My #purplepunch almost done with 1st stage training on the net. Another week and I’ll start topping again to get them ready for the second net and then they are ready to flower🔥

It was a really hard decision between @puffco peak or the vapexhale! I ultimately went with the vapexhale because it takes flower & concentrate! A review to come this week after learning how to use it! Use code ILMMJ to save 10% on your purchase!
@teamvapexhale ; link in bio!

Time to get bendy 🤸‍♂️
Join us here 👉 https://youtu.be/fbhXwzD4HN4 👈
May laughter, love and kindness find all those who need it most 🙏
#randomactofkindness #payitforward #broyoga #100dayyogachallenge #sharingiscaring #ustrasana #camelpose🐪 #teamvapexhale #evorips #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #cultivatingkindness 🕉

Owning the VapeXhale EVO has never been more affordable 🌿💨 Save BIG TIME on the Standard Starter Kit! See how far the price has dropped by visiting our BIO LINK 💫

Have you ever wondered how much money an EVO could save you per MONTH or even per YEAR on product? Or how quickly the device will ACTUALLY pay for itself? 💨💨💨 Well, we make it super easy to find out. Click our BIO LINK and we will calculate it for you in a few seconds. You may even be SHOCKED by what you find out...
Art: @julienpacaud

Purple Punch is in need of a net so I can start to train these branches to maximize my lighting going into flowering. This shit is gonna be fucking #fire

Hello old friend. It’s been well over a year and a half. This weekend my mindset to overcome this tumor takes a whole other level. I will challenge myself physically for the first time since my surgery in May. #fuckthistumor I will own you in every which way. I will not be defeated, I refuse to give up. It’s more than just bowling. This is simply just a picture of one simple test. To see if I can just have fun and #fuckthepain

I am introducing a new playlist over on Chili Bu Revolution where I'll drop a new cannabis infused yoga practice each week,
join #0peration0vergrow ✊, #chilibugenetics 🌱, #cannagrowerscan along with #teamvapexhale and #cannathlete as we humbly present this week's installment 'Bakasana' 👉 https://youtu.be/WbLGI5NrmgA 👈
Get medicated and we'll see you on the mat 🤸‍♂️
Namaste 🕉
#yogachallenge #yogalife #broyoga #crowpose #bakasana #fwfg #payitforward #randomactofkindness #sharingiscaring #breathoflife

One month in #purplepunch my best yet🔥🤟🏼

You are awesome! 🤔 Are you up to the challenge for a better you?
👉 https://youtu.be/eu70rdgR-0o 👈
#yogachallenge #100dayyogachallenge #mindfulness #meditation
#feedyoursoul #mindbodysoul #namaste #cannathlete #teamvapexhale @seibeezy 🙏 🕉

Guys‼️ Use my code AVFREEQUARTZ to get this 5 pack of #Quartz tubes with the purchase of ANY hydratube!!! 😱😱😱😱😱
Make sure to add the 5 pack to your cart and the promo code to get them free!!! 💚💚💚
@teamvapexhale EVO is by far my most favorite #vaporizer ‼️
#TeamVapeXhale #EVO

TMW you remember the sleeve on the #EVO glows in the dark! It’s actually super useful if bright enough! Before going to sleep or in the dark, you can have it soak up light for awhile and then it will light your way. It’s the little things. 🌱
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Is that angels singing I hear? Why yes, yes it is! I do believe it’s the @teamvapexhale angels singing and shining down on me with five brand new FACTORY SECOND glass boro tubes. 🙏🏻🌱💚💨 I had a bit of an incident, totally my bad, and shattered a bunch I had, so I’m excited to not be recycling the same one over and over. Reason being, it makes medicating less efficient, whereas when I have several to load up from the beginning, I can just keep going strong. There’s something so satisfying about the first use of a boro tube. Some of you may be scratching your head at “FACTORY SECOND,” so allow me to explain. F2’s, I’ll call them for short lol, are exactly the same as the rest of VapeXhale products with one difference, it’s ever so slightly imperfect. I’m talking about so little that even the most observant will have to take the time to likely obsess and figure it out. I’m observant and it took a minute of really looking at the tubes to even tell. It was so minor, but VapeXhale doesn’t do imperfect for their patients and consumers! BUT why waste something which still works perfectly? This is exactly why F2ms exist! It enables those who want an #EVO to get pieces at a time at a fraction of the price! You can still use discounts on top of it! My tubes work perfectly and I’m thrilled with the product. Remember when you got your iPhone refurbished? Similar concept. Part of the fun is that you’ll never know what they have in the F2 shop, so take this link - http://www.xhl3.com/?aff=34 and head over to the F2 tab. Use “BLUNTBROZ” as your code to get a discount. Happy vaping! 💨💨💨
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Do you have a @teamvapexhale EVO yet⁉️‼️
It’s amazing & MY FAVORITE!! 😍😍 And now they have the #Connect so you can enjoy with friends! 💕
Today you can get the connect for a $55 discount!! 💵
Click the link in my bio and then click VapeXhale to check out some great deals on what @hightimesmagazine voted as the number one desktop vaporizer‼️ #TeamVapeXhale #EVO

The logic behind vaporization versus smoking (combustion) is overwhelming. Will vaping replace smoking in the new age of cannabis legalization and increasing clinical studies? @grassfed.la is helping educate cannabis consumers about their healthy options for a marijuana-centric lifestyle. Always a great and enlightened event.

Knockout @team_beezle 🔥😴

I finally got to try the Swiss on the #EVO a few days ago at @grassfed.la @ritahouseon3rd and I’m IN LOVE! It’s truly amazing how much care @teamvapexhale puts into each product. Every tube design is specifically curated for a different purpose. This hydratube brings ALL the terpenes to the party. I want one and I bet you do too. Discount code: BLUNTBROZ http://www.xhl3.com/?aff=34

A friendly reminder to not let others define you, YOU DEFINE YOURSELF. Whatever you are striving for, YOU CAN. The possibilities are endless 💨

original 📸: @marianopeccinetti

Check out the first installment of the Taste Buds Workshop presented by @grassfed.la at @ritahouseon3rd! The InnDica team had a great time diving into the history of cannabis legalization and the evolution of vaporizers. We were really impressed the way they tied it in to how smoking is detrimental to promoting social consumption and how vaporization can help in that effort because it is more discreet low odor and healthier! #inndica #aplaceforfoolishtalking #grassfedla #ritahouse

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