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What a difference a few months makes! Thanks to everyone who literally held me together so I could make it to this point! @smooshyhead @nitaroesler @roesler_mike @mpaynepac #pao #paowarrior #mypao #hipdysplasia #hippywarrior #getoutside #run #runitfast #tensegrity

이번 주일, 차바이오컴플렉스에서 홍정기교수님의 근막경선기능부전 에 대한 세미나가 열렸습니다. 재학생 대상으로 시작되었지만 교수님께서 감사히 초청의 기회를 열어주셔서 다녀왔습니다:D👍🏻 많은 내용이 있었지만, 기억나는 몇 가지만 정리해보겠습니다.🧐 근막안에는 수많은 신경세포들이 있고, 그것이 보이지않는 통증의 원인이 될수있습니다.😫 자세가 바른자세를 유지하지못할때, 통증이 ‘나 이상해~ 고쳐줘!’라고 신호를 보내줄것입니다. 그러니 통증을 너무 두려워하지맙시다!🤗 수분변화그래프는 우리가 다양한 면에서 움직임을 만들어줘야할 이유를 설명해줍니다:)💃🏻🕺🏻#myofasial#pain#neuralnetwork#circulatorynet#fibrousnet#tensegrity#movement#yoonbody#코어앤바디#홍정기교수님#감사

Tensegrity is a design principle used by nature everywhere.  It was discovered by Kenneth Snelson who called it “floating compression”. He showed this basic architectural concept to the visionary and genius Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) who coined it “tensegrity”. Fuller’s invention of the geodesic dome is an example of several solid struts that do not touch each other, but float in a web of tension.  The struts resist compression  and push out while the tensile bands resist expansion and pull in.  The balance between the two creates a stable and dynamic structure. When two sets of forces—the compression force and the tension force—are balanced, this creates suspension.
In applying this principle to the human body, we consider the body from a whole myofascial-skeletal system.  We start with one seamless fascial web organizing and connecting everything.  Within that web, we find concentrated areas of muscle fibers embedded and woven throughout and organized around a skeletal system that is being balanced and organized by the tension within the web. - Gabler sustainable body

Este foi o primeiro dos Sombricalhos:
the Fettti


- —one man, one goal, one mission....one heart. one soul. just one solution! #queen p.s. the problem is the man is out of function, but to quote the Boss: spare parts & broken hearts keep the world turning around...

El ensueño es el arte de movernos en ese reino de la energía, percibir el sustento del mundo, entrar a esa otra realidad y hacerla cada vez más accesible en nuestra vida diaria.

Cuando ensoñamos dormidos, podemos vivir las más extraordinarias experiencias a través de nuestro cuerpo de ensueño o cuerpo energético y traer información que necesitamos. Cuando uno viaja al reino del ensueño, nuestro día a día también se vuelve vibrante y mágico. ¡Únete a esta serie de cuatro clases sobre cómo prepararte para el ensueño!

Comenzamos el domingo 28 de enero a las 10:00 horas en Kramer 74, Col. Atlántida, Coyoacán, CDMX.

Si estás interesado en el ensueño y en las prácticas desarrolladas por Carlos Castaneda y por antiguos videntes, ¡no te pierdas esta oportunidad!

Descubre más información en:

O llámanos si tienes cualquier pregunta:
Cel/WhatsApp: 04455 9185 5539 ¡Te esperamos! #tensegridadclases #tensegridadmexico #tensegridadcdmx #Tensegrity #Tensegridad #carloscastaneda #ensoñar #elartedeensoñar #PasesMágicos

O mais novo Sombricalho, Ú Brincuolho.
Encontrou seu lugar pra ficar na Zenda.


Some Shakespeare..."Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day."
For all those seen the movie, this is an old hat (german proverb) with the little analogon being the exception. Probably the real man behind the name ‚Shakespeare‘ was Edward de Vere, 17. Earl of Oxford, one of the best educated persons of his time apart from Elizabeth I. It is reported that he was the first person using the U instead of the you. So, what if even the name ‚Shakespeare‘ was a shared invention of the Earl & his queen...perhaps it started as a joke and was kinda onomatopoeia. Their forbidden poetry, pieces for theatre et al. (aristocracy wasn’t allowed to do any kind of job) needed a code word, a chiffre. Shakespeare = shake spear. Something, a tool to shake others, to wake up their minds, their senses, their emotions - hitting deep into the heart & soul like a thrown spear. A javelin even finding its way through the centuries and still to this day being the burning bush, the fire from within, reaching our hearts with sheer ease - this blue angelic wonder created by a queen and a man in love. 🔵7

Aula de Eutonia entre objetos de tensegridade do @tensegri!

#eutonia #eutonie #eutony #somatics #somaticas #tensegri #tensegrity #kittensegri

When we realize we‘re just a drop, a drop in the sea of the human form, we’re almost gone...if we realize it at all, in its full meaning...just. a drop. belonging to the ocean. all. that water. can. you hear. it. call. call you. by your true name?...By fully realizing it...the drop dissolves, dissolves into the ocean...aahh #thisiswater #davidfosterwallace

„Nevermore“... 🔵61

- —-Part two: three tools a good teacher utilizes: 1. set without determining: this is done through a well chosen task, 2. accompany without directing: this is done e.g. via a group-impulse & 3.give joy without joking: this is realized e.g. through marking the results of a group task. So if an increase of energy is the aim, one way to communicate with groups would be: start e.g. with a task, then give a group-impulse, mark the results, then again task, group, result, task, group, result or start with a result, then comes a new task, group, mark new results. ‚Group‘ means ether you try to connect people energetically or you create a task which is made for 2 or more people forming a smaller group unit, sitting in a circle; contents are conveyed via problem & solution, question & answer, facts & possibilities: you have to complement the missing part: e.g. a member of the group asks you sth., you answer or vice versa! Post in memory of Rainer Strücker. #repost

Part one: three attributes are necessary if you wanna be a teacher like the one in death poets society: 1. courage (being pervaded by the dissolution of fear) 2. love (being pervaded by the power of healing) 3. inspiration (being pervaded by the spirit of creation). For attributes 1 & 2 you can strive, attribute 3 is a sheer gift. If all three attributes come together again & again, you may call this grace. The definition of inspiration is: ‚you must do sth, you want to do it, you are capable of it, without having planned to do it & sense that you’re not doing it by yourself.‘ The spirit of creation is working through you. In daily life we are often confronted with the lack or shortage of these qualities. Instead of courage we meet mean levelling due to the fear of own development, instead of love we face business due to greed, instead of inspiration we are confronted with enthusiasm due to selfishness. p.s. the things we are really afraid of cannot be healed by or through courage, only through love...A Rainer Strücker quote.

- —just to provoke some empathy: that’s a good illustration of the relationship between me and my soul...one could say: at least your not alone & the intoxication isn’t deadly yet...yeah, but take a close look.....

- well, as long as it’s not of a destructive nature what’s on your mind, i would agree...especially warriors often think however, that the end justify all means, overlooked is the real end...see pic two....

golgatha untold...

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