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Semua orang punya banyak cara untuk bercerita dan memiliki cerita yang berbeda pula untuk menceritakanya.


*asks the lifeguard if he could save me from drowning in self-doubt lmao* #tellyourself #youaregoodenough

It is ok to reward yourself...!!!!💯 I did today... by relaxing and getting fresh air in..!!!!🍃💨
#relax #haveaseat #tellyourself #youdeservethebest #treasureyourself

이래도 되나 싶을 정도로 호사를 누리다 간다☺️ 너무나 친절했던 직원분들 그리고 jeha 언니💕 택시 오기전에 오빠가 엄청 찾아다녔는데 결국 다시 못 뵙고 옴😭
노래는 #클래지콰이#tellyourself(daishi dance remix) 입니다❤️


获取体谅 重来只是在自己身上。

Sitting at this desk like I know how to do anything..smdh #hangitup #tellyourself

If y'all are feeling all hot and bothered by this full moon conjunction today. Just breath. Opposing forces and polarities in your life will be highlighted.
Moon and Pluto opposite Sun and Mars is an intense constellation can bring feelings to surface that can be overwhelming.
Don't let things get out of control and your fear to face reality overpower you. Be gentle.
You'll just have to face the things you've been avoiding, in fact this challenging but a blessing because now you have it right in front of you and can decide to accept and work towards progress. Take on the challenge because actually this time provides the energies for new manifestations. Plant your seed right. If you bury it again it will just show up another time and so on until you decide to learn.
#tellyourself #listentotheuniverse 🐚🐚🐚

在这人世间,有些路是非要单独一个人去面对,单独一个人去跋涉,但只是一种考验,不是不好,也不会很差,是让你成长。 合久必分,分久必合 //
#dosomethingtodaythatyourfutureselfwillthankyoufor #tellyourself #telltheworld #youarenotbad


🌅Positive Affirmations - start each day telling yourself what you want to be. I am stronger, healthier and braver in mind and body 💜

Friday night..this song always make me hype #Clazziquai #TellYourself

You are SO DOPE! 🖤 #TellYourself #Daily #Trippy #Hand

Fact: I worked for the big O when I was a young thing. Fact: I can say from personal experience that she speaks the truth. Fact: if we keep telling ourselves that we aren't pretty enough or skinny enough or sexy enough or a good enough mother, that is what we will become. 1000%. • We trust ourselves above all others. How many times has our partner told us he loves touching our body and we think "that's impossible, my hips are so fat"? How many times do we negate all the good that others see in us? Too often. Which is a big problem because what both Oprah and I know for sure is this: what we think of ourselves has more power than anything everyone else says, combined. You know this is true. I know, deep down, you know this. • Oprah is right; if we keep hating ourselves-our minds or our bodies or our actions-we will become the unworthy person we keep telling ourselves we are. We will become her. Fat. Inadequate. Old. Weird. We believe ourselves above all others.
• Is it possible for just one day, just one, we tell ourselves exactly what others do? I am beautiful. My body is sexy. I am killing it at this parenting thing. Can we do it for one day? And can one day become two? And then a week? A month? And then a lifetime? What would happen then? One word: freedom. We would be cut loose from our own imprisonment and be free to become what we truly are: un-freaking-believable. • Don't believe me, mamas. Believe yourself. 💗 @oprah @girlboss #oprah #oprahwinfrey #oprahquotes #whatiknowforsure #truthbomb

No todos los días son perfectos or PrettY.. y hoy fue uno de esos días 🙈... .pero ni modos.. .a TerMiNar el día con la mejor actitud que como dice el dicho 😉nuestro cuerpo es capaz de todo ... es a nuestra mente a quien tenemos que convencer... #tellYourself 👉#YouGotThis #iDontwanttoworkoutday #justDoIt #presionaPLAY #noexcusas #ejerciciosencasa

Happy Tuesday!
What can you do today?!
Join us for Metafit tonight at 6 or yoga at 7!

#metafit #yoga #tellyourself #icandothis💪 #tuesday

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