Greetings, partner!

We give you an exclusive opportunity to use the popular MEGAPU.SH service 10% more BENEFICIAL!

What you need to do to get a BONUS:
register in the service system;
top-up your advertising account;
send us an e-mail, under which you’ve been registered;
receive 10% of the first top-up sum on your account.

Why is it beneficial to use megapu.sh:
traffic from popular GEO;
detailed settings of targeting;
the minimum price per click is 0.001 $;
high-grade tracker;
moderation and support 24/7.

Forget about the massive Facebook bans. Show ads to the end-user using push notifications.

Cast traffic through MEGAPU.SH,
get more profit with #TerraLeads.

Hello, partner! Hello, Barcelona!

Our plane has already landed on Catalan land. Are you with us?

We remind you that from 18 to 20 July you can meet with us personally at the largest AFFILIATE WORLD EUROPE affiliate marketing conference.
We are waiting for you at booth B3.

Meet, communicate, establish useful links, test the best deals and learn first insights from the top market leaders.

Expand your horizons with #TerraLeads

TerraLeads rejoice its partners with gifts!
This time, each of you can ask your manager for a special promotion code for free registration in the PeerClick service.
35 days of access to the Gold Account in the PeerClick tracker is your unique opportunity to improve the quality of advertising campaigns, and therefore increase your profit!
Hurry to use this opportunity right now.


Why not to dress up your "horse" before summer?
One of our partners will do that way. Recently he traded t-coins that he gathered for excellent tires and wheels!


It is summer outside, which means that the Chocolate spring is over!

Thanks to all partners who participated in our promotion. Partners who received more than 500 approves for ChocoLite with all GEO took part in a random prize draw. Today we have chosen three winners and are happy to share with you the results that you were waiting for.


Partners with ID: 4545, 5640 and 2950 get 28 000 t-coins on the balance or the iPhone X!
Participate in our next promotions.

Increase your income with #TerraLeads.

Hello, partner!
In the street, heat, which means that
Choco Spring is over.
Only 14 days left!
Hurry to win one of three iPhone X or 28 000 t-coins
The terms of the promotion are the same: - run traffic to the TOP offer in the diet category - ChocoLite (all GEOs participate in the contest).
- those partners who made 500 approves during the contest are eligible to participate in the lottery.

We sum up the results on June 1.
Good luck!


Hello, partner!

We want to introduce our new author's product - the female bust enlarging cream Boobs XL.

We offer in our work high payouts.

Earn more with TerraLeads!

GEO: Austria
Price: 49€
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Bulgaria
Price: 69 BGN
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Czech Republic
Price: 890 CZK
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: France
Price: 49€
Payout: 16$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Germany
Price: 49€
Payout: 20$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Hungary
Price: 10900 HUF
Payout: 16$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Italy
Price: 39€
Payout: 20$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Poland
Price: 159 PLN
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Portugal
Price: 39€
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Romania
Price: 159 RON
Payout: 17$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Slovakia
Price: 39€
Payout: 18$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Slovenia
Price: 39€
Payout: 13$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Spain
Price: 39€
Payout: 20$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Thailand
Price: 890 BAHT
Payout: 15$
t-coins: 1
GEO: Vientam
Price: 670000 DONG
Payout: 16$

Greetings, partner!
Every day it gets hotter.
Get excited about the MayTay offer from TerraLeads!

Total price reduction for Varysan, Boobs Pro and Dee!per
Three products with new creatives are a triple chance to increase your income.
Actual for Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Catch MayTay - fresh recipe for your income increase.
#TerraLeads #MayTay

Greetings, partner!

We are glad to announce that we are launching Profit Season!

This is your chance to get even more profits at this season with two health category products.

We reduced the price of land’s Varyforte and Psoridex and developed new author's creatives.

Increase your Profit with TerraLeads
#terraleads #profit_season

Our partners get the highest #payouts for COD nutra offers in Europe and Asia.
Join #Terraleads and get the latest relevant information!
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It was great to listen about the future of #nutra on foreign markets from #TerraLeads CEO, Yevhenii Mykytenko. Everybody who has visited his speech now knows what they should prepare for.

#terraleadsteam #conferences #monetization #affiliateprogram #cpa #cod #traffic

Hello to everyone from CPAlife #conference 🙃
You're welcome to visit #TerraLeads team at the booth №11. We will be glad to have a chat.

#terraleadsteam #cpa #cod #terrastore #affiliatemarketing #affiliateprogram #traffic #monetization #nutra

Get ready to the picnic-days!
Today, more useful #presents were delivered and all of them to one partner.
Order your cool gifts from #TerraStore.
#terraleads #backpack #powerbank #picnic #affiliatemarketer #partner #affiliateprogram

A large-scale #conference CPA Life is close, where our CEO TerraLeads, Yevhenii Mykytenko, will talk about the future of #nutra on foreign markets 💰 As relevant as ever!
Our team will wait for you to visit our booth № 11.
See you in St. Petersburg!
#terraleads #terraleadsteam #terrastore #monetization #traffic #saintpetersburg #cpa #cod #affiliateprogram #affiliatenetwork #cpahub

Our partner's first success in Instagram.
Read this case about the TOP offer in the diet category - ChocoLite - on our Facebook page: http://bit.ly/TL_CaseStudy

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The ability to express one's thoughts "on paper" won't do harm to anyone. Especially to #affiliate marketer, who creates dozens of materials for #ad campaigns every day. Therefore, we've selected three great #books to improve your #copywriting skills. Let's read:
💈Joseph Sugarman. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
The author tells a step-by-step story of how the flawless advertisements are created. From this book, you will learn the working methods and tools, in terms of which your texts will sell what you need.
💈David Ogilvy. Confession of an Advertising Man
Ogilvy turns advertising business inside out and tells how to conquer your client by creating a perfect ad campaign. And the convincing text is an integral part of it. Because only an advertising that makes you believe will succeed.
💈Drew Eric Whitman. Ca$hvertising
ONE: "Unless your headline sells your product, you have waisted 90% of your money. Put your biggest benefit in your headline." TWO: "Consumers buy based on what the product will do for them, not on what ingredients it has". THREE: If you want more hands-on tips to improve your copywriting techniques and make your ads more attractive to your target audience, do not hesitate to start reading Ca$hvertising right away!
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One our partner can't stop making orders from #TerraStore. And this is the seventh present he has gotten.
Collect t-coins and beat the records!
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On Friday, April 20, our CEO Yevhenii Mykytenko will come up to the stage at GuruConf 😎
The topic he will cover is "10 mistakes #advertisers make that can destroy business on foreign markets" ‒ it will be useful to everyone.
See you in Kiev!

#terraleads #terraleadsteam #terrastore #cpa #cod #conversion #cpahub #monetization #traffic #affiliatemarketing #affiliate

From April 14th to May 31st participate in a contest and win one of the three iPhone X (or 28 000 t-coins).
Contest conditions:
- run traffic to the TOP offer in the diet category - ChocoLite (all GEOs participate in the contest).
- those partners who made 500 approves during the contest are eligible to participate in the lottery.

Contest results are to be published on June 1st.
Three winners will get an iPhone X or 28 000 t-coins on their balance.

#terraleads #cpa #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #affiliateprogram #onlinemarketing #monetization

#PS4 is the most popular present in our #TerraStore.
And the fact that three gaming consoles 🎮 found their happy owners at the same time is a direct proof of it.

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