Back to Cali for the weekend. Time to light it up like last time. #TBT #TeresasgoneFisher

"No we'll never stop believing it's the journey of our lives, so won't you help me pour some sugar on these memories tonight." #teresasgonefisher #tbt

Wedding complete. Honeymoon trip engaged. #teresasgonefisher

Not even close! I give this lady a D+ for effort in converting pictures to bobble heads .#teresasgonefisher

Did I mention that we had fun at the wedding? #teresasgonefisher

Just wanted to throw out a big congrats to this beautiful bride @teresamorr and one of the best guys I know @gookus_fish. Thanks for letting us share the special day with you. #teresasgonefisher

#teresasgonefisher ❤️😍

Countryside wine-ing with Teresa & Luke! #teresasgonefisher

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Luke & Teresa Fisher. I'll be spinning the tunes today #teresasgonefisher

Almost game time. #teresasgonefisher

Not going back to work. #teresasgonefisher

Wine tasting day in Santa Ynez #teresasgonefisher

Time to go get hitched! #teresasgonefisher

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