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Hey #NYC teens: Join #Writopia Lab at the #Nuyorican Poets Cafe for a spoken word performance hosted by Writopia teens! @writopialab @thenuyoricanpoetscafe #spokenword #teenpoets

Poetry all the time at Hughes House! Join us Friday afternoon at 1:30pm for the teen poets reading to end the first week of our Young Writers Institute! #teenpoets #poetry #PoetryMonth #youngwriters

Spent the week with 17 incredible kids from @826la. We sent their work to the design team to put our book together. I feel like a proud poetry teacher mama. None of what we are doing matters if we are not encouraging, celebrating and feeding the future. #nowbacktosummer #teenpoets #teachingartist

Check out some interesting Blackout Poetry entries! You can submit yours by April 30. A $20 gift card to win! #teenpoets #blackoutpoetry #teenwritersgroup #teensatncpl

Last Friday Juan Felipe Herrera the National Poet Laureate joined a group of Chicago Public Schools teens at YOUmedia. The teens made poetrees, stickers, LED bookmarks, and audio recordings and also had a chance to chat with Juan Felipe. @chipubschools @chipublib #teenpoets #ledbookmarks #nationalpoetrymonth #poetlaureate

Time to slam some poetry! #poetryslam #loteens #lakeoswegolibrary #teenpoets.

As we say goodbye to National Poetry Month, one more poem to get us through til next year... #libraries #nationalpoetrymonth #jengapoetry #poetry #words #thestuffoflife #teenpoets #teens #creativityfordays

Our most recent Teen Sticky Note Poet is apparently a fan of.... hmmmmm, who did they say they were looking for, again? 🤔 @shawnmendes #hglteens #teenpoets #teensrule #publiclibrariesrock


How's this flick on society ?
Tell me in your comments :-) Your comments are highly appreciated !!
#creative #teenpoets

Hello again, I know it's been a while! My week hasn't been great so I haven't been writing but I've managed to get some stuff down today! This is the not so good one out of the two. It's fairly relevant to my week, perhaps the other one more so, I'll post the other one sooner or later. I hope you like it 💜
(Picture from pixabay)

#teenagepoet #teenpoets #livenotjustsurvive

She's not the girl that anyone wants to have around. She's hot headed and has a sharp tongue that will lash at you like a whip. She has made herself hard to love because one too many people once made love seem so easy. But she doesn't talk about those bastards who tore her heart to shreds and left her alone to sew it back together, turning it into a piece of patchwork. Maybe she drinks too much, maybe her perfume smells like cheap champagne and stale cigarettes, but she's exactly the kind of girl that someone like you would fall for, isn't she? She is fire, and you just love getting burned.
#poetry #teenpoets #poems #spokenwordpoetry

I was laying on my bed, reading a book, sipping tea, while insence was burning in my window. A moment of peace and solitude. And as serene as I was, I wanted to cry because the bed is mine, not ours, and you weren't there laying next to me asking what was happening in the book or playing with my hair. I wanted to cry because I want all of these things that I can't have yet. You keep telling me "Someday" and I keep waiting for all of these somedays that never come.
#poetry #words #teenpoets #lovepoem #books

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