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Day 19 - Non-Bookish Hobby: I love playing guitar! After playing, I'm more relaxed and, in a way, more energized. I feel like music is another form of storytelling--the beat of the music, the lyrics, even the strumming pattern for guitar! I love learning new songs and really feeling the story.

My guitar was my grandmother's which makes it even more special!

Also, while trying to take this pic, I dropped my guitar pick into the soundhole, and if you've ever played acoustic, you know the struggle. 😂😭

Editing has its up and down days; today was one of those days where I mostly spent it rolled up in a ball of frustration. 🤣 I'm basically rewriting a couple chapters because there was a huge argument that I'm moving to later on and it changes EVERYTHING.

I'm trying to add a different twist in the game region their in, so I don't have to delete the chapters because I need (want) them! 😅#writerstruggles

#PublishingRoad 87... Title: I'll Always Support Fellow Writers, It Keeps The Dreams Alive

Go check this out right now!!! Incredible piece done by an amazing writer! Link is in my bio💯💯🔥

If you’re a writer, SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY!
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To trench, or not to trench. That is the . . . Who am I kidding? Always wear the trench.
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After a week of plotting, I'm crawling back into the writing zone. It can be difficult to abandon pen and paper, but it's even harder to return with ease. My third storyboard is almost complete, and everything is falling into place. The words flow like water in a woodland stream. Oh, I have missed the realm of my imagination! ✨ A writer wanders between many worlds. If you ever notice me looking off into the distance, you should know that my thoughts are with the Gifted. 📚❤ There is something lovely about having the ability to create new stories.
Current writing jam - Bird in the Thyme by Tiny Ruins 🎶

Fun fact: the violin in this photo is more than 100 years old. 🍀

So. Many. Pages. 📖😍
So I’ve had my book for a few days now, but I love it so much! This week I’ll be rereading Show Me, this time in paperback form, making notes on the scenes I want to polish. Draft 5 will be me going through the book with a fine tooth comb and sharpening things—mainly descriptions and dialogue. Once that’s done, it’ll be sent on for grammar/spell check. I don’t have a release date yet, but I just want to get all my editing done, or at least most of it before I set on one so I don’t have to hurry myself through this last round of edits.
Have an AMAZING Monday everyone, and keep an eye out for today’s blog post, which is my first ever Q&A!
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A New Page in Collaboration with a Friend @jorrdan_writes .. Teenage writers moving to greater Height... #ProgressPI #avidwriters #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #teenauthor #teenwriter #theyoungwriters #amwriting #amreading #booknerdigans

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