She was all smiles until it was time to get started! #shehatesthedentist #tearsfordays #whencanweleave #momlife

@davidduncanphoto was gracious enough to take photos of the gorgeous three S’s and me today as a gift for @shellywalston before she is called to her new kingdom post in Utah with her sweet family! Afterwards we sang and prayed together and he snapped this photo with the phone, which I will treasure, as @shellywalston, @sheena.frost and @susannekirkpatrick are truly gifts Jesus has given me that I could never have fathomed being possible! Distance cannot undo what God put together! Thank you David for your time today and thank you sisters for your love! #sistersinChrist #bestfriendsshoot #tearsfordays #worship #1samuel181 #howgorgeousaremysisters #sowilli #sowilli100billionx

Everyone is either traveling, Coachella-ing, or generally living their best life. Here @codeadvanced and I are dealing with the grumpiest/saddest baby on the planet. And we both have hellacious work weeks coming up.. Lux, you’re lucky you’re so damn cute...
#baby #babygirl #bb #teething #teethingbaby #teethingproblems #tearsfordays #hellodarknessmyoldfriend #nosleep #whatissleep #sleepisfortheweak #givemealcohol #givemecoffee #givemeabreak #lux #youoweus #shitoutofluck #mombie

Everyone needs a little pick me up today! Tax Day Specials going on NOW!
Link to shopping group is in my bio 👆👆
#taxes #taxseason #taxdaysale #letsdothis #tearsfordays #stressful #lularoe #lularoeretailer

Lost his first tooth at 730 this morning (school uniform pics) which left him looking so silly with his centered-hillbilly tooth...and bc he’s so extra, he went ahead and lost his second tooth tonight too via the door slam by Baylor! 😩😩😩😂🙄 #Toothless #ItsAnAndrewsThing #NoReally #ItIs #TearsForDays #Bj3

This moment 😭 when my (not so) baby nephew Josh walked his Mum down the aisle. The pride coming from this boy was SO beautiful 💛💛💛
#family #tearsfordays #soproud

Grinning from ear to ear. When I made that right onto Hereford and left onto Boylston I KNEW I was going to finish (4:14). Something I was unsure of a couple hours earlier. We made history today with an American female win and top 10 worst weather at the Boston marathon 💨🌧❄️ I am so proud to have been a part of this amazing race.
From the start my quads and hamstrings were cramping from the cold and I knew I was going to have to fight for that medal (the one medal I will keep 💙💛) I walked whenever I needed, I stopped at the med tent for a heat blanket and cried before moving on, I stopped for a photo with my friend and cried, I started running again and couldn’t stop crying. It was hard, it was cold, I was tired and tired of being cold. Boston is HILLY!! What got me through?
1. Smile when it hurts.
2. Look at the spectators, they’re there for you!
3. One step at a time
4. My body is capable of amazing things! It will carry me to the finish. #earnednotgiven #bostonmarathonfinisher #boston2018 #coldandwindy #runningmama #irunthisbody #goalchaser #iamstrong #tearsfordays #bostonstrong #run_crew

So many still and quiet moments made up Mia and Marvin’s wedding day, but my favorite was arguably the loudest moment of all. In lieu of a traditional toast, Mia’s maid of honor led the entire room of wedding guests in a chorus of “You Are My Sunshine” to the bride and groom. Hands down, that was the most beautiful gift I’ve ever seen given to a new marriage #tearsfordays This moment, along with so many others, is gracing my blog tonight! The link is in my bio if you’re feeling romantic 😘

PSA to my fellow Preggie ladies.... Watching a Nicholas Sparks novel based movie when 2 weeks postpartum is not, I repeat, NOT a good idea.
#tearsfordays #INeedANap

Me yesterday during the summit. Before getting deathly ill!! Face and Hair beaten for the gods! I actually wore fake lashes! The makeup stylist put them on. Every time I blinked I felt like a Shitzu with Hair in my eyes!! #baroness #thebaroness #timesup #metoo I did so many interviews with media It was a blurrrrrrr of crazy questions!! Learned a new word “us-ies” all the goddesses that attended asked for “usies” I felt so old!! Haha #sa #sugar #empoweringwomen #tearsfordays

A little over 7 years ago our we rushed our beautiful daughter to the ER after witnessing what we thought was a seizure. We were told it was febrile seizure because of a fever. Since then these episodes haven’t stopped. We’ve taken her to doctors and had numerous tests done. One year after her first episode she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The past 6 years everything has been up and down. We’ve had years with zero episodes or seizures and then we’ve had years like this one where it was one after another. Tina has always been so strong and understanding. She’s had to put her life on hold somewhat to prevent seizures. She had to become more aware of her body and had to adjust to a new normal. She did this without complaining. She has always been a trooper and a true inspiration. She knew she was different but never let that bring her down. We were finally able to get one of her episodes on video and show her neurologist. He was dismissive and said it was not a big deal. So we decided to get a second opinion. We got an recommendation from our wonderful neighbors to see Dr. Nolan at Beaumont in royal oak. She saw Tina’s video and said her seizure didn’t seem typical and might be a different type then we were told. So she ordered some EEGs and we got the results back this week. She also reviewed all of Tina’s older results as well. She called us personally to tell us the good news. Her along with 5 other doctors concluded (separately) that she doesn’t actually have epilepsy, that she actually has reflex syncope. She basically faints, and it mimics seizures. Michael Call and I could not wait to tell her!! This was her reaction!!! Thank you to everyone who has ever helped us and sent your thoughts. She is now SLOWLY weening from her meds. She still has to be careful because the fall from fainting can still be an issue but she is on her way to recovery. #ohhappyday #epilepsyawareness #syncope #thebestreaction #tearsfordays #tearsofjoy #proudparentmoment @theellenshow

4.14.15. Shoutout to my roomie @allisynjust for helping me last minute film while in Shipshe! Beyond thankful for self-tapes and a living room lol it may not be professional, but the acting is what matters most 💕 #Actor #Indiana #SelfTape #Tv #Film #Roomie #Indiana #Theatre #OnContract #OutofTown #MissingHome #MusicalTheatre #HalfStitched #Drama #TearsForDays #EastCoastTalent @ect_agency

Happy SADurday.
Watching the ocean while listening to 26 was quite a moment.
@parahoyofficial @paramore
#tearsfordays #parahoy2018 #parahoy #paramore #26 #afterlaughter #holdontohopeifyougotit

Here we go again ... Safe Travels my Marine! I hate this part more than anything ☹️ It Never gets Easy & it hurts like a piece of my heart is missing! Wishing I had just a lil more time with you! I Love you More Than U Know! Marine Mom’s have it the hardest for sure! #tearsfordays #missyoualready

What a day! Thanks to Longines for putting on such a beautiful event. So grateful to witness a huge victory for Winx 🏇🏼🏇🏼🥇🥇 @longines #win #races #tearsfordays #love #verve

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