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Some pics don't need a caption
Trust me this one will top the list 😍 #bestpplever #btechlife #techguys 😂😂 Pc :- @prabhathlolla 😘
Ec :- @sarath_veeturi 😁

Just want to give a big shoutout to awesome friends who help out someone as hopeless as I am when it comes to video editing. Salamat @ginuhit at @gizguideph sa tulong! #TechxLifestylebyK #techguys #techbloggers

So we lost the contest to the guy who dressed like Batman🎃😒 #techguys #engineering #halloween #ninja #doctor #

We maintain the fonts! It's the GDG I/O extended 2017. Attend the event @binghamUni (10am 10th june) #GDGBinghamUni #TechEvent #techguys #makeashirtwithtoks #FoveróToksPrints (FTP).


See shark; hear "Jaws." The soundtrack plays a huge role in making your video work and in representing your brand. Learn how to recognize which genre best showcases what you've got through the link in the bio. (Hint: It's probably not Bieber.)⠀

You don't need to say a lot to say it all. When you keep things short, sweet and to the point, you are more likely to keep your audience's attention to the end. #videotips

To play like a @ncaasports pro, you choose @adidas. To market like a pro, you choose us. #nobrainer

Virtual Reality: Also for unicorns!

Talk about an APP-ocalypse! Apple hit the nail on the head with this one. What app can you not live without? #LongLiveApps

Don't be a faceless company. Show your clients who you are and what you're about with a founder video. We’ve got tips for getting started on the blog. #linkinbio

The numbers don't lie. Marketing + Video = Success. Get started on your first video by following our top five tips. #ItJustWorks

Some pics don't need a caption
Trust me this one will top the list 😍 #bestpplever #btechlife #techguys 😂😂 Pc :- @prabhathlolla 😘
Ec :- @sarath_veeturi 😁

Mondays. Woof. #amiright #WhoLetTheDogsOut

Let's make a change to your marketing strategy.⠀

Watching a @nascar race gets real interesting when you're riding shotgun, and virtual reality is making that dream a reality (get it). Here's our breakdown of VR, AR and 360 video, and why we love them. Link in bio.⠀

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