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It's almost time. Be a 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ TFSmodel at #terifodeseniors DM me or talk to a current or past client or model. 🌟

Sacramento stood still that day. #bethatgirl #terifodeseniors @kdsattel98 ✨🙌🏼

Are you on Periscope? I'll be broadcasting LIVE this morning at 9:30am PST with marketing tips and how I create style sets for my business! Follow me ➡️ terifode on the Periscope app! Style set giveaway!! ✨ #terifodeseniors #branding #marketing #stylesets

Black and white stripes for the win! Especially with clean, fresh white and a splash of gold. #printmovement #terifodeseniors 🔳🌟

"She believed she could...so she did." San Francisco is always a good idea for destination senior pictures. With @bonjour_haley #terifodeseniors #bedifferent #thatdress

This is what fall looks like in California: scarves, boots and palm trees. And...GORGEOUS Shae! #terifodeseniors @shaechar 🍁🍂🌴

I got to hang out with this gorgeous girl and her mama this afternoon for her ordering/reveal appointment. Doesn't Catalina look gorgeous in camo? #gorgeousmuch #terifodeseniors @catalinarucker ✨🌟

She's a dreamer. A believer. A doer. An achiever. A giver. A Life-Liver. #bethatgirl #dreamalittle #livelife ✨🌟


This girl on her senior homecoming night!!! 🙌🏼 @_forever_blonde_ @jenmariekirk

Black and white stripes for the win! Especially with clean, fresh white and a splash of gold. #printmovement #terifodeseniors 🔳🌟

Find your tribe and love them hard. 2018 Senior team. #friends 👫👫👫

She's a dreamer. A believer. A doer. An achiever. A giver. A Life-Liver. #bethatgirl #dreamalittle #livelife ✨🌟

Keep your face always towads the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you... ☀️🌾

Sunshine is the best medicine. ☀️

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. #frans #terifodeseniors ☀️🌾

Sunshine never runs out in #summahtime ! Such a fun time with our Girls of Summer Festival! ☀️🌾

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it. Express yourself. #bethatgirl #terifodeseniors

"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."-Elvis Presley ☀️from our Express Yourself shoot. #bethatgirl

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within... Grace, one of our amazing 2018 teens from our Express Yourself shoot.✨🌟

From one of our Summer shoots: "Express Yourself" and have crazy-fun with friends! Fun day with this group of 2018 seniors. #terifodeseniors 🌆

Sunshine kicking us hard with that 108° temp today, but #friyay and this cute girlie is making me smile. #terifodeseniors #bethatgirl ☀️🔥

It's America's Birthday Eve: she's 241 years old tomorrow! Slide to see 3 of our 2018 seniors from our "Freedom Girls" shoot (➡️) #merica🇺🇸

("What freedom means to me" question in this film is answered by 2018 senior Ashley D. of SAA) Hey America---it's your birthday week! Happy Birthday. Red, white and blue sure looks good on you. #4thofjuly #merica🇺🇸 🇺🇸

"Bloom where you're planted" is more than just a saying. It means no matter where you are -- and what you do or don't have, YOU are enough to both bless and be blessed. Happy Friday friends. #bloomwhereyouareplanted #fridayfeeling 🌸💕

Adventure awaits! Part of what I love about living in Northern California is that we're close to everything that holds an adventure: one hour from Lake Tahoe, one hour from San Francisco, one hour from the beach! Basically, we live in the perfect little hub of the country. #adventureisoutthere #terifodeseniors 🌊🌴⛵️⛰🌉

A girl on a mission can plan a dream and dream a plan. #summerday ☀️#terifodeseniors #mua @sara3will

Summer vibes. (CRAZY summer vibes...it's close to 110 all week long here!). #summerhair #terifodeseniors #mua @sara3will ☀️🔥

First week of summer for this guy --- next stop, UOP on a swimming + academic scholarship. Don and I loved photographing Eric because he was up for anything and had some pretty cool ideas himself during the shoot.

I just got back from Montana and we spent the day redoing my "home office" to be branded like the studio. We're getting ready for a fun busy summer with our incoming Team 18 + I start filming in my new home studio space for my podcast and eCourse soon! It feels so fancy in here now! I'll share the finished space on my story in a few days...

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice." I love this quote because it shuts down every excuse in the book not be your best. Not "the" best, but YOUR best. It actually gives me hope and lets me dream. Because if I'm competing with the very best "me" I'm capable of being, all bets are on that I can achieve my best, my dreams, my goals. It means that if I fail at something, I can stand up again and push myself to move forward and do it again until I succeed. Yes, photographing Elisa with her harp in this field brought all of this to my mind. Because being a harpist takes dedication, desire and practice. And rising to the challenge of "practice no matter what" puts her in the winners circle of life. Congrats to Elisa on her upcoming graduation from high school! 🎓✨🎵

More from Toran's dock-side session (➡️). Countdown to summer and all things adventurous! #bethatguy #terifodeseniors @toran.maronic #T3 ⛵️

Ask me what the best part of my job is and I'll tell you -- photographing someone who doesn't think they are photogenic. Alexandra, I loved photographing your smile, your laughter, your heart...and showing you how truly beautiful (what you call) "awkward" is. xo

