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Dior Technologic por @itsashbenzo 😍 #sunglasses #estilo #espelhado #dior #technologic 😎👌🏼

▪️#technologic ▪️

Techologic. #technologic #gay #man

Mixed level technological tap! #summerintensive #tapdance #rhythm #technologic

"Buy it, use it, break it..." Hey, these are the guys from that #daftpunk 's #Technologic video! #thejimhensonexhibition


Feeling the neon technologic fantasy!! 😍💅🏼🖤💛✌🏼🤙🏼✋🏼🙋🏼✨#sassy#prettynails#hollywoodnails#yaaas#work#neon#technoinspired#technologic#glow#youbetterwork#yum#delish#eatit

Went hiking yesterday in the jungle. If you watch my story, you saw some of it. Really learned the downfall of having double vision #diplopia , dropping my glasses in green grass, green trees, green leaves, green vines, green spiders, green butterflys, green flys, green rain, green rivers, green spiders, green ants, green ants, green ants, green, green, green. I went alone after going once with my cousin. I like to do things alone, or at least used to. Walk down the streets in LA and they are all straight, blocks, flat, easy. I have a hard time seeing, but understand everything is straight, for the most part. Yet here in Costa Rica, no straight streets, we're on a mountain, so constantly up and down, cars don't stop, they have the right of way. Chaos, I love it and don't. Nature is chaos. Double it, blur it, darken it, brighten it, buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it, change the hue on one eye just a bit and bam margera, welcome to me panicking, especially after running into a few spider webs, fuck that. I haven't screamed out loud like that in a min. So in honor of me not bringing up my shitty life on here in awhile, here's a snap of me merging and un merging the camera lens on my phone, with my cousin's art in the background, check out my story, he's doing some cool shit with colored lights and his paintings. I said I wouldn't share my instagram on facebook anymore, but have already done it once since, so here's another. But I'm taking it further. Here I present my snapchat uploaded to instagram uploaded to Facebook, because where would we b without all this time wasteful technology. Notice my right eye is the only eye moving. I still don't understand what's up with my vision. They say my eye muscles are messed up, so I just gotta exercise them back into shape, no pain no gain?! In this vid my vision starts off double, but then I merge, so you see my eyes aren't pointed the same way, and when they are, that means I successfully merged the images, but that's hard to hold furlong, edward. But fuck it, I'll b back. Hasta la vista, baby. #strabismus #horrorfusionis #doublevision #fourkrustys #tbi #technologic #puravida

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