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15 weeks ago vs. today. I thank God for this 2nd chance. Never in my 29 years of life did I imagine that I would be losing this weight and keeping it off. I am so grateful that I can have this do-over. #Shrinking #TeamVSG #TransformationTuesday 😁

#TB✨ Before/After 2013 : For the few who didn't believe my previous post.... HERE is a A week before my VSG surgery pic in Feb 2013 and my After pic 5 months later in July 2013. The ONLY surgery I had then was my VERTICAL SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY... NO LIPO, NO TUMMY TUCK, and NO BOOB JOB!!! Just pure CONSISTENCY AND DEDICATION with my meal plans, 80-100g protein daily, exercising 6x weekly, and and becoming a healthier ME. Yes, I had a little loose skin on my tummy and yes my boobs were flat as a pancake; But my CURVES are ALL MINE!!! ✨POINT PROVEN✨ 💯💪😘 #teamVSG #myweightlossjourney #HealthGoals #Team4yrsPostOp2017 #SlimThick #PCOS #40andFine

#chickenlivers #cheapprotein #teamvsg I'm trying to find my way back on track ! #lilplateproject

I'm sure it's transparent on my Social Media how much I've fallen off the wagon. The last two days I've had really bad health scares and it's not the surgery's fault but my own negligence in my health.

I've been eating horribly, I haven't taken any vitamins and I don't remember the last time I had a protein shake, green juice or even my daily recommended amount of water. I've started nasty habits again like drinking soda, eating a pack of sunflower seeds a day and drinking beer. I worked out 1x in the last month and it wasn't even a good, sweaty one.

Yes I can sit here and say how my life got busy and it did; I broke up with my ex, moved 3k miles away, went on vacations, started two new jobs and I'm starting a business. BUT looking back at my life when has my life ever been still? NEVER. My life is always going to be busy, so the excuse of "I got so much going on" is really JUST that, a freaking excuse.
I could tell you how the surgery is NOT a magic pill, but I'm over telling people that shit. The mental rewiring that goes with any weight loss regimen(surgical or non surgical) is the most important. Without that, you will fail.

How I feel and how I look are two different things. I got this surgery to fix how I feel from within and not my appearance. Right now, I don't care how I look because I feel so shitty mentally and physically. It's not fair to myself and to everyone that has supported me for me to quit now. I'll be damned if I let myself or any of my family and friends down.

With that said be prepared because I'm going to get real annoying with my fitness and nutrition post. Ya'll feel free to keep me accountable and help us all in the #wls community to stay motivated because EVERYONE goes through these phases and it's important to remind ourselves that we aren't alone and we can get through this.



#WeightLoss #Healthy #FitLife #WeightLossSurgery #BariatricSurgery #VSG #RNY #LapBand #TeamRNY #TeamVSG #TeamLapBand #VSGInstaCrew #RNYInstacrew #LapBandInstaCrew #Fitness #Fit #bariatricbabe #PlusSize #LookBetterNaked #HealthyLiving #WeightForIt #wlssupport

#TransformationTuesday 😁

Thankful, Everyday. Working Hard, Everyday. Reminding Myself, Everyday. Smiling, Everyday. So I Can always Have, These Days 🙌🏾🙏🏾💪🏾
#ExtremeWeightLoss #Wls #TeamVsg #ProudofMyself #SelfLove #HardWorkPaysOff

Family vacation to California quickly turned into a Disneyland engagement celebration. From the moment we met, I knew he was something special. I immediately felt safe and protected. He reminded me of my value as a human being and makes sure I feel loved every day. Thank you, Mr.Booth, for taking me the way that I am. Just wanted to share this with all my VSG/WLS family! #disneyengagement #unconditionallove #wls #vsg #fairytale #disneyland #wlslife #vsglife #teamvsg #vsginstacrew #blackdiamond #bestdayever

I went shopping again today and found this shirt and I love it! The other shirts I found they looked "old" as my daughter would say so I only got this one & it came from stage! Whoever "Hannah" is, I love her clothes & would have purchased more styles but this was the only large they had everything else was XS or S but I shall return there! I would have never thought stage but it worked & I got some cute jeans too not pictured!

It's been one year. I can't believe a year has gone by. My life has changed for the better. In no way has this journey been easy. I've worked so hard to get to where I am now. I'm happier, healthier, stronger. I'm starting to feel more confident in my own skin. I've met so many amazing people along the way that mean so much to me. I am forever grateful. This is only the beginning.


Super proud to announce the beautiful team of Vegas Showgirls this year in Winter Variete Heidelberg. The stunning Heather, Rebecca, Sophie, Natalie and Natali will be joining the show team and crew, for this years spectacular variete show premiering in the amazing Heidelberg Castle! Two weeks to go before the rehearsals begin. Let the countdown commence! #wintervarieteheidelberg #vegashowgirls #variete #revue #dinnershow #germany #hedielbergcastle #heidelbergschloß #exciting #teamvsg #teamwvh #coutdown

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