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Tesla Model X technology
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3D printed concrete castle 👏. ▶▶ Like, tag a friend & please follow @daily.tech.humor
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چرا فشار دادن بادکنک روی میخ، باعث ترکیدن آن نمی شود؟!
پیج فکتمون رو میتونید فالو کنید👇
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Left or Right ?? 🎀
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In 2009, Ashton Kutcher co-founded (with his ex-wife Demi Moore) Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, which builds software to fight human trafficking. In the past six months, the tool has identified 6,000 victims of modern slavery, 2,000 of them children. This past Wednesday at a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kutcher stressed the importance of using technology as a tool that can be used to disable slavery. Said the actor, "It's a game of whack-a-mole, right? And the only question we have is not relative to censoring it, it's not relative to shutting down the internet, it's relative to can we build the tools that are better than their tools to fight what's happening?"

Cool Controller
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Built by researchers and students at Rutgers University, the Naviator is an aerial drone with the ability to submerge below water. The Office of Naval Research commissioned this project because the technology can be used to rapidly detect and map underwater mines. Although only the first prototype of this versatile drone has been completed, the potential applications of the device are virtually endless.

Did you know a new NASA spacecraft will be powered by light? Solar sails are the future of space exploration. Made of ultra-thin, highly reflective material, these sails can propel spacecrafts by absorbing photons from the sun. The technology is incredibly similar to the project Carl Sagan, and later Bill Nye, tested a few years ago. Plans are already in place for a small probe, powered by solar sails, that will be launched sometime in 2018. The craft is expected to journey to a distant asteroid. Thanks to our friends at @Tech for the post!

#Technology itself has become #Spyware...


Techno Monday - siporax to manage nitrates and a bottle of Dr Tims one & only to seed it👍👍#drtims #cycle #fishtank #fish #gadget #tech #technology #fishpalace #marinetank #frag #marineaquarium #fishlesscycle #marine

#Flying high: #drones open new opportunities for #industrial applications.

Image 8/8.
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SpaceX successfully launches rocket after Saturday setback.
Private rocket firm SpaceX has successfully launched a rocket carrying a cargo ship for the International Space Station following the postponement of take-off on Saturday because of technical problems. Witnesses said the rocket was only briefly visible before making its way into the clouds. The launch was made from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket booster successfully landed on the ground nine minutes after taking off.
Source: BBC
Two innovations from Dubai Customs accredited by GII.
Dubai Customs received accreditation from Global Innovation Institute (GII) on its innovations: the (Enterprise Connected View) and the (Enterprise Capability Management). This is indicative of Dubai Customs’ persistence to revolutionize the way customs work is done. The Global Innovation Institute is an international organization providing professional membership associations and certifications in the field of Innovation.
Source: Media Office
__________ .Africa domain will finally be available after legal victory.
After years of legal battles, the domain name .Africa will finally be available to the general public to apply for domain names from 4 July according to reports by News24. Worldwide web administrator, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), awarded the .Africa domain to South Africa’s ZA Central Registry in 2014 after a bidding process. The move to implement the domain name was blocked when the only other bidder for the name, DotConnectedAfrica (DCA), challenged ICANN’s decision in a US Court according to The Register. This resulted in delays which finally came to an end in December after the DCA lost a second motion in a Californian court for a preliminary injunction to stop ICANN’s delegation of the domain name to ZACR, this ended the legal process.
Source: IT News Africa

Another great shot of our new The Beatles 1964 Recordplayer.

This limited edition´s graphics are based on the ticket design from
their legendary tour between 1962 and 1966.
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Cumii: Bringing connected Things and Transformation to Africa.
Cumii is a pan-African IoT company that focuses on disruptive technology that transforms Africa. Its philosophy and DNA is built from the “The Internet of Things” (a vision where everything is connected), “Machine to Machine” and Big Data.
Source: IT News Africa

The work continues. @hp @belkin

African startup, Controvert Media, is using AI to produce news stories.
Tech startup, Controvert Media has implemented the use of artificial intelligence robots to automatically write and post news articles on the internet. Artificial Intelligence robots – or “bots”, as they are also known by, are created by software developers in order to take on repetitive tasks that would ordinarily be carried out by people. The startup’s service was trialled at the recently-concluded AFCON 2017 football tournament, with some of the content it produced appearing on soccer24.co.zw, a popular football blog in Zimbabwe. Controvert Media has also applied the use of bots for content creation to Pindula.com, a Southern Africa-centric profiles and news website.
Source: IT News Africa