Nothing better than an empty gym at 2 am and some curls😛

🌳 Trunks😂💪🏽

Slowly but surely💪🏽

Thinking about work in the morning....

Haven’t Posted In A Minute, So Here’s An Update At The Current Body That I Am At!!😎😎

Summer Bulk Baby💪🏽

425 Deadlift tonight and some accessories to cap it off💪🏽

Love my new shirt and protein from @fitforce_nutrition
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You Gotta Be Hungry In Order To Have What You Want. You Can’t Be Average Anymore To Do What You Want. You Have To Be Phenomenal In Order To Be Successful 💪🏽🔥

Shredding 😏

Pool Side/Tan Gainzzz💪🏽

throwback to when i had some fun throwin around some decent weight.. this was a couple months back when i weighed around 180-185lbs (scroll all the way to the right to see what i looked like).the past few months i found out what half of the body was more fun to train😉
after countless failed squats i finally hit my goal of 365 lbs! i don’t train as heavy as i used to mainly because it was getting to the point where i was getting back pain, and i of course don’t weigh that much anymore which always helps with putting up more weight!🤘🏽
i still put my myself through 2-3 tough leg workouts a week tho so don’t worry😤

#noobliquegang #fitnessmotivation #fitfam

back day is the best day..🤘🏽 gotta keep grinding to meet those goals😤
#bodybuilding #asthetic #gains #fitnessjourney #gymlife

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