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“Don’t settle for mediocrity where greatness can exist.” From the lovely @tanyazuckerbrot who I got to interview for today’s episode of @embodyradio 🖤.
(Wo)MAN that’s a good one. It’s so easy to get “comfortable” in your current situation because it doesn’t necessarily suck, so why change it, hey?
I’ll admit this mindset has been hard for me to fight after taking so long away from the stage, and largely because I’ve been advised NOT to “push” because that could easily send me back into a downward spiral health-wise.
That led me to a very depressive state, where purpose felt extremely lacking. I miss that tangible goal, the clear markers of progression, that daily fire that lights you up each morning to get out of bed and get your ish done.
But as soon as I heard Tanya say that, it was the beginning of a turning point (4 day’s going strong 😂👌🏼). It reminded me of my biggest goals, and how although they may seem far away, I still have them.
I’m not here to live a “so-so” life, and neither are you. In fitness, health, nutrition, relationships, business, emotional/spiritual wellness, etc, don’t settle for “meh.” Don’t be like the majority of the population that retreats to “comfort” for solace, be the fireball that goes after what they want in life with... #TenacityIntensityPurpose 😉 (had to).
If you needed a reminder today to get back to pursuing your greatest self, let this be it 🖤. And be sure to check out today’s episode of #EMBodyRadio !

Wooooooooowie am I pale enough? Can you even see me? 👻 Gave final measurements for dat sparkly bikini today. Thank you so much @lidia_gurley. Like I’ve told you already, you were such a pleasure to work with. Friday can’t come soon enough! 😊
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⚜️🌸Everything is “figureoutable”! If it is something that you want bad enough or want to change or want to try,then you will figure out a way to make it work. ⚜️Whether it’s the weight you want to lose💪🏼the debt you want to 💰pay, the 💔relationship you need to get out of, the job you really want💼, you’ll figure out a way. You will make the sacrifices needed to get what you want and you will find a way to MAKE🕰time. ⚜️You may have to change your schedule📆, take some things off your plate, and even give yourself permission to say no 🚫to things that stand in your way of getting to your goal. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective 🤔so you see the path that will lead you to figuring out how to make it all work.Everything is figureoutable! 👊🏻

What people *think* you need to make progress in your physique and/or strength:
🔹Lots of gym selfies
🔹Tons of supplements
🔹Lots of followers on social media
🔹The “perfect” diet and “perfect” training program
What you ACTUALLY need to make physique and/or strength progress:
🔹A sound diet strategy and training program that you can adhere to, that you enjoy, and that moves you towards your goals
🔹A mind that is continually seeking learning and growth
🔹Solid form/technique
🔹A work ethic that doesn’t quit
🔹A healthy internal system (hormones, gut, mental health, etc).
Social media is rad... buuuut it makes it seem like in order to get the “body you want,” that you need all of these external things.
External things can be nice, and in some cases, they help (a good gym outfit is a real confidence booster for most). But at the heart of it, you need CORE principles and values. Not fluff.
When you’re scrolling social media or looking at magazine ads, remember:
You need YOU. And you have that. So use it 🖤.
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(Outfit, coincidentally: @lululemon , headband @eschneider.ky )

take a season to be private, lowkey and unavailable. be a little selfish. turn up the hustle & turn up the focus. chase goals and watch how much you grown & learn about yourself. ✨

If you look suuuuuuper close you can spot your girl in the white and black (a.k.a. The only one not wearing a bikini 😂🤦🏻‍♀️). Trying to strut my stuff as best I can at today’s posing clinic with THE @amandalatona. Waaayyy outside of my comfort zone, especially since I didn’t know anyone there, but I’m glad I went. Gotta get used to a room full of people looking at you at some point 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was very surreal being in the same room as my biggest ispo’s first inspo 😱 @em_dunc. Hope I can crush it just as both of them have within their competitive careers. 6 more weeks!!!!! #southernidahoshowdown #strong #girlswholiftheavy #muscle #flexibledieting #smallbutmighty #bestself #bodybuilding #selflove #tenacityintensitypurpose #wonderwomanmentality #bodybuildingprep

Everyone has a Dream. What dream is in your heart? Have you forgotten or even set it aside? Maybe you have had people tell you that it cannot be done. It’s time to reach for big belief, big faith, and go after big dreams! ❤️❤️ Other people’s blessings rely on our obedience. ❤️❤️

at the end of the day, your hair should be messy, your shoes dirty & your eyes sparkling ✨ .

motivation is fleeting. the only way you’re going to get 💩 done consistently is through discipline - whether that’s going to the gym, finishing an assignment, or making your bed.
don’t make or take excuses from yourself, just as you wouldn’t take excuses from others. make yourself proud today, if you haven’t already 👊🏼🙌🏼 do the thing. •

all i can focus on in this boomerang is how clenched my 🍑 cheeks are 😹 - but i’m working hard on my 🦋 pull-ups.