"Deep in the enchanted forest lives this girl..." Can't even tell you how much I loved photographing Alexandra. Her hair, her style, her heart! #terifodeseniors 💚

Sparkle like you mean it...like this. Elisa gets to see her senior portraits next week! #terifodeseniors ✨

UOP - here he comes! Eric is a few short weeks away from officially being done with high school and on his way to college on an academic + swim scholarship! Did you see our #bts over on Snapchat last Friday? He was crazy-fun to photograph. #co2017🎓 #terifodeseniors #seniorsguys #ssgmagazine

Well hello handsome! Gavin's ready for #friyay ... and for Senior Ball. #terifodeseniors #seniorguys 🕶🌟

This is Bree. She graduated in 2015. We're headed back out to the same stables right now (as I post this!) to photograph her best friend Megan's senior photos! Full #bts will be happening over on SC today. #flashbackfriday #terifodeseniors 🐎

"Indiana girls be like..." (Swipe) Hey! I'll be in Indiana again this summer teaching at PUSH and Modern Teen Summit! Did you know there are a few seats left for MTS!? If you want to learn marketing and business strategies for building a teen team, you do not want to miss this educational opportunity. DM me for details photography friends! (These images styled by me for MTS 2016) follow -> @ssgmagazine #ssgmagazine @vickiesblack 🌟

Did you know? Coachella 2017 is this weekend! Over the past few years, festival fashion from Coachella has inspired lots of our senior sessions --- each summer we shoot a variation of it for one of our model groups. ➡️Swipe left to see some of our current and past seniors in festival-style! #coachella #terifodeseniors ✌🏼️🌾

When you're "split" between 2 favorite images of one special girl, you share both! #modelmonday flashback #terifodeseniors

Spring is officially blooming and oh. my gosh. is Lily ever pretty in pink! These blossoms were right outside the studio last week and as she walked by it, I had her stop dead in her tracks! #terifodeseniors #mua Jill @beautyboxmakeuparts 🌸💕

From our Spring-Fling shoot on that one day that it wasn't raining last month (!!), meet Lexi (swipe➡️)! Pretty sure we might be done with rain-for-days around here! #terifodeseniors #mua @sara3will @lexi_kindrick

Black and white stripes for the win! Especially with clean, fresh white and a splash of gold. #printmovement #terifodeseniors 🔳🌟

When your best friend is your best prop. Bella and Roux #labradoodle #terifodeseniors 🙋🏼🐶

Spring feels like it's almost here to stay for awhile and we're gearing up for a crazy-fun April filled with lots of spring sessions! Stay tuned for lots of bts over in my snapchat! #terifodeseniors

Besties since grade school! Lyndsey and Ashley are 2017 seniors and they were in the studio last week for The VYB Workshop with 10 photographers from around the country! #terifodeseniors #mua @sara3will 📽👯

Loving the crisper, cleaner look of our new packaging. Black on white (we still have some intentional branding assets with white on black). Ready for spring. #terifodeseniors #terifodephotography 🔳

Behind the scenes from our film-session with Sabrina last month. We're headed back to this location for a couture-boutique session in a few weeks! I'll let you know when so you can follow the #bts with me! 📽

Swipe ➡️to see what I just snail-mailed: 8 of these gorgeous session-prep magazine collections to newly scheduled senior girl clients. I can't wait to photograph them and share their photo stories right here on Instagram soon! Spring sessions are about to get real. #terifodeseniors

When California can't make up its mind, you wear a cute coat AND sunglasses all on the same day. #rainydays #sunshowers

having such a blast at the VYB workshop! I've learned so much already and we still have another 12 hour day ahead of us 😮🤗 #vyb #voiceyourbrand #vybworkshop #photog #photographer #terifodeseniors #canongirl

Spring is coming. Soon. #seniorguys #terifodeseniors

White on white Wednesday. It's a thing. Headed back to California this morning and I can't say I'll miss the cold here in Minneapolis but I had an amazing time! Loved @tcppa , @whccpro tour and MOA ⚪️◻️

"No teardrops on my guitar"... (Swipe to view full image) #bethatgirl #terifodeseniors

A little spot of tea for her senior session in a San Francisco café. Yes please. #bethatgirl #terifodeseniors 💛

Ever have a bad day? Kick it to the curb. Fall down because life is hard? Get up girl. With God, "you're faster than the wind. You're taller than a mountain...deeper than the sea. Get up girl!" 🎶 PS: I'm looking for a few more girls for TFS Team 18. Message me for an app. It's your year to outrun the wind. #mua @sara3will #terifodeseniors with @jewels_sanchez @lexi_kindrick @mackenzie.dredge 🌟

Spring is around the corner! There's lots of rain coming next week, so saying this makes me happy. 💕 #terifodeseniors

Art for your home! Shooting with a vision. #artthatlasts #terifodeseniors #terifodephotography

When Maverick said "I think I'm gonna jump in the pool"...he meant right then and there. Bam. #seniorguys #bethatguy #terifodeseniors 💦

One of Sacramento's best alleyways <--- did I really just say that? Maddie in urban style. #bethatgirl #terifodeseniors #mua @sara3will 🏢

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