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#hopeforadam On stage with a remarkable man tonight. @a_wohls suffers from an extremely rare terminal disease called Prion. So many members of the community came out to show him how much they care. He had a wonderful time. #prion #terminalillness #communitylove #community #showhimsomelove #onstage #care

Living with a #terminalillness is painfully hard for all involved and rips at your heart daily. But it does give you the gift of time and opportunity to share precious moments along the way. This photo is from our 'surprise visit' a year ago and was quite possibly one of my all time favourite adventures and Miles will always remember it ๐Ÿ’™ #carpediem

#Terminalillness #13TheMusical with Avery. From tonight's show. Come catch us tomorrow at 2 and 7. Thanks for everyone that came! Especially @smartenis choosing this over the dance and all the @verymerrytheatre teens who are putting on Les Miz next weekend and @caitlin.balon and Ella and @amelia_r.mason and @limmytewis and @maxim.dc And @emma.balon and everyone else who I didn't tag but was thrilled to see...It was so nice looking out on all your happy supportive faces๐Ÿ˜.(there's a slightly longer clip on my Twitter...if you don't follow me there yet...mows a great time @oscarwwilliams )

And the winner of the cutest pet name at the vet hospital today goes to Miss Pickles.

I spent much of my day working at my desk with this little guy, chilling on the sofa beside me. We've grown fond of each other in recent weeks, as I've watched his health improve out of sight: Fewer seizures, improved sleep + appetite, greater awareness + responsiveness. Less puking, more smiling. It breaks my heart that in 2017, Australian culture somehow fails to support kids like Chase. There's countless research + anecdotal evidence to support his parents choice to treat him holistically with medicinal cannabis + organic plant based foods, in place of the traditional allopathic medical model. He's adored + safe + growing stronger everyday. Im so disappointed to be Australian tonight, I really am.

Thankyou guys, for all the loving messages. I can't thank everyone enough for being so kind๐Ÿ’œ .
I'm trying to get back on my feet today and catch up.

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One of the winners of our "name the doctor" competition, Little Stars Preschool in Guildford with their book token for their lovely entry Joel for a little boy who has Leukemia. His name will be used in the next Nurse Ted book for the little boy character. #nurseted #picturebooks #terminalillness #cancersupport #kidslit

Eek I love my new pill organiser. It has 7 removable boxes with 6 sections for your pills. It is a really nice colour. The boxes come in one larger tray box which is very secure. The slide open system means the pills are safe to be in the boxes within your bag of pocket! Beneath the large tray isa part where you can write your dosages for the dreaded box refill day which is handy for #brainfog. I am so excited about this box ahaha! It's by the brand Anabox which makes loads of cool pill organisers and I got it on Amazon for ยฃ15 and it's so worth it. I am yet to use it but I'll let you know what I think once I do! I love that it comes in colours too, if I'm going to use it daily I'd like to make the pill experience cr more enjoyable by adding cool features yanno? I don't believe in ugly gray medical equiptment๐Ÿ˜ก. I wanted to show y'all this so you know what's available. You're welcome to leave below cool pill boxes you've seeen or had too! -Niamh #pillbox #pillorganizer #spoonie #chronicillness #terminalillness #physicalillness #mentalillness #anabox


Broken But Solid chapter "Tourniquet" explains and shows us how to stop our Dream Killers!
Tourniqueter in this book is a person enjoys committing heinous act against others, anyone and everyone. Tourniqueters also referred to as"dream killers" in this chapter which he or she enjoys taking others energy and cause them suffocation, lack of self steam. Sometimes their victims are not even aware of what's going on until one day they find themselves weak, feeling of worthlessness, disappointed, feeling of being violated and scarcity in their deeper shell. This is very undesirable feeling for any entity to deal with without leaving permanent mind scars.

Sometimes Tourniqueters are unaware of their Actions, their Impact on lives of others and other times Tourniqueters are people with intention to committee and perform act of tourniquet to cause pain, anxiety and depression intentionally. They enjoy destroying lives of friends, family, strangers and all.
They get stronger by killing others dreams, feelings, thoughts, peace of mind, ambition and goals.

Tony explains how to deal with this major issue and events in our daily lives by teaching how to stop these mind bending moments that make us feel broken everyday.
You can purchase this amazing book from sources below!

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And the winner of the cutest pet name at the vet hospital today goes to Miss Pickles.

H:101 S:100 B:100
A transition through the HSB color space moving from Hue value to 180 to 0 and back to 180 (via 360) in a slow, patient preparation for another sequence of color shifting.

Change is subtle. Patience is a virtue.
Scroll through the profile to see how far we have come.

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dino poem

an amazing day of memories thanks to the King of Brands and MCE British SuperBikes! @ourherodraven

My Nephew Draven watched Race 1 from Shakeys Pit this afternoon, he is so happy he saw his favourite win! โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽ‰ I feel like my heart could burst with happiness for him ๐Ÿ’™ What a lucky boy, I can't wait until you come home so you can tell me all about it!! (@ourherodraven on the TV with his Nanny & Grandad at the end)

In my life I have allways been with colors even to be a little more than a bit gothic. I believe in colors bright and happy ones. Decades of depression has thaught me something about it. But as a colorlover I sometimes get periods that only tolerable color is black. It goes with my moods and when it is exhaustingly though time black is the new black. In this pic I wear colourfull jumper but times are difficult. Someone I cherish is very ill. Spleencancer wich is a bitch no hope to recover. That's why my choice is now often black and style gothic this is an experience how I deal with colors. We'll see.
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An update on OurHeroDraven regarding a recent hospital appointment โค๏ธ

Do you know a family with school aged children, facing the loss of a parent? Inheritance of Hope offers all expenses paid retreats multiple times a year. We have one coming up in September and another in November. Reach out to those you know who may benefit from making memories and creating a legacy with those they love. โค๏ธ

#flashback #nostalgia #thefactsoflife was probably my favorite sitcom of the #80s It was pretty ahead of its time with issues on #homosexuality #terminalillness #virginity and so much more!

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