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I'm so tired rn idk why

Lilz made these two sweet #terraria #terrarium one for herself, the other for a friend's bday. They came out so great!

THIS "The Destroyer" Kraken with a signed box will be won by someone. To enter to win it leave us a comment below. Are you a #terraria fan?

We will announce the winner on July 5th.
#onedropyoyos @relogicgames @pipeworksstudio

He has this game on the ps4 AND the computer now. #terraria #gaming #laptophog

There was this butterfly on the ground covered in ants and I saved it from dying I got all the ants off and stuff see my story to see it (its happily living in a flowerbed now)

Tag a friend!

'The Eater of Worlds has awoken!'
Been playing a lot of #terraria lately with a couple friends of mine in Expert mode-- Everything has been..
Interesting. And difficult.
#eaterofworlds #monster

Practicing lineart by drawing 10 sets of terraria armor :D Going well so far... I got the inspiration from this one picture I saw on the internet a while ago. You can look it up if you want; just search "Terraria armor art" on google images and it should be the first one that comes up. (Artist: deadinsane on DA) I'm trying to do my own designs here but can't say I'm being //completely// original... :P

#armor #terraria #armors #lineart #wip

Flytter litt stein #MinecraftIRL #terraria #minecraft

Thank you but also ugh... @anfractous #steam #terraria #terriblechild


Respect to the man who whipped out his dick in front of a feminist protest Squiddy -
-follow our backup @derpy.memes.v5
- -
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I have something important to say~ *to people struggling with suicide or suicidal thoughts*

I've experienced losses due to suicide as well as suicidal thoughts, you aren't alone. In my case, when something little happened, I would instantly become suicidal. When I would try to approach people, I would be called an attention whore. What I want you all to know is that it is a sickness, and when some things happen that we can't deal with the first thing that pops in our head is suicide. It isn't our fault, and please don't get upset if anyone continuously needs help. If you yourself are struggling with this, then please remember this:

If you're feeling better for a few days, it doesn't mean you are automatically better. I'm sorry, but I learned this the hard way.
If you loose someone to suicide:

Everyone looses people, it happens and there's nothing anyone can do about it sadly. There's loads of ways to help prevent suicide, but sometimes people hide their emotions and you can't even tell they're upset. Once you love commits suicide, you may feel like you could have prevented it or helped them. There's absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent them taking their life. Don't forget that it isn't your fault!! Some people feel guilt, but you shouldn't because it isn't your fault.
I love you all, and if you have any questions or want to talk, DM me and I'll answer as soon as possible.
If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts you need to seek immediate help.
Tag a few friends below and share this message please.
Comment "💕" if this helped!!

He has this game on the ps4 AND the computer now. #terraria #gaming #laptophog

Im overpowerd #terraria

I want one of these but just for me LOL

Just started new world on phone #terraria

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