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My sister has always wanted to be a singer. Like Demi Lovato she says. It started off as her humming to music in the car, to singing karaoke in our basement. We practiced day by day, focusing on her rhythm, pitch, timing, and pronunciation of certain words.
Everyone has their obstacles to overcome. For Victoria, that obstacle was Down Syndrome.
People who have Down Syndrome spend most of their lives being told they "can't do this" or "can't do that." One of those things is sing.
My sister's voice has a purpose that goes far beyond bringing joy to others. That purpose is to show people that YOU CAN!

This video is of her singing fearlessly, for the very first time in front of a crowd at her Sweet Sixteen. She is singing the acoustic version of the song "This is Me" by Demi Lovato. Every single word in this song embodies Victoria's journey in accomplishing her goal and myself and our entire family could not be more proud. ❤😄💙 Please help us spread the word in hopes that we can surprise my sister by having Demi Lovato see this video one day!!! #demilovato
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FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/jOFGr9IT-Dc

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