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W'done #lostlands, what a lovely festival. Good weather, good vibes, good music, good scenery, good mansion, etc. #thelittlestevies #teenytinystevies

Turns out the green sheep was under my couch.
Tomorrow we're playing some tunes at The State Library of Victoria to celebrate the launch of their new Play Pod theme 'Where is the green sheep?'.
There's also Baby Bounce & Storytime & heaps of craft activities AND its all free.
We play at 11am & 12pm. Come down.
#teenytinystevies #storytime #babybounce #statelibraryofvictoria #whereisthegreensheep

Fun morning rockin' with the @teenytinystevies and finding the green sheep at @state_library_victoria - thanks for a beaut time! 🎶🎉📚👏#storytime #statelibraryofvictoria #teenytinystevies #playpod #whereisthegreensheep

"I am on my way to the pot of gold at the end of my vegetable rainbow" @teenytinystevies #healthyeating #cleaneating #teenytinystevies

Look what arrived at our place @thelittlestevies! It's Tuesday morning dance club here!

#teenytinystevies #songsforlittlepeople #tuesdaymorningdanceclub #gettingourgrooveon

I've spent a lot of the year so far working for the lovely @teenytinystevies, making some little animations for their cute songs. Coming soon!

Most days are good, but some are better than others. For example, playing at the opera house and getting to meet and watch the @teenytinystevies . #bennytime #teenytinystevies #operahousesummerplayground #notabaddayatall

When you're a rockstar but you're also a Mum and your kids need hugs. @teenytinystevies rocking out family-style ♥️♥️♥️

A shout out to my brothers & sisters with short arms. #selfiefail #tourists #sydney #teenytinystevies


Look what I just found while cleaning out the Merch bag from last weekends shows.
Don't be jelly guys but I think we've found the best job in the world.
Thank you Lily Hope ❤️

When you're a rockstar but you're also a Mum and your kids need hugs. @teenytinystevies rocking out family-style ♥️♥️♥️

We ♥️ Teeny Tiny Stevies. Thanks for bringing the 🌈 today live. Catch their show again tomorrow at #OneFineBaby in Melbourne at 12:15pm FREE.

I’m running a marathon.
The Melbourne Marathon on October 15.

Or a half marathon if you want to be all technical about it.
That’s 21kms people. For me that’s over 2 hours of running (hobbling fast). And guess what - I’m gonna fundraise!
At first I wasn’t because I felt shy, but then I realised I have access to a community of caring parents via Teeny Tiny Stevies who all seem to really care about the world around them (good for you guys by the way, you all seem cool - I read everything). I’m going to fundraise for The Victorian Aboriginal Childcare Agency who protect and promote the rights of aboriginal children & young people through programs and services that reinforce aboriginal culture. I feel that’s important and I’ve chosen this organisation because it’s run by (and employs) aboriginal people, it’s local to me, and it’s focus is children, young people and families.
So, who’s going to sponsor me?! Right now I’m the only person who’s sponsored me and my page (ego) could use some encouragement. Link in bio. 🙏

Also I started a team called Teeny Tiny Stevies, is anyone else running this thing? If so you’re welcome to join my team, just put yourself in it (I’m the captain though). And lastly who would like to start an online petition to get Beth to run too? She thinks she can only do 5kms and I think 5kms is better than no K.

Who’s with me?!

Oh My Goodness, our show in the Salon at The Melbourne Recital Centre on 28th of September is SOLD OUT!
So you can’t come if you haven’t got tickets. If you have, thanks for assisting us to be sell outs you bunch of legends. Below are the only other opportunities to see us play live this year:

Sat 9 Sep, One Fine Baby, Melbourne
Sun 10 Sep, One Fine Baby, Melbourne
Sun 29 Oct, Sandy Point Community Centre, Vic
Sat 4 Nov, One Fine Baby, Sydney
Sun 5 Nov, One Fine Baby, Sydney
All details at our website @onefinebaby @melbrecital
#soldout #sellouts

Have you utilised any of the FREE printable activities from our website yet?
If so, show us a pic!
We want to see our toilet training or fussy eater chart up on the fridge.
Our characters being coloured in.
Kids playing ‘Pin the tail on the Sugar Glider’.
Kids getting crafty with our cut & paste pages.
Your best effort at a Koala cake.
Show us how you’ve used them so we know we’re doing good!
Give us feedback!
Here's a few of our favourites so far.
Please and thank you!

Have you got a little scissor hands living with you? Some kids seem to go through a real ‘cut & paste’ phase, so obviously we’re prepared and have created this gorgeous activity where you can cut out clothes and dress the TTS characters. Enjoy!
As always, get your free printable downloads from the activities page on our website.

We need your help.
Our first album is called “Useful Songs For Little People”. Our next album is almost finished but is yet untitled.
We were thinking something like “Helpful Songs For Little People”. Any other ideas? “Compulsory Songs For Little People”..?

