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A quick video on how to hit the #TFL muscle - find 2 trigger points on the lateral hip just south of the waistband and then do a windshield wiper with the lower leg. Mobility is a huge part of my training and keeping me healthy. I try to stick to a mobility schedule of glute/adductors 3x a week and quads/back 3x a week. All other muscle groups are add-ons based on soreness and time! Thanks @acumobility @topoathletic and @reebok for the free swag! #tensorfasciaelatae #nowiwantalatte #sprintingmuscles #movebetternow

2 Tensor faciae latae's, please. Iced. #anatomynerd #anatomyhumor #yogaanatomy #tensorfasciaelatae

Had to mute cause of the obscenities I was yelling but yeah my aqua therapist taught me this: how to relax/release your TFL #tensorfasciaelatae and damn does this make a world of difference do it for like 2 minutes though, you can take breaks if it gets to be too much but I low key love it cause it feels good and bad at the same time lol #ptdiaries

Hip Day 😜 I like to have a routine that I dedicate to the hip muscles. The tensor fascia latae is my favorite muscle and I do these movements to build it. 4sets/ 10-12reps πŸ’ͺ🏻 #bodybuilding #fitness #determination #discipline #muscle #targeting #beastmode #hipday #hip #tensorfasciaelatae #fitchick #abduction #shelifts #fitspo #motivation #bounceback @beyondyoga

#trikonasana does not impress from the out look, but try it, and you will feel - it a powerful pose, opens side of the body, Gluts and (a little bit of anatomy) #tensorfasciaelatae - muscle at your hip, that hardly can be open and stretch by other ways! Feels great! Envoy your yoga practice even if it's just one pose a dayπŸ™πŸΌπŸŒΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

Hopefully my new friend will help heal my pulled #tensorfasciaelatae muscle. *sulk . Anyone else know of some good remedies for this? Its a fucker.

Ahhhh.....6 more days till I take this test!!! I swear I hear muscle names in my sleep! #rectusfemoris #tensorfasciaelatae #gluteusmaximus #acefitness #igotthis


Bothered by tight outer hips? A lot of us have tightness in our TFL (tensor fascia latae), often due to the amount of sitting in our modern lifestyle. A really effective technique you may wish to try involves using a yoga strap (or belt, scarf, etc) across the bottom of your foot of elevated leg. Cross the midline (imagine taking right leg to 11 o'clock). To really get into the TFL, externally rotate your hip (toes out/heel in) and then take leg across midline ....it's a subtle, yet powerful and effective way to target your cranky TFL. Give it a try for sweet relief πŸŒ€ *
#yoga #yogaforhealth #tfl✌ #yogafortighthips #tensorfasciaelatae #movement #movemore #longevity #sustainable #sustainableyoga @mpgsport @byoganow @publicmyth

----the #iliotibialband (also know as the iliotibialtract)----..... is a tough and dense connective tissue. It blends away from the #tensorfasciaelatae or TFL & #gluteusmaximus #πŸ‘inserting down into the outer #knee ...It is necessary for ITB to be taut for general activities such as walking #🚢 making it a challenging anatomical structure to #stretch there are various authors who question if the structure is actually possible to stretch. ITB can become inflamed especially in activities that are typically aggravated by friction of the band moving across soft tissues on the lateral side of the thigh. Travell and Simon's advise to watch out for a trochanteric bursitis diagnosis or knee pain, it may infact be the underlying cheeky little #monkeys #πŸ™Š originating from the TFL or ITB
In my client today I noted his left sacro-iliac joint was down #⬇ which would make sense using a tennis ball to balance the pelvis pushing the sacro-iliac joint #⬆ the #hamstring also needed some soft tissue manipulation

Tensor Fasciae Latae -TFL. Hip flexion, abduction and medial rotation. The illiotibial band is a thickening of the fascia latae ( fascia around the thigh) on the lateral side. The TFL and GMax both insert into the illotibial band. In a standing position the TFL steadies the pelvis and assists the GMax in supporting the knee in extension. The basic functional movement of the TFL is walking. Some problems that arise when this muscle is shortened or tight are pelvic imbalances that lead to pain in the hips, as well as pain in the lower back and lateral area of the knees. Common injuries are from repetitive stress hip flexion and abduction activities (running) Sports Massage will help to improve flexibility and prevent injury. Stretches will also be advised #sportsmassage #sportsmassagetherapy #massage #treatment #muscles #sportsmassagetherapist #injuryprevention #tfl #tensorfasciaelatae #itb #gmax #stretch #pilates #yoga #running #cycling #healthy #lift #liftheavy #weights #london #northlondon

TFL Trigger Points - Pain can refer midway down the lateral thigh and will often radiate to the knee. πŸ“šThe tensor fasciae latae (TFL) is a vitally important structure in providing stability through the knee and pelvis. This muscle is a junction for several chains, including the spiral and lateral chains.

