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#Repost @noah_lyfts
Had a great time this week in Clearwater beach area👌🏻 Stayed consistent with training as well as the diet and also had the opportunity to network with a few people 💯 @quadrumfitness #noahlyfts#10x#fitentrepreneur#gymmotivation#teenathlete

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Who would have thought that Planet Fitness would have some of the most half-natty lighting around?! Might just have to get a membership to put this lighting to use. Anyways, this cut is going to plan! Getting to the point where I feel as if I'm starting to look bigger, when in reality I'm getting smaller. :(

Close-grip seated cable row for the 4th exercice of my #backday

Stand out in any crowd with the gold and black classic tee ✨
Shop the range by clicking the link in our bio 💪🏻 #beanunderdog

Trop concentré pour contracter 😅
C'est quoi ton objectif physique? 🏆🏋️
Pour moi c'est être comme @justinmartilini, un des gars les plus esthétiques que j'ai pu voir je trouve
On essaie de s'en rapprocher 😉
La vidéo motivation de @nicorcd arrive bientôt, j'espère qu'elle vous plaira 🎥
Dispo pour toute demande de vidéos/photos sur Paris 📸🎥
N'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP ✍️👀
#photography #body #athlete #aesthetics #shredded #triceps #determination #hardwork #pump #workout #transformation #fitness #arm #chest #teen #teenathlete #18years #gym #hardwork #nevergiveup #gymprogress

UPDATE: when I was deadlifting yesterday I had a pre banging pop in my lower back/pelvic region but ya boy is pre okay. Just fairly sore right now and Jammie’s are tight as hale! I’m 6 days out from my meet so I’m gunna roll the hale outta my body and do some nice ol 10 minute walks ( thanks @stanefferding ) I hope I’ll be fine by then but whatever happens happens big dawgs! If anyon has any good recovery tips plz tell me! (These guys are bomb fr fr)

"When I see my haters..." Just kidding! I find it hilarious when people do that though 😂😜
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! 📸: @elijahmartinez_fitness

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