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This robot arm can catch anything. It should play baseball! 🤖⚾️ #sciencelife #insiderscience

"Guys, do you see this? I really can see Jupiter!" Overhead today the Microsoft Innovation Center - a little #hololens fun today with the college entrepreneurs from the @accinventure prize! #virtualreality #techofthefuture #microsoft

The Google Home Smart Speaker capable of controlling your house and assistance with anything. With a sleek design and would look good anywhere its perfect for any home.

Our fellows testing driverless cars at Google X in Mountain View #Techofthefuture @nyuinnovation @nyustern #nyusvf

Online publishing and sustainable business model & Adblockers 🚫 with @adblockplus #DTS #qlegal #techofthefuture #business #onlinebusiness

Slightly futuristic original, idk what to call it haha! 😛 let me know what you think in the comments(: #carsketch #pencildrawing #originalcar #futuristiccar #blackandwhite #techofthefuture

Am I seeing my holographic future? Or just zapping some virtual aliens? #microsofthololens #techofthefuture

Short on time? Use Alexa to start your car.

#2018 #NissanConnect #NissanMurano #techofthefuture #alexa


Up before the early bird this morning for the Innovation showcase today in Ipswich! This wonderful printed #spitfire belongs to #chronicleDigitalStorytelling, our neighbours for the day! some amazing showcasing of a variety of digital solutions we could integrate into any part of life. #buildingthefuture #technology #innovationshowcase #techofthefuture #AR #VR

The MARATHON CL030055BK LED Alarm Clock with two ports for charging and portable to take on your trips. With a sleek design and color choosing to choose your different color to fit your style and home.

For black Friday their are selling an Xbox one s for 189.99 which is a steal when it comes to gaming consoles. With great capability for anybody and with some 4K qualities.

The Polaroid Cube+ 1440p Mini Lifestyle Action Camera with Wi-Fi & Image Stabilization is a cheap easier way to get a action camera at a low price. With different color ways for all your needs and with great quality.

The Darth Vader Star Wars x MimoPowerBot 5200mAh Portable Battery Charger is a portable charger in the shape of Darth Vader for all the star wars fans and anybody wanting some darkness in their life.

Short on time? Use Alexa to start your car.

#2018 #NissanConnect #NissanMurano #techofthefuture #alexa

The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are a sleek and comfortable headphones with great sound with a good price. These headphones are good quality and would last for a long time.

The Reusable Idea Surface
By Think Board is a clear white board that sticks to any surface for you to write everything you might want or any ideas that come to your mind in that moment.

The Organization System
By Cocoon GRID-IT is a easy simple and great way to organize all your little gadgets instead of ending all the way at the bottom of your bag.

The Smart Internet Security Firewall By CUJO is a protective firewall for your Internet and many other devises for intruders not to get your personal information. With a sleek and great design it will fit in any home.

The BoostPack Power Bank
By FuelBox is a easier way to charge your devises and has cables for your devises. With a sleek design and modern look to look good in your house.

The limelens Interchangeable Phone Lens Set are camera lenses for your phone to make your phone have a better camera with these lenses.

The X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports is a simpler cleaner way for everybody to charge their devises in the car. With a port that knows what's the best charge for your devise to charge fast. With different color choices to fit your style and car.

What a morning as a guest of @redagencyau for the #starwars #drone #propel launch for @sydneysocial101 - such a great event to fill my tech geek fix #tech #launch #consumertech #techofthefuture

The Google Chromecast is another solution to make your tv smart. When it's connected to your phone and from your phone you can watch anything with tv casting. With a simple solution to watch anything on your tv.

The fidget spinner case for phones is protected and fun for all your spinning and all the falls your phone takes. With a sleek design and a fun case for all the entertainment.

The moov now is an activity tracker for all your fitness needs and your activities. With a different design than your average fitness tracker. Which connects to your phone to show you all your results.

The #future of #SelfDrivingCars is almost a reality! #Waymo is currently testing out their #cars out on the road! #technology #tech #techofthefuture #amazing #awesome

The Satechi Fast Wireless Charger is a Qi Wireless Charging Pad to charge your iPhone and your galaxy phone With a sleek design and fast charge this could be useful for everyone.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a fitness watch for all your exercise needs and is waterproof. With two colorways but different color bands to fit your day or fit you.

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality system for all your virtual reality games and activities. With a sleek design and great system to fit your gaming needs.

The Ful Lightning to USB Fold Out Keychain is a 2.4 amp charge with charge and sync for all apple devices to sync your phone to your computer or any other device you might want.

The Master Lock Padlock, Bluetooth Lock is a padlock connected to your phone by putting your phone with your padlock and also accessible by touch.

The Philips hue starter kit is a starter kit for your new smart lights which comes with two bulbs and the controller to control the lights in your house.

The Withings Activite Pop is a activity tracker watch for all your fitness needs for a low cost, it comes with all the features for daily tasks on your activity.

The Logitech ultra rhin mouse with a sleek and portable mouse for all your needs which connects thru bluetooth.

The Logitech G906 is a wireless gaming mouse with high power and great quality for all your gaming needs. Its super easy to use and very comfortable for anyone who does any gaming.

