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get u a girl that can do both😤😤 GAME DAY 4:30 @TURF TMRW #mood #tellmeimpretty

Good lord I have never felt so much love! Starting this day off right with my fav neighbors ever! @aymsmi @jjscarber @shanie31 #itsmybirthday #tellmeimpretty

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We are cute bunnies
And I love you.
#feedme #tellmeImpretty #dimelindura

🏖🕺🏿🍧 #TellMeImPretty

: first time trying this going out thing in months. 💅🏽💁🏽#tellmeimpretty #iwalklikebambi #doublepost #miapose

I want boys to like me for more than my body yet here's another pic of my butt


Day 109: The yellow IS the mistake.

Yesterday, I told my friend about this 180 days of not dating and she said, "That must be so nice to take a break from dating and focus on you!"

I'd kinda forgotten that.

I've been filling the relationship void with trying to take care of everyone else—my kid, my parents, my high school best friend's family, the baby daddy—when really I should be doing some self-care.

So today I treated myself to a pedicure at an adorable salon, where the girl put on High School Musical 3 and explained the backstory and it was perfect. After, I felt sooo much better, like I was alive again. Like the physical touch and alteration of my body reminded me that I'm here and I'm a person and I deserve to be cared for, too.

Then I read old journals from when I was first dating the ex-One and working at the magazine, and the journals are full of me COMPLAINING about how I made no money and I wasn't writing literary masterpieces and I wasn't part of the boys' club at the mag and the ex-One didn't love me enough.

But looking back on it now, my life was beautiful and perfect. I wasn't making much money, but I was surviving. I was working a dream job. My boyfriend was beautiful and so was I. We'd talk about books, and have sex and nap for hours. And he'd just signed a book deal and we were making our own magazine on the side. And our friends were weird and had a million freelance jobs and no steady incomes. And everyone smoked (but me) and drank. And my cat fell out a four-storey window while we were naked and he survived. I was 24 and I was exactly where I should have been in life.

And maybe the same is true now. I'm complaining about single life and lack of hobbies and the baby daddy and my house, when really, maybe I'm exactly where I should be in life right now: I'm living in my own place that I can decorate however I want. I have some free time to do WHATEVER I WANT. I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT. I make double the money I did at the magazine. I'm writing things. Life is pretty good.

So maybe sometimes I just need to pretend I'm in the future looking back on these days so that I can appreciate them now for how good they really are.

So far marriage is great y'all! He feeds me tacos AND tells me I'm pretty!! What more could a girl ask for??? 😍😍 #feedme #tellmeimpretty #tacobell #francescas


Just give me some good lighting and I'm 100% Feeling myself~ I'll be posting more drag soon (like for the next 3 weeks after this weekend hopefully) #TellMeImPretty #AmIHotTho?

#queer #Genferfluid #OffDutyDragQueen. #lgbtq #cub #goodlighting #npfilter #me #TaterTot #selfie

Wondering as soon as I get back to the gym if the cheat day beers were worth it. They weren't. #struggle #fat #tellmeimpretty

Turns out you get significantly less pretty around the third hour of your workout. #oww #everythinghurts #tellmeimpretty #workout #xsportfitness

Throw. The. Ball. Already. 🎾

I mean come on who couldn't love these items! I'm buying this towel for each of my kids! #wednesdaysfavorites #tellmeimpretty #franklintn #polkadotz

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