This @melbrecital program went out with The Age newspaper a few weeks back and looky who’s inside. It’s us! It’s us!
Thrilled to be playing a show in one of Melbourne’s best venues to play music in next school holidays.
Thursday 28th September 11am, at Salon.
Book tickets now, link in bio!

Love is love y'all - check you are enrolled properly to vote! 🌈🌈 https://check.aec.gov.au #ttsfamilysong

Somewhat inspired by you guys and the mindfulness techniques you use with your kids, Beth’s gone and made another killer Spotify playlist, this time titled “Slow down songs”. All killer, no filler, the perfect background music to a serene & relaxed, stress free, Tuesday evening dinner with little people (ah ha ha ha!…. might help though)
What's your fave unwinding song? 🙏
Listen now, link in bio!

The definition of 'Mindfulness' is: "A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique." How do you guys teach this to your kids??? This is not a trick question!

Australian Kids Music GIVEAWAY!! We’ve teamed up with some fellow Australian Kids Bands/Songwriters/Entertainers to bring you an instant kids music library! The only question is, are you feeling lucky?
1. Follow us @teenytinystevies (if you don’t already)
2. Like this post
3. Head over to @lahlahsbigliveband & repeat steps until you come back to us
4. Repost with #auskidsmusic / tag a friend for extra entries
Remember you must be following all IG accounts in loop for a valid entry! This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram. Comp ends 11pm 23rd August AEST. Winner announced 25th Aug.

There’s a bit of sisterly competition happening over at our FB page.
For a chance to win these albums designed by yours truly (and signed), get the kids to vote for their favourite over on our Facebook page. But to be fair, let them watch the video of us designing them so they can see our ‘artistic process’ before they vote (link in bio).
pss - just tell them to vote for “Byll” ok. I’m very competitive.

It’s Saturday in the dead of winter in Melbourne and we’re dreaming of a warm holiday. I read that apparently booking a holiday (or thinking about booking a holiday) is as much of a stress relief as actually going on a holiday.. So let's all pretend we’re going to book a holiday and help each other out. Where’s the best spot you’ve taken your family and why was it good? We’re all different after all.. for e.g. your inspirational 20k hike with 3 kids would be my hell… but I still want to know about it.

Came up with THE BEST winter activity do to with my 5yo the other day. Ran a hot GREEN bath (put Radox in it!) and we both got in and then we painted ourselves with a cheap mud mask (not in a beauty kind of way, more a war-paint kind of way) WIN/WIN

This has been responsible for many giggles in our house today. (Free to download from our website if you didn't already know!) #producttesting #pinthetail #sugarglider #teenytinystevies

Our Kitten! By Beth
Two weeks ago my partner & l got a kitten. The first night we had him at home I had 2 thoughts.
1. What was I thinking getting a kitten? I'm now responsible for another living, breathing being.
2. Will the kitten put a wedge between us?
Two weeks in & things are going well. Our co-parenting skills are improving & the kitten is fast becoming the apple of our eyes.
My partner grew up with cats and I’ve grown up terrified of cats. They’ve never warmed to me & if I’m being honest, all I see when I look at a cat is a tiny tiger.
My partner has always hinted at me being not dissimilar to a cat & therefore suggested me as perfect for parenting one. Clean, loving & distrusting until proven otherwise.
So the kitten came home with us & we bought it all the necessary apparatuses & resources for keeping it alive & occupied as all new parents do. Having never had an animal I’ve been fully responsible for before, I’m learning on the job. I’m experiencing contradictory feelings. Sometimes in the same moment of when I’m reprimanding him for attacking me I look at his face & melt because I love him so much. It’s very confusing & I feel very conflicted. And sometimes when my partner is reprimanding the kitten, I’m quietly on the kitten’s side because I don’t think he’s being patient enough with him. But I’m clever enough to know not to let the kitten see us as an un-united front.
Over the course of his first evening at home I naturally texted all the people closest to me, announcing the arrival of the newest member of our family. It was nearly like an innate physical reaction I had to let everyone know of my new responsibility. I was holding myself accountable; I was doing the responsible thing.
I feel guilty if I leave him at home to go somewhere & he lights up my face as he runs to the door to greet me with his little jingling bell following him around when I get home. He’s become my shadow as I do things around the house & I’ve looked on in horror as he’s conquered the heights of every piece of furniture we have. It’s taken us a while to find each other's rhythm & trust each other. But I think I’m starting to get it, as much as you can with a kitten!

When we revealed our “Picky Eaters Chart” a couple of weeks back some smart parents mentioned that having the words “Picky Eaters” on it might just reinforce the picky eating, which was an excellent point… AND DEAR GOD WE WOULDN’T WANT THAT. (note: Not sarcastic capitals!)
So we changed it.
The free download from our website now just says “I Ate A Rainbow”. Which is perfect really since the chart is designed to work along-side the song and animated video which go by the same name.
So thanks for the feedback and please enjoy.
Share it with your picky eaters, parent groups & colour printers.
And let us know how it goes - we’d love to know!

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