4 musketeers, addy & sofia❤️
pb: nessa
ac: cutedilaurentis
app: vs

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