The anteromedial fibers are responsible for flexion of the thigh, while the posterolateral fibers provide stability to the knee.

The tensor fasciae latae assists various muscles, including the gluteus medius and minimus, rectus femoris, iliopsoas, pectineus, and sartorius.

Pain from trigger points in the TFL is typically felt at the level of the greater trochanter in the hip joint, and will often refer to the knee. Walking and running activities make the pain more intense.

TFL / ITB Syndrome

Most runners will have heard of the IT band due to the condition ITB syndrome which presents symptoms at the outer knee. Some people will refer to pain in the outer hip as ITB syndrome, but this is incorrect. TFL dysfunction can contribute towards the development of IT band syndrome, but the symptoms always occur at the knee. The close association of the TFL with IT band syndrome often leads to pain conditions which stem from the TFL being referred to as TFL Syndrome.

TFL trigger points can also produce excessive tension in the muscle and the iliotibial tract, thereby becoming one of the contributory factors of ITB Syndrome.
See next post for IT Band syndrome
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Treating my TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae!) using Trigger point therapy. .
. ⭐If you have any of the following problems read on: .
🌟 HIP PAIN, 🌟Outer thigh Pain
🌟 a deep ache behind your hip, between the sit bone and greater trochanter.
🌟 Pain can be mistaken for Bursitis of the hip or thinning of the joint cartilage. .
. πŸƒIf you walk, run, climb, sit for long periods, sleep with your knees up or walk with heavy loads and have any of the symptoms it's worth treating this muscle! .
. πŸ’œTO LOCATE: find your hip bone, move two fingers away from the middle of your body then rotate your foot inwards and outwards, you will feel the muscle working. .
. πŸ’œTO TREAT: using a lacrosse ball is ideal but a foam roller, Elbow or Tennis ball can work. Roll around to locate the 'sore' spot, don't worry about it being in the right place, if it's sore it probably needs it. You can do this against a wall or on the floor. Press and hold until the pain decreases....note: it may increase first! Your pain level shouldn't really be above a level 7 out of 10. Decrease the pressure if it is. Alternatively you can press and hold for 10 seconds on 10 seconds off x 4. For best results do a hip flexor stretch afterwards. .
. πŸ’• EMOTIONAL Link: Hip problems are said to be linked with a fear of moving forward.....ask yourself if there is anything you are fearful of in the future? And what benefit is there to you being in pain.... Yes you read correctly...what BENEFIT!

Mes y medio πŸ˜– duele... del hombro ya ni opino...πŸ˜ͺ #intentandoentrenar #tensorfasciaelatae

Using this glider 'curtsy' lunge to stretch out my TFL post-run at the moment #stretch #strength #lunge
My cycling body is getting used to short runs but the area I still feel stiffness the most is in my hips and lateral gluts.
Lately I've been using a variety of glider lunges including this one focussed on frontal plane stability, strengthening and stretch - through the lateral fascia that connects the hips through the "core" to the upper body. Feels great 😊

The ''glider" is a simple disc of plastic that slides on carpet. Cheap and challenging in the right hands, to add difficulty without adding weight, and with next to no storage space. It's an easy way to blot a few conditioning exercises on the end of a short run.

#stretch #strength #core #conditioning #running #cyclist #conditioning #lunge #lateral #glider #tensorfasciaelatae #TFL #fascia

Had to mute cause of the obscenities I was yelling but yeah my aqua therapist taught me this: how to relax/release your TFL #tensorfasciaelatae and damn does this make a world of difference do it for like 2 minutes though, you can take breaks if it gets to be too much but I low key love it cause it feels good and bad at the same time lol #ptdiaries

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