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🔊Attenzione attenzione.
Ecco il nuovo #podcast del Salotto del Terrore con me e @mariani_andrea79 dove si parla di SERIAL KILLER.
Questa volta abbiamo dato il meglio. Super puntatona di 50 minuti.
Da non perdere!
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Fuck yeah Karen & Cheryl speaking at Ted Bundy’s trial. So much respect for brave women who have the courage to do this ❤️ #tcc #tedbundy #truecrime

y’all should i get the other side of my nose and my septum pierced or just my nose

Photo Circa 2016. What do I look like? #ThrowbackThursday #FlashbackFriday to #TrayvonMartin when y’all said, “Well what do you expect? Look at him wearing that hoodie!” And then to the last couple of days to the #AustinBomber where I’m hearing, “He doesn’t even look like a bomber”. You know who else didn’t look like a serial killer/mass murderer? #TedBundy So…again. What do I look like? If I were to be gunned down by some trigger happy cop, what would you say about me? I deserved it? Would you all come out of the woodworks to talk about how great of a person I was? How great I served my country? I honestly don’t give a flying ____ what you would say, but you all seem to have an opinion these days about why Blacks deserve to be killed unarmed. I know, I know…”it’s not about race”. #rollingeyes To those who don’t think they’re racist because they’re raising their kids to have five Black friends, hats off to you…two more to go!

tfw bae leave u a present 😭👩‍💻

Estudante de Direito, Ted era considerado, além de um aluno brilhante, uma pessoa muito sincera, comunicativa e "do bem". Entre suas boas ações, estão perseguir um batedor de carteiras na rua e salvar um menino de três anos que se afogava em um lago. Mas tudo não passava de uma máscara para esconder toda a perversidade que o dominava. Estima-se que entre os anos de 1974 e 1978, o assassino tenha matado aproximadamente 35 mulheres. Em alguns casos, ele abusava e torturava a vítima psicologicamente, fazendo-a ter certeza de que iria morrer.
Depois de preso, Ted abriu mão do advogado que seus amigos lhe conseguiram por acreditarem na sua inocência. O psicopata fez sua própria defesa no tribunal e foi extremamente elogiado pelo seu desempenho, inclusive por parte do juiz. No dia 24 de janeiro de 1989, Ted Bundy foi morto na cadeira elétrica, aos 42 anos. Ele nunca se arrependeu dos crimes que cometeu, uma vez que não tratava suas vítimas como seres humanos.

On the topic of serial killers - what’s your ideal killer quad? 🔪

🍖Deputy Rolf Miller...at yer service, ma’am. Progress for @creaturefiends 🐍 #Burney #penandink #illustration #creatureskateboards #tedbundy

Zac Efron ——> Ted Bundy🔪🎬

As you can see, there are many ways to promote a product, but it’s important to find the right match to the creator’s vision. For this reason, Cold Case Murder Mysteries will be undergoing some changes. I don’t have all the details yet, but the plan moving forward is to have a subscription platform on my website where you can choose one of three tiers. That will begin after the upcoming Maura Murray episode. All existing content will remain free/public for now. I’ll also post an occasional bonus episode to continue driving traffic toward the show.

There are a lot of considerations with pricing due to the large number of international listeners, and I’ll need to figure out how that works best. With that said, the following should give you a good idea of what to expect. Episodes would be released on a set schedule in this format.

Tier I: $1/month. This offers access to that month’s “feature” episode, which will be the longest show with the greatest amount of public interest.

Tier II: $2/month. This option includes the feature episode, in addition to two more full-length episodes each month.

Tier III: $3/month. Everything in Tier 2, plus private access to weekly blog posts about unsolved cases, serial killers, and all things true crime.

I know this change will be disappointing for some people, and I apologize for that in advance. After giving the situation a lot of thought, the bottom line is that I believe my greatest strength is creating content. I want to be able to do that without constantly draining my creative time seeking opportunities to monetize the podcast.

On that note, I want to say thank you to the show’s Patreon supporters for their generosity. The plan is to shut down my account once the subscription phase begins. More details will be available shortly.

I’ll keep everyone updated regarding this change. Thanks for reading.

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You've totally missed our posts over the last few days right? Well we have been busier than John Wayne Gacy at a boy scouts camping trip over at dread.tv - so we are looking for some writers/reviewers for the website to help "lighten the load" (you have no idea how difficult it is to type that with Dahmer staring right back at you!) in a range of different areas from Movie/TV/Games/Merchandise and books. Send a message if you are interested.

It's going to be so frustrating to rebuild this account, but I'll get there eventually. #jeffreydahmer #serialkiller #serialkillerwiki #truecrime #tcc #tedbundy #johnwaynegacy #lioneldahmer #myfrienddahmer

Two new portraits of Myra Hindley and ted bundy #oilpainting #tedbundy #myrahindley

It’s cloudy and I have sunscreen on but I’ll probably still get a sunburn. #tucson #arizona #poolside #paleskin #sunburn #vacationbook #tedbundy #lightreading #thestrangerbesideme

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