Today’s episode of @EMBodyRadio with @syattfitness was one of the best ones yet. Two of the biggest takeaways that have stuck with me since then:
1️⃣ You’ll fail more than you win.
2️⃣ If you believe that you can and will accomplish something, you can and you will accomplish that thing.
We set these goals for ourselves and expect it to be all smooth sailing... that isn’t how it works at all 😂. You’ve got to fail before you PR a lift. Before you can get really good at anything in life, you have to start by sucking, and embracing the suck. That’s when you learn and grow.
And before you even START, make sure you actually VERBALIZE to yourself, “I CAN do this. I have the power, determination, drive, and plan to achieve my goals, and I believe that the universe is on my side. I’m honoring my highest self by pursuing this, and the universe will honor that.”
Proper effort 👉🏼 proper outcome, but not without some stumbles along the way.
Make sure to check out today’s episode (lots of laughs AND wisdom nuggets), and do me a favor: stop right now and speak your goal into existence. Like, verbally speak it. And right it down. Manifest that ish 😎. And maaaaaybe change out off your pajamas idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
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God is going to meet you at your place of transition. The most vulnerable of times, when your faith seems to falter & your skepticism rises. Your past experiences come forth in your mind & fear may begin to envelop you.

Don't play into these lies or trickery. Refuse to doubt or fear. Hold your ground. He has the final say. Speak with God, press into him, build your relationship & faith with Him more! Day by day.

You will not return to the mire of your past. Don't let the transition take you out. Don't let the waiting or the discomfort from transition get to you. BB you have made it! You have made many revelations & deep insight to yourself this week. The confusion is ending. Clarity & guidance has arrived!

You are climbing up higher than before, you're climbing over, you're coming through! He has shifted you UP!
You are in a new chapter of life. He is going to color this chapter of your life through angelic messengers & messages, divine visitations, pre-destined & spontaneous blessings, financial outpouring, a tenacious will & unwavering purpose!
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how do i put this? until your opinions can pay my bills, you can keep them to yourself 🙃

i’ve had people tell me that i “worry” them because i’ve lost weight. i’ve had people question my family and close friends and ask if i am “doing alright?” because they’ve seen changes in my physique. let’s shut this 💩 down!
FIRST OF ALL, IM FREAKIN GREAT, man. i have never in my life felt so in love with myself, with my aspirations, goals and accomplishments. i have never felt so confident or comfortable in my skin as i do right now, in this body, in this moment. SECOND OF ALL, i don’t care which version of my body you prefer because it’s MINE and it’s heathy as f*ck. the girl in the left pic was a gym-rat but was alsooooo freshly 21, loved to go out on the weekends, have a great time, eat late-night, chug all the protein shakes and eat all the cheese (because #gains, right) and really struggled daily to love her appearance. the spitfire on the right is a fitness professional who loves to go to bed early when she can, loves all the foods in moderation, thrives on the gym and constantly aspires for greater.

and don’t worry, i get it completely! it’s natural for people to assume that someone with a past like mine is relapsing because they’ve lost weight. but i am proudly here to tell you that i am NOT a child at risk like i once was years ago and i AM the healthiest and happiest i have ever been. i’m slightly annoyed that i feel i have to post this in order to defend myself. people are gonna talk...let them. i’ll be out here grinding, thriving and living my best life. ✌🏼 •


come on warm weather! ☀️🌷

not my typical post (ever) but let’s talk about the present.

1. down 6 lbs in 20 days, currently 155 lbs. i’m not obsessing over the scale whatsoever just wanting to feel 100% confident and comfortable in my skin. #comparisonitis

2. i literally hate food right now. i have this vicious cycle with eating. its starts off as counting macros to intuitive eating to counting macros again which leads to me eating whatever the hell i want to cause i get fed up. now that i’m actually trying to log again i realize how much food i need to be eating plus how often and i’m over it. BUT I NEEEEED TO STOPPP BEING A JERK AND DO IT. road to 1700 cals/day. 🙍🏻‍♀️ #damnit

3. my lifts have been super awesome lately because i’m testing out my strong(her) workout program. hard to do everything i want to do with an injury but acupuncture has helped sooo much and another ass kicking massage and i’m hoping to be back to the over 200lb club. tbh i sometimes throw a temper tantrum in the gym cause i want to start deadlifting heavy as f*ck but i can’t. #adulttantrums

Just messing around 🤪 inspiration from my girl @saucyyjossyy

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