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After long hours of researching, I have finally learned that this creature is called a "SNAKEFLY". I had to capitalize the name to accentuate its awesomeness. That's not even the best thing about this creature… are you ready?? Ok… here it goes… There are SNAKEFLY fossils that date back 200 millions years, from Early Jurassic period. The Jurassic period! Dinosaurs! Their tiny little ancestors flew amongst Pterosaurs and survived. Their tiny little ancestors dodged the largest confirmed asteroid that hit Earth, the asteroid that wiped out 80% of the species, and survived… my mind can't even comprehend it. This SNAKEFLY is the best thing I have ever discovered under my macro lens.

I, Teresa Franco, freaking love macro photography.

a helpless victim of a spider's web

Two Little Lovers

I love the way they curl in slightly. They seem shy and lady like.

for @jsndmrc, because today is a very special day 💕

(Antonio Banderas accent) "Leggo of my leg or I shall use these Pinchers of Doom without mercy, without compassion, without remorse."

I thought I'd add a winged creature to @benjaminheath's #makeportraits collection.

Bee's antennae are very sensitive and has to be kept very clean. They use it to detect touch, vibration, taste, temperature, and above all smell. Their front legs are lined with stiff bristles which form a comb and this is what they use to scrape the debris and whatnots off their little antennae.
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beauty you pass by everyday and miss

This little dandelion is for a little boy named Bibu. He is quite possibly my youngest fan. His mom (@del4yo) told me that he likes to look through my Instagram gallery and play "Name that bug/ plant!". Of all the heartfelt, inspiring messages that I have ever received, this may just be the best. It squeezed a tear out of my eye when I read her message. She also told me that dandelion is one of his favorite things. How sweet is that?
Thank you.

I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to write me a love note. You are what Instagram means to me. #macro_bouquet

Did you know that mushrooms are genetically closer to animals than plants? They do not photosynthesize like plants do, instead they eat organic matter for nutients. The part that we see above ground, the part that we have grown to admire, is actually its reproductive organs 🙈. The gills beneath the cap produces spores and given the right condition, these spores can lay dormant for decades and still grow. The main body of the mushroom is buried beneath the soil, comprised of miles long, vast branching network of cells known as the mycelium. The largest one in the world is located in Oregon. It stretches out for more than 2,400 acres and is estimated to be more than 2,000 years old!
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mushroom canopy

macro shooting with a little bit of jazz at the park #ThingsILove

The milkweed's "milky sap" is both acidic and poisonous to many animals, but not for monarch caterpillar. Since the monarch feeds solely on milkweed during its larval stage, it absorbs these substances into its body and stores them throughout its life, making them taste awful and poisonous to many of its predators.
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Please turn up the volume!

calm patience will be rewarded - #chasingbugs

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