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{velocity test}
first time using twixtor!

He has my entire heart
Sc_enchanting.mp4 ac_wolves.winchesters cc_divxnes

Look at this cutie
[#omgpage #omgtw]
My audio

happy thanksgiving! im thankful for this 5 course meal 中中中
for marissa (; @lovesserum
[ cc arxgold, such beautiful colorings?:?$/
ac paradise.mp3 ]
#lydiamartin #lydiamartinedit #twedit #teenwolfedit #omgpage #omgtw #kairosgrp #aquilagrp

you are in love [for chloe]
oc/cc bravenry

[in which Steve wont accept Malias apology]
Ive been procrastinating making this edit and idk why?
dt @emultily

qotd: Do you have thanksgiving break?
aotd: yes

filter credit @pclarrs [modified by me]

she wolf
I worked on this really hard so please dont let it flop
(flash warning!)

cc; voidgold
for @xanagapesis
#omgpage #miscellaneousgrp #thiamstansgrp #zenithgrp #revivalcult

angst at its best
ac: casifers
cc: cosmicated
Ugh guys!! If I dont post for like a few days its because my volume stopped working on my Mac! Im gonna go to the App Store to try and fix it cause this edit alone was so hard to even finish cause I couldnt hear or even read the sound waves. Thats why this is ugly, doesnt let me know when I should use my key frames


let it snow
for everyone who's looking forward to this season all year like me

void stiles
ac audiosinsta
cc me | #omgpage #desirerct2 #orbisgrprct

I miss these comedians everyday
ib @scilesstilinski

- Derek will always be my Alpha
pr } ccp
ac } @xmorleys but I edited the beginning.
cc } mine
I know the transitions look trashy, but I was experimenting. And Im sorry for not posting for awhile.
- [ #lovegrp #mythosgrp #sourwolfgrp ]

season two is probably my favorite season.
cr: @void.martinski

- Lydia Martin

simple but smooth
Loop part flopped oops
ac kindrdd
cc @laursedits tysm

the lomls blue
罈 ib. elegancedits
罈 cc. epiphany
+ happy bday to me hA !
i am an extra ass bitch so
i made an edit of my favs塔賤儭

cc: equafied | ac: me (edited, give credit)
[ #enchantgrp, #flightxgrp ]
I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to see them again

Credit; @xorenda ! I just want to say... the last episode did not disappoint癒

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