Use the slider to create then size or your "Pop." #newtech #techstartup #original
#techofthefuture #itspoppin

Having a Laugh, great shoot and brilliant crew #comedy #comedysketchshow #inventing #techofthefuture #productiondesigner #designer

Greetings from Apple Park Visitor Center! This place is amazing! Me and my iPhoneX... #applepark #techofthefuture #appleenergy

The MARATHON CL030055BK LED Alarm Clock with two ports for charging and portable to take on your trips. With a sleek design and color choosing to choose your different color to fit your style and home.

For black Friday their are selling an Xbox one s for 189.99 which is a steal when it comes to gaming consoles. With great capability for anybody and with some 4K qualities.

The Polaroid Cube+ 1440p Mini Lifestyle Action Camera with Wi-Fi & Image Stabilization is a cheap easier way to get a action camera at a low price. With different color ways for all your needs and with great quality.

The Darth Vader Star Wars x MimoPowerBot 5200mAh Portable Battery Charger is a portable charger in the shape of Darth Vader for all the star wars fans and anybody wanting some darkness in their life.

Short on time? Use Alexa to start your car.

#2018 #NissanConnect #NissanMurano #techofthefuture #alexa

The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are a sleek and comfortable headphones with great sound with a good price. These headphones are good quality and would last for a long time.

The Reusable Idea Surface
By Think Board is a clear white board that sticks to any surface for you to write everything you might want or any ideas that come to your mind in that moment.

The Organization System
By Cocoon GRID-IT is a easy simple and great way to organize all your little gadgets instead of ending all the way at the bottom of your bag.

The Smart Internet Security Firewall By CUJO is a protective firewall for your Internet and many other devises for intruders not to get your personal information. With a sleek and great design it will fit in any home.

The BoostPack Power Bank
By FuelBox is a easier way to charge your devises and has cables for your devises. With a sleek design and modern look to look good in your house.

The limelens Interchangeable Phone Lens Set are camera lenses for your phone to make your phone have a better camera with these lenses.

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