The Carved Smartphone Cases are sleek and safe phone cases that have a wood design with protected sides to keep your phone safe and protected.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones is a sleek and powerful headphones capable of great sound and looking stylish.

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Wireless Waterproof Speaker is a powerful, small and portable speaker for all your outdoor activities and your indoor activities. With a sleek and simple design and different color variations you can find the best for you.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a thin and portable laptop and tablet with the capability of flipping to use in tablet mode and also with a powerful specs it can be yout new daily gadget.

The Apple TV 4K is a small but powerful machine, capable of watching tv on 4K on your TV. This small gadget can become essential in your daily life and everyday use.

The Anker Portable Data Hub is a perfect Gadget for all your Devices to have connected for all your different devices to have in one place.

The Sony A1E Series OLED 4K TV is a super thin tv with high capacity to take care of all your needs and all your gaming and tv watching. With a sleek design and high quality.

The Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker is a sleek speaker with a loud capacity of sound and has a small light inside. You would want one for your house to get that finishing touch.

Logitech G920 Driving Force I'd a very smooth and comfortable driving set and works with xbox one and pc for all your gaming car needs.

The Google home mini is a small smart home google machine. Able to answer all your questions and control your home. With a sleek design and more affortable.

The Google pixle 2 with a stunning design and a great phone over all. With great specs and great performance you will need to try it.

Nabi Aristotle voice assistant. For kids is a amazon alexa assistant for you and your kids, it can answer questions and order you more items for your children.

Dell XPS 13 is a powerful laptop capable to turn into tablet mode. With a sleek design and super powerful you can do a lot of things.

When #thedukeofyork posts about your partners company on twitter that makes for a very exciting #mondaymorning we’re feeling very #honoured and #proud #techstartup #pitchatpalace #mondaymotivation #videoplatform #unbufferzone #cybersecurity #techofthefuture

The Duo Computer is a mirror but when you touch it activates to what you want it to be for your everyday to know everything by just looking in the mirror.

The XTND Board is custom to be made for you and by getting to know your activity to work and be easy to use to transport anywhere. WIth a sleek design and light in the back and front for other cars and people to see your coming.

The Titan Note Advance notes for easy note taking by pressing it and recording the notes for them to make it easier. Also with a sleek design and easy to be transported, it can easily be used to record your notes.

The eSight 3 is an over the eye visor which helps legally blind people navigate with a camera and video display that sho…
The eSight 3 is an over the eye visor which helps legally blind people navigate with a camera and video display that shows a live feed of what’s infront. It’s hands free and super light weight. | | | | | #gadgets #newtech #lifehacks #beautifulgadgets #techofthefuture Source Looking for Website Designer that’s fast & affordable?

Happy Monday, friends! 🎉

Today I am kicking off the week by working on one of my most favorite projects that got started in Mid Feb and it is ongoing and a learning process.

I couldn't feel more lucky to be surrounded by like minded individuals that feed my soul with positivity and energy.

I've met some incredible friends and business partners through this journey and we are just getting started!
I am so excited for what's to come and look forward to growing for the future. #sidehustle #businessminded #pgnchallenge #changinglives #technology #mondaymotivation #positivethinking #energy #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneur #likemindedpeople #lifestyle #monitorlovedones #lifechanges #businesspartners #worldwide #australia #usa #uk #canada #wearabletechnology #techofthefuture #positivevibes #friendship #success #dreambig #workfromhome #homebasedbusiness

Happy Monday Instagram! 🎉

Going to spend the first night of this week working on one of my most favorite projects! Remember how I said I loved to work and love my job? Well this side job I love even more!! ❤️❤️ I couldn't feel more lucky to be surrounded by like minded individuals who started out as business partners but have become more like family!
I've met so many incredible friends through this journey and we are just getting started!
I am so excited for what's to come! #pgnchallenge

The LAER Smart Laptop Charging Sleeve for your fast charge on the go with this sleeve you will have your laptop charging while your doing something else without the cables.

The Sony Dynamic foldable headphones with a stylish design and easy portability to fit in any small place. Comes in different colors for your taste of color.

The Google Wi-Fi Mesh Wi-Fi Network System is a wifi system to connect all around your home to have a better and stronger wifi system, with a sleek design and works for any home.

The Google Home Smart Speaker capable of controlling your house and assistance with anything. With a sleek design and would look good anywhere its perfect for any home.

The Netgear Nighthawk A7000 USB Wi-Fi Adapter is an adapter that makes your wifi faster to your computer for faster work and a better experience.

The eSight 3 is an over the eye visor which helps legally blind people navigate with a camera and video display that shows a live feed of what's infront. It's hands free and super light weight. |
#gadgets #newtech #lifehacks #beautifulgadgets #techofthefuture

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Earbuds are good earbuds for working out and doing anything fitness. With a sleek design and modern look it's perfect for your fitness needs.

The Here one is earbuds which let you boost voices around you or lower the volume of people around you. To make having a conversion or having a relaxing day better. |
#gadgets #newtech #lifehacks #beautifulgadgets #techofthefuture

The YOUMO is a smart modular power strip made especially for you for all your needs in one place. With a sleek desing and different power strips for everything you need. |
#gadgets #newtech #lifehacks #beautifulgadgets #techofthefuture

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