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"YOU NEEDA PRACTICE ON YOUR T'S & Ssss talkin bout some boyfrienddd" 😂😂😂 #TellYourTruth

“Don’t do it the fancy way” We’re a team, we help each other... then mommy check behind us. #mcneillkids2 #siblinggoals #tellyourtruth @frobabies

Idag firar vi EN VIKTIG BOK och en färgstark och alldeles fabulous yogaevangelist; JENNIE LILJEFORS🙌🏻👋🏻🐬🦋 Nykläckt författare till boken Healing yoga, en bok där den Sanna storyn får ta plats - om yogan som väg till Jennies (och kanske vår) personliga läkning. Bästa gåvan till dig och andra, magisk i utförande, vackra foton och briljant form! En coffee table bok med rikt innehåll!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️
@altromondoyoga @lavaforlag @jenniealtromondoyoga #healingyoga #metoo #storystrong #tellyourtruth

Anyone remember what we were laughing at?!?!?
#behindthescenes #dreamteam #girlsjustwannahavefun #tellyourtruth #livingandlearning

looky look 👀 hot off the stinkin’ press and dropping soon — why it’s volume two! #thatdayiwasthefastestboyintheworld #sportaffect #sportstory #tellyourtruth #raceyourrace thanksgiving-ness begins with @essentialman_ld

Proud of my fearless friend @chelsealeyland for raising awareness for #epilepsy through the healing practice of #yoga. Hear more about her journey to becoming an epilepsy advocate on @askthemmore #chelsea4epilepsy #tellyourtruth 💜💜💜

Lmaooo "chitty chat chat" #TellYourTruth #EVERYSINGLEDAY

Some things just speak to me on a deep spiritual level. 🙏🏼✨🙌🏼(Pretty much everything from @dallasclayton 's mind)🎶📝#songwriterchronicles #behonest #tellyourtruth


You don’t have to be the social definition of perfect.
You don’t need to fit the social standards of beautiful.
You don’t need to speak in a way that’s socially excepted.
These ideals are all fake; nonsense.
Just be kind and be you, be as you as you can, as often as you can and you will live a truely for-filling and passionate life- even if you are not liked by all there will be one person that will love the shit out of your courage; YOU! #BeYou #alive #LiveWithPassion #SpeakUp #TellYourTruth #BeBrave #BeHappy #YourLife #YourRules

Today it became clear ... I was still Believing in him after all this time. ... And i broke my heart all over again ...hopefully for the last time #love #truth #tellyourtruth #knowwhatyouwant #knowwhoyouare #knowyourworth #honesty #loyalty #onelove #theonlyone #theonewhodeservesyou #waitforit #nofear #nolies #truestory #truelove #dothework #grow #actionsnotwords

Anonymous stories of sexual abuse woven into audio art. Make a sound. #tellyourtruth #metoo #authenticvoicesproject

Visions of collisions and decisions from emotions that Trap my mind. Get me behind, I’m stuck in my first notion. Everyday i wake up and pray I finally make some sense out of this battle called life. I struggle with it daily but HOPE keeps me alive and fighting...HOPE #motivationmonday #tellyourtruth

All you ever have to do is tell your truth. You don’t need to dress it up, you simply need to strip it back. I see so much imitation in the work that I do that it’s actually really disheartening. You don’t need to imitate to be great and you certainly don’t need to sound like someone that you admire. It’s ok to admire others but why role play them when you can be the real you. And isn’t it time to admire the raw beauty in the mirror? #TellYourTruth

@Regrann from @stampedncertified4 - Lol.. line her up lil man!!! #tellyourtruth Teamwork make the dream work. 😂😂 - #regrann

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Things I have learned about myself while dealing with my child's father:
*My complaint of his inconsistency shows how I am inconsistent with the promises I make to myself.
*Him asking for me to pay back money he offered as a gift to help me out, after feeling unappreciated shows how I too am an "Indian giver". I take back my love and affection when I feel unappreciated as well as become cold and distant.
*Me being angry about past events and the patterns that he has shown is my anger at myself and my same pattern of poor decision making.
*My need to speak up for myself the first time rather feelings will be hurt or not.
*I need to stand on my word.
*Me try to force him to stick to a schedule and trying to force cooperation is me yet again trying to control the situation. When I can only control myself.
*I give way too many chances after being disrespected.
*Self preservation is always first.
*My complaint about how he doesn't listen is a reflection of how I don't listen to my intuition.
*I have no real intention why dating or when I get into relationships. They are experiments and experiences I get into in haste.
*I don't enjoy monogamous relationships but in order for an open relationship to honestly work I need to get over my issues with control.
*I don't like others holding me accountable for my behavior when I'm angry because I feel my reaction is justified. Even though I leave others bald head and stripped naked.
*I don't have a backbone when it comes to sticking to my standards. #tellyourtruth #selfreflection

✨ Live your beautiful life.

🤣🤣😂😂🙌🏾✨Lol.. line her up lil man!!! #tellyourtruth Teamwork make the dream work. 😂😂 #reality✨ #bigbrother✨ #siblings✨ #laughterismedicine#getyomindright#focus✨ #noboyfriend

😂😂😂omg , i swear this will be Denym when our newbie comes 🤣 #TellYourTruth

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