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Motherhood Post:
I type this as I lay in bed with James. He's calm, holding me tight and just being the little boy I love to be around.

20 minutes ago he threw the biggest tantrum he ever has. The last two weeks they have just gotten progressively worse. Everything is a fight, I mean everything. Getting dressed, eating, car seat and bath time. It's so hard. I try to be calm and understanding and it doesn't work. I try time out and it doesn't work. I try letting him be independent and it doesn't work. He becomes so aggressive with hitting and biting, i just get so scared! The hardest part is just not knowing what to do or how to react to make him feel better.

We are 4 days out from his 2nd birthday and I just pray this phase ends soon. Not having a teammate to lean on during this time is even more stressful. #SingleMomProblems

Would love advice or words of encouragement from moms that have been through this or are going through this, I know I can't be alone! 🙏🏻❤️
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My final thoughts on #babyleadweaning are as follows:
1️⃣I understand the appeal and think for some families it may work very well. Shoveling puréed foods into a child’s mouth, in theory, may lead to aversions to certain foods or textures (although this hasn’t been proven to be true), and allowing baby to meter himself, theoretically may lead to a less picky eater in the end.
2️⃣I advise starting all complimentary or solid foods at 6 months despite a recent trend to start at 4-6mo. If you plan on doing baby lead weaning, I think the 6 month start needs to be firm, and would strongly caution against starting any sooner.
3️⃣ Appropriate supervision needs to be provided at ALL times for all children eating (both in a baby lead weaning form and traditional feeding methods)
4️⃣ Take care to choose appropriate sized foods, textures, and variations for baby.
5️⃣Lastly, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no one “right” way to raise a baby. You can do baby lead weaning, traditional weaning, or a mixture of the two. You’re the boss. .
Photocredit: @jaimibaileyphotography .
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Wow. Time flies. These past two years have been amazing. These 12 woman and Delta have taught me so much. I’m blessed to be a part of this illustrious organization and to be able to continue through this beautiful journey called life with them forever by my side. #LongLiveLD #TerribleTwos #112215

Happy AKAversary to 67 S.U.P.R.E.M.E! Two years down, lifetime to go. 😘💚💗🐸#terribletwos

▶️ KAYTRANADA - „Leave Me Alone“
Diese Phase zwingt mich gerade in die Knie, fordert mir alles ab und zeigt mir meine Grenzen auf. Ich versuche dann immer an weise Worte zu denken und halte mir vor Augen in welcher Welt sich gerade Hali befindet. Das klappt mal gut und mal weniger gut. Vorallem wenn noch die Bedürfnisse eines Dritten dazu kommen und z.B. die Blase unseres Hundes drückt und wir nur mit sehr viel Protest und viiiieeel Zeit vorwärts kommen, schafft mich dieser Balanceakt ganz schön. Und ja, zugegeben platzt mir dann auch mal der Kragen und ich bringe zum Ausdruck was mir gerade nicht gefällt. Und ich finde dass dies auch zum Leben dazu gehört. Fehler machen. Daraus lernen. Es das nächste Mal anders machen. #tobecontinued ————————————————————————
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TWO years ago today The REDvolution was born. We crossed those burning sandz & never looked back. Blessed beyond measures to be a member or the greatest sorority and to make it with these 6 beautiful souls by my side. Cheers to two & a lifetime to go! #terribletwos #youbabybabywantthis #wegottwosetsofneos 🔺🐘


Happy birthday Maggie!!! #terribletwos ❤️

Today was pants...my child behaved like he was swapped with the spawn of satan; we had to flee a music class in shame because of a kick-off over toys and he yelled at me about everything and anything. The best one being that he wanted to drive the car and clearly I'm bad mummy for not permitting him to do so. Oh to be 2.5 and think you rule the world. Not all bad, this afternoon we bedded down and mostly played with duplo - #yay #sendwine xx

I swear I don't know how I get anything done some days. As soon as I pick something up or sit down to work at my desk, there's another mess waiting for me to cleanup! Today both girls were sleeping (or so I thought) so I decided to sneak in a quick shower... Well, my 2 year old wasn't sleeping. 🙄She decided to get into my charcoal face wash and I found it smeared all over the guest bathroom walls. Like that wasn't enough, she also decided Shmoodle (aka Charlie) needed a facial too so it was on the couch where he had been laying🐶... ugh! Needless to say, my bathroom walls are now sparkling clean and Reagan is finally napping. For real this time💤... I just checked the video monitor.😂😂😂
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Celle qui se prenait pour une princesse, en toute circonstance 😂💕✨ #princess #mafille #grandittropvite #instakids #instamoment #terribletwos #tapealoeil

This sums up our life these days...someone is always crying (usually Lauren—can you say terrible twos?) .
These two are going to have so many freaking cute matching outfits. Gosh, girls are so much fun. Who has girls and can agree with this statement? I know I know, just wait until teenage years—well you know what these girls are going to know and fear Jesus. They will have morals, and they will be loved so much. They will be smart and kind and generous, I know it. .
#jesuslovers #family #godfearingwoman

Happy birthday to my baby ❤️#terribletwos

Happy 2nd Birthday to this little girlie! Can’t believe you are two already!! 😭 #happybirthday #happy2ndbirthday #itsmybirthday #birthdaygirl #toddlerlife #terribletwos #twowild #letthemslowdown #growinguptoofast #letthembelittle

It’s the best being able to watch someone gain a personality and see who they become. She’s funny, polite, smart and she means the world to us. Happy 2nd birthday Ryann Sophia, we love you so much! #niece #terribletwos #shesgreatforme #badformom @cody_hunter54 @justissmcgonigal

Anyone local come and help my mum please? She's sat rocking in the corner... Also saving money for maga and free for any painting and decorating requirements. Very thorough and organic. Call me.

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