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Eh bhe πŸ˜‚
Ps: la foto l'hanno fatta alla Nemeton ItaCon πŸ˜‚
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elizabeth 'betty' cooper -
16 year old girl next door. she is an honors student who is very quiet. you can find her in her room jamming out to imagine dragons by herself. dont be afraid to say hi for a tbh!

My little baby. Btw you guys should go @riverdale.rpgg

idk abiut u but i'm siya's fav stanπŸ’‹ #openrp#teenwolfrp#twrp

So, I've been apart of this squad for almost a year and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. There's still plenty of spots open and would love for more people to join.
I'm not the owner of the squad. But, for any questions just ask @realemmaswan_ since she's the creator. I think that we're fixing to do a new curse so, we'd love to have more literate people in the squad. :))

is being here necessary or do I have permission to leave

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My cute little beanπŸ€€πŸ’™

i honestly want nothing to do with you, just get out of my life. the sad part is that i mean none of this but one day i will and i'll be much happier without you, lmao i want death so bad right now, not even fucking joking. {#derekhalerp #teenwolfrp #tylerhoechlinrp}

when you're lurking and you find something that hurts ya feelings, jeezus crisis i hate myself

Tell me why it feels like I'm still on the run.

If I could throw you into a bottom less pit I definitely would ily❀ IhyπŸ’™

"whatever, you don't care." yeah you're right. I don't at all. i'm madly in love you, i only want what's best for you, i want you to be happy 24/7, but of course, I don't care.

I decided to write a list of the exs, the should have beens, would have beens and the almosts in my life
1. Cameron: it was fun at first but then I got bored and broke up with him.
2. Luke: Cameron's brother who I almost married but I got bored of him as well.
3. Greyson/Alex: I think he was my first real love, like I actually liked him and had some interest in him compared to the others. He broke up with me in the middle sex because he was cheating on me.
4. Justin: oh my god, I loved him. I loved him so much with everything I had. But he had a girlfriend. We just had this type of crazy chemistry that no else had. We fit or I thought. His heart belonged to his girl. And I ain't no cheater. This was probably went on a no love streak, fucking and just hurting everyone.
5./6.Alex: seems like I didn't learn my lesson
7. Chris: Chris was new and exciting. We hated each other but we just had a way of working it out. I was bored again.
8. Alex: because I thought I still loved him and he thought he still loved me. I broke with him the moment I realized I loved...
9. /10. Jake: He fought for me. He chased after me and I finally gave in to him. I fell deeply in love with him. He left me. I waited 5 months just to see him again. he came back. And he told the world about how he felt for me. Everyone around us would cheer us on, everyone shipped us. We had this crazy chemistry and everyone can tell that I was his. We told me he wanted to marry me, to have kids with me and it was beautiful. It's my greatest love. Probably the one that gave me faith in love again even though he did break me.
11. Johnny cash: I fell for this man months after Jake left me again. His touch was fire and I didn't mind being burned by him. We kissed a total of 12 times. To this day I think my soul has 12 holes in the places he burned me. I broke his heart by leaving him for another. A decision I regret but it
12. Luke: It was just too good to be true. Just too damn good. He loved me and I knew. Every song reminded me of him. I thought he was the love of my life. He broke my heart. No that would be an understatement. He took my heart and stomped all over it. It hurt.

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cassandra anne parker. 🌺
goes by cassie // fifteen // pisces // preston's girl // absolute goofball // super clumsy // lemonade & ice cream enthusiast // giraffe lover //
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