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A super fun post is up on the blog today!

| Will post this on my blog sometime soon. 🌸🌻 #fashion #blogger #fashionblogger #teenbloggers #teenblog

Hola chicos❤️
Hoy nos hemos encontrado mis amigas y yo a @jcreusgarcia (Monica de Villamore) actriz de la serie Merlí!
Ha sido todo un placer encontrarte, eres super amable y guapa! Esperamos verte otra vez!

A #youtuber super linda e atenciosa @vandressarib

He looks kinda pissed


A new blog went up yesterday guys👀the Get To Know Me tag💗link in bio

#irishblog #irishblogger #teenblogger #teenblog #newblog #gettoknowme

Check out today's Daily Thoughts about your purpose and using your gifts for God RIGHT NOW!

Tomorrow we're starting back on the gospel of John so make sure to stop back for that!

Hey guys!! You might have noticed that our page has changed, from "ishhthing" its "storyness" now.From now on I'll be posting stories by me only.Please ask your friends to read it I'm sure they'll like it.
Thankyou for your support earlier..and we need your support now too.

A super fun post is up on the blog today!

I have to tell you about this moisturiser I was kindly sent from Good Things Beauty..... I have recently started to suffer with eczema and this has not irritated my skin at all, not only does this smell amazing it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. This moisturiser and lots of other products aimed at teen skin from these lovely peeps are available to buy @bootsuk 💕 #goodthings #goodthingsbeauty #moisturiser #skincare #eczema #eczemaproblems #skincareroutine #beauty #beautyblogger #beautyproducts #boots #bblog #bblogger #blogger #bloggestyle #teen #teenblog #teenstyle #instalike #instalife #instadaily #allaboutemilie

The temps have cooled enough for me to successfully spend time outside today! During the day that is, and not at some obscene hour of darkness. Major win! I'll spend tonight prepping for a hospital day tomorrow, and sewing patches onto my service dog's new vest!

Skin problems? I hear ya! Check out the latest post on my blog, a guest post by @midlifeedit alll about #teenskin #dancingfoody

Pls read// ok sorta little mini post in here but I wanted to talk about something quickly. I know these aren't poppies but tall poppy syndrome, u heard of it? Well it's when people see someone succeeding, or doing well and people put those people down, often because they are jealous they can't do it themselves. Guys I have seen this happen far too much, it's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of you. So my little take home message with this is let's build each other up not tear each other down. Let's support and encourage each other and when someone can do something better than us let's aspire to be like them and take pointers from watching them do something. There is so much hurt in this world. Why punish someone for what they have worked hard for and can do well. Let's support each other! Soz rant over! Comment if u read it all! 💗🌸🌷🌺💗

¡Me ha encantado éste iluminador! Está precioso 💖 pueden encontrar más cositas lindas como ésta en @thebrownbagsv 🙌 #TheBag #teenblog #Girlsblog #fashiongirl #Fashionblog #makeupsv #Makeuplover #Rainbowhighlighter #Forever21 #highlighter #Bloggergirl #bloggersv #vsco #vscocam


Am I ruining my aesthetic? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. I love this photo from prom way too much. Conquering prom wasn't easy with my chronic illnesses but it sure was worth it, and I am so grateful to have been surrounded by friends who didn't care that I had to sit or lie down and couldn't stand the music for very long - we still had fun!
*not pictured: my date looking back at me, and an overall "these two are up to something" vibe*

Summer is coming in full force, so here's a throwback to spring's showers. We're supposed to get some major storms tonight, but I'm excited because even though storms make my pain worse, I enjoy the music of the pounding rain and the light show that nature puts on.

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